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  1. THE GOOD David Ousted Bigger Saves After Big Saves Was really the only bright spot for the whole ninety 90 of the game. Made some big saves to keep the Whitecaps in the game and gave them a chance at the end of the game to maybe tie the match up. Had no chance on the first goal due to the poor marking by Sam Adekugbe on the cross into the box. The defenders in front of him cannot let players get into the box and into the air that easy on crosses. The second goal was made possible by a Steven Beitashour diving tackle that threw the defenders out of whack. No keeper in MLS would have likely st
  2. THE GOOD David Ousted Gets Another Clean Sheet Sure I could have picked Darren Mattocks because he scored the game winning goal. I could have picked Matias Laba for his brilliant play clogging up the midfield. Or I could have picked Kendall Waston for shutting down all RSL forwards in the defensive box. They were all excellent but I picked Ousted because he has been solid all season and he continued his dominant performance and got his third clean sheet in four games on the road this season. With all the road woes this team has had since joining MLS, this season's road success is critical.
  3. THE GOOD Laba and Teibert's domination of pitch If you where only listening to the game on the radio you wouldn't even have known Robbie Keane was playing. He was invisible all game long. Other than a few touches far away from the goal, he wasn't a factor at all this game. Teibert was in his pocket all game long. Didn't give him any breathing room at all. If the ball was heading to Keane, Teibert made sure he was on him and making just enough contact to not get a foul but enough for Keane to be frustrated. At one point Keane went to the ref and started whining about the contact that he was
  4. THE GOOD The Great Dane David Ousted A great showing by Ousted, he stepped up when his team needed him to get the three points from their Cascadian rivals. On the goal you could put a little bit of blame on him for his lack of rebound control, but there is no way that shot should have been given up by Steven Beitashour (Spoiler Alert - see "The Bad" below). He stood on his head a few times to keep the score tied 1-1 to give the team the chance they needed to win the game. There was an interesting exchange between him and Octavio Rivero on the Portland cross that just missed the far post. I
  5. THE GOOD Diego Rodriguez stands tall Talk about coming into a hostile environment to be welcomed into MLS. 31,000 fans wanting you to fail, booing every time you touch a player and don't get called for a foul. Even with all of that Rodriguez played an excellent game. He partnered well with the other centreback Kendall Waston. Waston isn't always the easiest player to play with. He can be a little too aggressive sometimes and that will leave a lot on his partners shoulders to cover for him. Rodriguez was able to be sound defensively and was able to stand tall during crosses and corner kicks t
  6. Sam Adekugbe has been in the Vancouver residency system since September 2011. Time and time again he has excelled at the U16 and U18 levels and after he signed his MLS homegrown contract, he has stepped up to the next level, knowing that the road to becoming a full time MLS starter will be full of obstacles and challenges. In the long run they will only make him a more well rounded and more complete professional footballer because of it. Last weekend during the game versus the Fire there were signs that he has plenty to work on to become the most complete left-back he can be. He isn't always
  7. THE GOOD Sam Adekugbe The young Canadian left back got his third MLS start of his career. The difference this time was that it was because of merit and not because starting left back Jordan Harvey was serving a suspension. He stepped up to the plate and did everything the coaching staff asked him too. He was able to use his speed and get up the wing to jump into the play. He linked up well with Kekuta Manneh and made it difficult for the Chicago Fire players to stop them both. Did Adekugbe do enough to earn a second straight start? Is there any way that Carl Robinson can not start him? T
  8. THE GOOD: Octavio Rivero's overall skill level Ok, let's get this out of the way first. The miss was bad. It was really bad. Mattocks could bury that. I think Jarju could have scored on that chance. Other than that Rivero played a great game. His first and second touch on the great pass from Pa-Modou Kah was world class and he showed that he can be that player who is tall, fast and strong enough to play those over the top balls and have the skill to bury the chances. He was able to use his height and pace to separate himself from defenders and create the best chances of the game. Once he
  9. THE GOOD Overall Team Health The biggest concern every preseason is to make sure the team makes in out with no injuries and a healthy team for the long gruelling MLS season. Other then a few knocks for Mauro Rosales and Erik Hurtado, the team goes in to the season with a overall healthy team. Even Gershon Koffie has recovered nicely from his bout of flu at the beginning of the preseason. With a completely healthy line-up it gives Robinson his full arsenal of talent for his opening day clash with TFC. With a 4-2-3-1 formations, the Whitecaps should have a starting day XI of: Ousted; Beitash
  10. THE GOOD Pedro's Passes We saw a clinic in the first half of the game. He was on point with all his passes up the middle, over the top and through to the wing passes for Kekuta Manneh, Octavio Rivero and Mauro Rosales. He was able to hit them in full sprint and if it wasn't for the Portland keeper being so active outside his defensive box the Whitecaps would of had two or three more great scoring chances. It looks like the three months off this offseason has Morales healthy, rested and refreshed. THE AVERAGE Octavio's Finish Rivero had some great runs this game, we saw the same thing dow
  11. THE GOOD: Sam Adekugbe The young Canadian left back showed great hustle the whole game. He jumped into the play well and wasn't afraid to join the rushes up the wing. He didn't look out of place in the defensive end and showed great first touch when he was able to attack. Was a little heavy with his crosses and that could come from the excitement of being up so much and him looking to add more goals to the score. Earned the free kick with some great movement to set up Pedro Morales for the opening goal of the game. Expect to see him get quality minutes in Portland next week so Carl Robins
  12. THE GOOD: Ability To Work With Younger Players With the Whitecaps wanting to ideally field a USL PRO team that will consist of mainly players between 17 and 24 years old, Koch's history and experience will make him a good candidate for this job. These players are going to have to be pushed just right, there will be times when Koch will have to be brutally honest when they are struggling but there will also be times where he will have to be more of a friend that encourages the player than a coach. With young Canadian players like Marco Bustos, Kianz Froese, Caleb Clarke, Marco Carducci, Ben
  13. The Good: Long term stability I know this is a new concept for Canadian MLS teams, but having a coach stay more then one or two seasons can only be good for the team. Robinson came in last season and laid out a long term plan for the club that involves a big effort from producing regular talent from the Residency to building talent from South America. This plan isn't a one to three year plan. This is a long term five to six to ten year plan that should make the team and Canadian soccer better over the long term. By signing Robinson, Forrest, Pert and Rovde to extensions, it gives the player
  14. THE GOOD: 5 out of last 7 games at home BC Place has become something of a fortress since they moved from Empire Field. With how competitive the West will be this year, the Whitecaps can't afford to drop any points at home. The past three years have come down to the final weeks of the season for a playoff position push. This year should be no different. With games versus Houston, Dallas x2, San Jose, Seattle and NYCFC it will be a great chance to cement their playoff place. THE AVERAGE: A September 26th visit from New York City FC or Man City B Who will be in their line up? Will Frank L
  15. The Good: Can't Put Pedro & Kendall In The Corner First thing first, great run by Kekuta Manneh to get the corner for the Whitecaps. As soon as Pedro runs over to the corner you could hear the supporters start buzzing. It's almost like they knew something special was about to happen. Erik Hurtado made a great play by drawing defenders to the front post and letting Waston follow right behind him with a free run. Even though Waston over jumped the height of the cross he was still able to get head to ball and score the biggest goal in the Whitecaps' MLS history. 10 games in for Waston an
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