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  • The Good, The Average & The Bad: The 'Do they know the way home to San Jose?' edition

    Aaron Campbell

    The Good:

    Kendall "Big Man" Waston

    Jump big man jump. Very nice play all game. Cleared the defensive 18 yard box with ease and confidence. Very good play on the foul that led to the penalty kick. Might have been lucky to get the call but he played to the whistle and made the ref have to make the choice.

    On his goal he was very smart hugging the back of Harvey so the Quakes defender couldn't lock him up and stop his run towards the goal. I expect many more of these goals for him in a Whitecaps kit.

    Best part of game for me was the shot of Robinson's face after Waston had scored. The look of 'fuck yeah' on his face was awesome.

    The Average:

    Erik Hurtado's Offensive Attack

    He wasn't really good but he wasn't really bad. A upgrade over what they got out of Darren Mattocks in the previous games.

    He isn't the solution moving forward but with four days before roster freeze there may not be time to bring in a striker.

    The Bad:

    Too Many Dropped Points May Hurt In Final Stretch

    Not that this applies to this particular game, but at the end of a three game home stand, the Caps hold their destiny in their own hands. That being said they need wins and the wins need to come against the Timbers, Sounders and FC Dallas.

    With no more games against the weak Eastern Conference it's time to pull up their laces, put their fighting heads on and win.

    Let's hope their run of drawing 13 out of 27 games is over and they can maintain their current standing.

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