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  • The Good, The Average & The Bad: Flounder Like A Sounder Edition

    Aaron Campbell

    The Good:

    Russell Teibert and Matias Laba

    There were a couple options for the 'good' portion of this article. The play of Andy O'Brien and Kendall Waston, the guts that Kekuta Manneh showed or the great support from the Whitecaps fans down in Seattle.

    In the end the great play of Laba and Teibert shutting down the defensive midfield attack is the one for me. They played well off one another and killed any build up Dempsey tried to make.

    In the past 10 games of this partnership they have bonded and formed a great duo. This has given the Whitecaps a chance to have Gershon Koffie heal properly and not have to rush him back.

    The Average:

    Erik Hurtado's Hold Up Play

    I know that isn't his game to play a hold up striker type of position, but if you are in a critical game and up a goal with 15-20 minutes to go, you need to keep the ball in the Sounders side of the pitch and kill the clock.

    Too often the ball would go into his feet with his back to the keeper and he would lose it right away. He didnt have a soft enough touch to keep the ball at his feet and get the ball out wide so an attacking player could run it to the end line.

    It's too late to change anything this season but it would be nice to see a player like that next season. Kind of like what Kenny Miller would do when he was here.

    The Bad:

    Kendall Waston's Yellow Card Accumulation

    9 MLS games and 5 yellow cards. That has to be close to some sort of record for a new player to a league. Over the course of a 34 game full season that would be 18 yellow cards on current going.

    That being said there is no way I would want him to change the way he plays. Even after picking up his yellow card this game he played the best 15 minutes any Whitecaps defender has ever played in the MLS era.

    So Waston keep up the great play and just make sure the games you do miss because of yellow cards you rest up and get ready for the next battle.


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