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  • Where and When! Canada vs Greece



    The CSA announced today that the Canadian Men's national team will be playing their friendly against Greece at 4pm, on February 9th 2011 in Larissa.

    The Game will take place at A.E.L. FC Arena. If we sell the joint out we can expect 16,118 blood-thirsty Greeks screaming for a 1-0 victory...


    Recent form suggests that we may have a chance against the former European Champions. Bearing that in mind, despite the results, these are the matches that Stephen Hart needs to be lining up as we prepare for this next World Cup cycle as it will make for a very good test for a young Canadian Side. European based players will likely get the lions share of playing time one would imagine.

    No word yet on tickets for away supporters but we'll be waiting eagerly for a release from the Southsiders.

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