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  • Jay DeMerit is Officially a Whitecap


    DSC_0022.jpgIn a greatly anticipated move Vancouver Whitecaps FC have officially announced US Men's National Team member, and former Watford FC Captain Jay DeMerit is now signed up to star on the club's back line. [PAGE][/PAGE]

    The move is not a big surprise for many reasons. Marc Weber of The Vancouver Province announced in September that the club was looking to sign the World Cup Starter. Beyond that, DeMerit is a USMNT member who is "returning" to the US. So my understanding of the MLS Allocation process is that; with Vancouver's first overall ranking, (as selected in the Priority Draft) DeMerit may be a bit of a dumb luck deal.

    He signs a contract with MLS and then the 'Caps say does he suit our needs or not? Teitur coaches a defensively sound 4-4-2 style of play (we've seen it since he's joined the club). While he does like his outside defenders to join the rush and start the play he really likes big strong ball winners in the middle, We saw how he rode Greg Janicki and Nelson Akwari this year. When Tom Soehn approached Teitur with this option it likely didn't take a whole lot of thought.

    DeMerit will be able to "lead" a defensive back four that will likely include Alain Rochat (currently in the Swiss top flight at 3rd place FC Zurich) pushing the ball up on the left, while Greg Janicki probably joins DeMerit in the middle. The real question is who will join them on the right side? maybe a little more perspective on that a little further down perhaps??

    DeMerit has World Cup experience and was a captain overseas, it's kind of a no brainer that you pick a guy like that up when you have first dibs.

    Teitur had a great tan on the go if you check the pictures. So did Mr. Soehn.

    I asked Teitur about his recent trip to South America. While he didn't speak specifically to who he was looking at, Peruvian newspaper El Bocon reported on Friday that our two sun kissed representatives we're in Lima attending a Universitario de Deportes training session, checking out a couple of the clubs players. The paper said that there were 4 players that specifically caught the eye of the 'Caps staff. John Galliquio, Jesus Rabanal, Giancarlo Carmina and Raul Ruidíaz were listed as interesting to Teitur and Tom Soehn. While Teitur said they were in South America he said specifically it was more to look at the quality of the leagues and if they were comparable to MLS. Peru is one of "many places" the club was visiting. With these trips "everything doesn't turn out positive" Whether or not these 4 we're truly even on his radar, here are a few more details on what they bring to the table.

    Raul Ruidiaz-

    He's a 5'6 20 year old Striker. You can check out a fantastic youtube video of him


    The video doesn't really offer a lot of food for thought. His goals are few and far between.

    Giancarlo Carmina-

    A 6'3 25 year old Right Winger. My first youtube attempt resulted in a virtual colonoscopy so be careful.

    Jesus Rabanal-

    A 6'2 25 year old Left Winger.

    John Galliquio-

    A 5'11, 30 year old defender. He has 30 caps with the Peruvian National Team.

    The Whitecaps' Brass will continue to rack up the air miles as they leave today for Toronto. Teitur will get a chance to meet some of his fellow coaches, but will not be able to attend MLS Cup Final.

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