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  • Year-In-Review Podcast Series, Part 3


    ccs-3097-140264006677_thumb.jpgFor our year-in-review podcast series, we spoke to soccer fans from across the country about their experiences during 2010. A new episode will be released on this site and via our iTunes feed every day, leading up to our own year-in-review special on December 28.

    Today we go a bit off the beaten path (in our own special way) to talk to Peter Sheldon, a journalist stationed in Iqaluit, Nunavut. Pete regales us with tales of the soccer culture in Nunavut -- including the dynasty known as the Rankin Inlet U16 squad, and a certain bike-riding Spanish fellow who made his presence known during the World Cup -- and tells us about what it's like to be a third-generation West Brom fan living in Canada. If you guessed "fun", well... you're quite the guesser.


    Download the episode directly, or subscribe to our podcast on iTunes. Tomorrow, in Part 4, we head back down to the provinces to talk Big Red, just in time for their big match down in Brazil.

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