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  • Some Canadian Guys Answering Your Questions


    If you've listened to our podcast before, you know it's a serious, erudite, just-the-facts-ma'am discussion of the most pressing, pertinent issues surrounding soccer in Canada.

    Now, those of you who've actually listened to our podcast before could taste the sarcasm in your ears as soon as you read the word "serious" in the above sentence.

    Either way, we're opening up the floor -- sort of -- for our next show, and inviting all y'all to submit your questions, queries and quomments about anything in the world of soccer... or the world of Some Canadian Guys.


    We can't promise we'll answer yours. And if we do, we can't promise we'll answer it well. And even if we somehow do, we can promise it was probably unintentional.

    But if you've got some burning question you want read out and (inappropriately) answered by our three robotic voices, leave a comment below, send us an email (canadiansoccerguys@gmail.com) or drop us a line on Twitter (@CdnSoccerBlog).

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