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  • Exodus from the CSL



    Canadian Soccer News has learned that two prominent teams are leaving the Canadian Soccer League effective immediately over failure to come to terms with the league.

    Hamilton Croatia informed the league of their intention today and CSN is aware of another club who has done the same. The second team requested time to inform its players before being named.

    The pair are a part of a breakaway group who have applied to the OSA for sanctioning as a Division 3 league that would span across Ontario and Quebec.


    For the 2011 season, the club-run league expects to operate with a minimum of 10 clubs with plans for further expansion. In addition to the founding group, established community clubs with strong infrastructure and resources have been approached about incorporating a senior professional team into the youth competitive pathway. All member clubs are required to have formal affiliation with community youth programs.

    The OSA is said to be dragging its heals on approving the league so sanctioning is not guaranteed for 2011. But whether it's this year or the next, it’s certain that the Canadian professional soccer landscape is about to change once again.

    You can read all the details of the application here.


    The second team, Milltown, has informed its players of its intention to depart the CSL.

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