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  • Friday Funnies: Cole of Duty, a phony job application, and the luckiest penalty kick you'll see


    ccs-54-140264008092_thumb.jpgIt's the end of the week, and after hearing about high profile players shooting interns and failing drug tests, perhaps it's time to look at the lighter side of the sport.


    A new endorsement opportunity for Ca$hley?

    By now, you've probably heard the story of how Ashley Cole accidentally shot a Chelsea intern last week. What you may not have heard about is the new game making the rounds on the Internet.

    In the vein of popular first-person shooter "Call of Duty" (and all of its sequels) comes "Cole of Duty", a web-based game in which you assume the role of the esteemed Mr. Cole while he takes aim at various targets.

    Have you ever wanted to shoot both Wayne Rooney and Cheryl Cole in the face? Well now you can.

    Go ahead and kill some of those passing-all-too-slow final hours of your work week.

    A virtual shot in the dark

    Speaking of work, I'm sure everyone reading lists "manager of a football club" as one of their dream jobs.

    Back in 2006, John Boileau - a 25-year-old self-professed expert in the popular game Football Manager - applied for the managerial position at Middlesborough vacated by Steve McLaren (who had just become England's gaffer).

    Here's his actual cover letter:



    He included a C.V. that highlighted his Football Manager "experience" alongside his real-world experience of managing an under-11 side.

    'Boro Chairman Steve Gibson actually took the time to formulate an official response to the application. Click here to read Gibson's hilarious rejection letter (and to see Boileau's full C.V.)

    He totally meant to do that

    Finally, here's an example of why no goalkeeper should never take his eyes off the ball until he is absolutely sure it is out of play.

    Happy Friday, everyone!

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