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  • An Entertaining Champions League final? Yes, please!


    ccs-54-14026400918_thumb.pngFC Barcelona vs. Manchester United.

    What more can be said about these two storied clubs on the eve of one of the most anticipated Champions League Final's in recent memory?

    I'm sure by now, you've probably read streams of hyperbole about Saturday's game from writers all over the Internet. You've probably heard every pundit who has ever laced up a pair of boots compare Messi and Rooney to the all-time greats of the sport, as television networks spare no expense break down the epic clash of La Liga's Immovable Object versus England Unstoppable Force.

    I don't care about any of that, though. I just want to watch a good match.


    Hype is the name of the modern game, and the pomp-and-circumstance leading up to this one has reached feverish levels. It's understandable, of course. I mean, it is the deciding game of the best football tournament on the planet. And the teams involved are kind of a big deal.

    That said, these so-called "games for the ages" almost never match the levels of the hype that precede them. It's damned near impossible in this world of instant information, where limitless numbers of writers (both online and off) seek to find new angles and television networks analyze every possible outcome before a ball is kicked in anger.

    One only has to look at the series of El Clasico's that took place a few weeks back to see what I'm talking about. I, too, got swept up in the pageantry of it all, foolishly heaping superlatives on Real Madrid vs. Barcelona as a possible modern day classic.

    We all know what happened. The games, while featuring some of the best players on Earth, were some of the most dour I've watched this year. This Champions League final, featuring half of those El Clasico stinkers, could very well end up in the same boat.

    But still I hold out hope. A one-off for the second most-coveted prize in the sport is obviously much different than a series of derbies (across numerous competitions) between two bitter rivals, so the circumstances should help in that regard.

    Plus, these are two teams that aren't tired of playing one another.

    The factor that really gives me hope, though, is that both these sides seems to want to be the best. It's a cliché, as obviously every team in this competition also wants the same thing, but to me, Barcelona and Manchester United are a cut above in that department. These are clubs that have built a culture of winning absolutely everything in sight, and with such similar mentalities, the drama lies within finding out which club wants it more.

    We know the players on either side can deliver, they've been doing it all season-long. But can they deliver in the face of an opponent that is, by and large, equally accustomed to winning?

    May the best team win, and -- perhaps more importantly -- may we all be entertained!

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