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  • Your daily gold: day 9


    Each competition day during the Gold Cup I will be providing a round-up of all that is noteworthy and interesting in our wacky little confederation championship.

    Below the jump, day 9


    The Results:

    Guatemala 4-0 Grenada

    Jamaica 1-0 Honduras

    Who picked Jamaica to win this group before the tournament? Oh yeah, I did!

    The Reggae Boyz are on the upswing and Honduras may be on the way down. If Canada gets the win tonight its most likely opponent will be Jamaica. That won’t be an easy touch.

    Grenada is terrible. Have I mentioned how much I hate best third place standings?

    Performance of the day

    Ryan Johnson (Jamaica)

    It was more of a team effort, but you don’t win if you don’t score and Johnson had the goal in the win.

    Thanks for the condescending attention! (Mainstream media article of the day)

    This one is a couple days old, but it’s worth a read. The US is at a bit of a turning point. Is it a minor power worldwide playing in a weak confederation? If so, Bob Bradley is a perfectly good manager.

    Or, is it on the cusp of being a major power? Maybe then it might be time to look abroad for someone more accomplished.

    What about the Canucks? (Canadian news of the day)

    Canadian Soccer News’ own Rudi Schuller previews tonight’s game for MLSsoccer.com

    What’s on tap for today?


    (Be positive, Duane, be positive...)

    OK, Canada v Panama and USA v Guatemala. The scenarios were played out earlier today on CSN.

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