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  • Your daily gold: day 10


    Each competition day during the Gold Cup I will be providing a round-up of all that is noteworthy and interesting in our wacky little confederation championship.

    Below the jump, day 10


    The Results:


    Canada 1-1 Panama

    USA 1-0 Guadeloupe

    Canada we’ve talked about. As I wrote last night, they got what they deserved after playing the last 10 minutes scared.

    It’s been interesting to see the similarities between the fall-out after Canada “only” beat Guadeloupe 1-0 and yesterday’s American result. The Yanks’ fans have pretty much reacted as hysterically as the Canucks did.

    Guadeloupe is not that bad people.

    Performance of the day

    Jozy Altidore (United States of America)

    Sure the Americans only had one goal, but what a goal.


    Thanks for the condescending attention! (Mainstream media article of the day)

    For Americans, Landon’s goal against Algeria seems 1,000 years ago...

    What about the Canucks? (Canadian news of the day)

    But at least they aren’t Canada.

    What’s on tap for today?

    Long, sad flights home for the Canadian national team

    The quarterfinals go Saturday and Sunday.

    Costa Rica v Honduras

    Mexico v Guatemala

    USA v Jamaica

    Panama v El Salvador

    Your daily gold will return Friday

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