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  • Wallowing in the negative for fun!


    This writer is often accused of being a MLSE patsy – unfailingly positive despite all evidence to the contrary. So, when a reader asked for my opinion of who the all-time best starting XI for TFC is you would think that it would provide a great opportunity to relish in that stereotype.

    But that’s too easy. Sometimes you just need to be cynical. It’s more fun.

    Forget the all-time best XI – it’s too early in the club’s history – let’s look at a far more challenging prospect. What is the all-time worst TFC starting XI.

    Using a 4-4-2 and restricting to players that actually played a significant amount of time for the club. My pick with five subs is below the jump. Use the comments section to give your side.

    We’ll return to positive outlooks tomorrow.


    Srdjan Djekanovic

    Adam Braz – Nick Garcia – Andy Iro – Marco Velez

    Andy Welsh – Jarrod Smith - Amadou Sanyang – Joseph Nane

    Andrea Lombardo – Ali Gerba

    Brian Edwards

    Ty Harden

    Raivis Hščanovičs

    Fuad Ibrahim

    Andrea Lombardo


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