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  • The suits


    There is a feeling amongst some TFC fans that the great squad rotation debate is one that has already been answered.

    And the answer came not from the guys wearing thin red ties on the sidelines, but rather by those in expensive suits in the luxury box (likely eating a prawn, possibly in sandwich form).

    The coaching staff would not be so dumb as to prioritize MLS play over the allure of a mid-March trip to Central America. MLSE (sorry, M£$€), however, they might dictate things in an effort to manipulate Toronto sports fans out of more money. See, season ticket renewals came out this week and the suits are clearly worried about how many butts they can cram into BMO next year. Since only the great unwashed in the south end care about the CONCACAF thing and the Rosedale types in the important seats can't spell CONCACAF then there is no point trying to win that silly tournament against CD Cruzpumas of Tauro (or something like that anyway).


    Putting aside the absurdity of the MLSE-is-calling-the-shots-on-the-pitch argument (half the problem during the Mo Johnston years was that there weren't any suits that had the ability to second guess things. There are no Tie Domi's getting contract extensions with the Reds because they drink with the BOD), there is really just one reply to that:


    Was 2006 that long ago?

    Do people really take for granted the profitability of a soccer team in this country. Do yourself a favour and do a YouTube search for "Toronto Lynx.".

    As supporters you don't want the team's ownership to take advantage of you, but you do want the club to make some money. Making money allows you to buy strikers from PSV and former German internationals. It also lets you spend gob loads of cash on 17-year-old fullbacks from Brampton.

    Teams that make money tend to spend more and teams that spend more tend to win. Basic stuff, that.

    So we should damn well hope that MLSE is concerned about renewals and that the coaching staff is cynical enough to appreciate the importance of optics. Crapping the bed -- even on the road against Chivas USA -- will always look bad and smell even worse. And, that's something everyone understands, even if their suits cost less than your first car.

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