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  • Taking a Wiz (on an albeit short history)


    The KC Wizards are preparing to re-brand. A "Major Kansas City Soccer Announcement" page on Facebook has been set-up to promote the event, which will take place November 17.

    The rumour is Sporting Kansas, which is cringe-inducing horrible. Not Real Salt Lake bad, but up there.


    The Wizards owners (and I'll tell you right now I'm just going to keep calling them the Wizards) apparently feels that they need a fresh start before making the move into their shiny new stadium. Apparently that means, if the rumours are true, re-naming the team in the same way that you name house league teams -- after someone more famous. The very first hockey team I played for was called the Kings. We played in a four team league on Wednesday nights against the Leafs, Canadiens and Bruins - no, I'm not sure why the Kings were included in that mix either. That's what Real Salt Lake and Sporting Kansas seem like to me.

    As I've written before I might have cancelled my tickets if TFC had ended up being named Inter Toronto FC as was rumoured. No, really.

    I've also written a defence of North American nicknames like the Wizards. Yes, they are a little cheeseball, but they are cheeseball names that have been attached to teams for a significant amount of time. Is Whitecaps really much better than Wizards? No, but I would lose my mind if Vancouver tried to re-brand the 'Caps and I'm not even a 'Caps fan. Why? Simple -- because Whitecaps is just what they are and always should be.

    And so it is with KC. The Wiz forever!

    (Although Kansas City City would be fun)

    - Duane

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