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  • Soccer day in Oakville: TFC training notes


    What one can learn from watching TFC run around on FieldTurf for an hour in February is up for debate. However, when the club has only trained on Canadian soil for three days this year you take what you can get.

    TFC training observations for the week of Feb 14-18


    Dutch Dreams

    The Winter - De Klerk team is a fascinating study in contrasts. Winter seems to float around, providing quiet teachings from time to time, but mostly observing. De Klerk, on the other hand, is a constant blur of motion. He's instructing, correcting and occasionally cheerleading. It's clear that TFC hired a team of Dutch coaches and that De Klerk is a major part of that.

    Goals - what are those?

    The best player in a 45 minute crossing drill appeared to be the keeper. Hitting the target seemed to be an issue, although, in fairness, TFC's only forward under contract -- Maicon Santos -- wasn't taking part. That said, draft pick Joao Plata did show some flashes. Although inconsistent he seemed to have good instincts in front of goal.

    Wide players FTW

    A lot of coaching was focused on the wide players. De Klerk could be seen demanding the wingers to deliver quick, direct crosses. He seemed to be talking to Jacob Peterson a great deal. Peterson looked solid by the way.

    Ra Ra Ra team spirit

    Who knows, really, but the players seemed to be getting on well and the mood seemed to be light-hearted. Stefan Frei said that the trip to Turkey was great for the team and that they bonded over the idea of representing MLS overseas. "We were the only MLS team there; we really embraced that," he said.

    On MLSsoccer.com I reported that the club will be traveling to Florida with a much smaller squad than went to Turkey. Winter said that he wants to start taking a longer look at the players that will make up the core of the side. Although they have yet to confirm the signing of Javier Martina, Elbekay Bouchiba and Nick Soolsma, Winter said that they would be meeting the club at the Disney event. He also said that they would be looking at some South American trialists while there.

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