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  • Sober Second WWC Thoughts: Big (Bleeding) Red


    Although one should be careful not to draw too many comparisons to the men’s game, allow one here: Canada’s opponent today was Brazil 1970. Within the context of women’s football it’s possible that Germany is every bit as powerful as that famed team. So, if you think of it that way, a 2-1 loss is not that bad, is it?

    Add a truly world class goal by an undeniably world class (and very Canadian ) Christine Sinclair and you have a nice story to carry you through to the game against France.

    There were some great moments. Sinclair could have made it 1-0 early on a nice bit of play and the Canucks came damn close to tying it just after Sinclair’s goal on a nicely run corner kick. Germany looked better, but Canada didn’t look out of place. The German fans agreed, giving the Canadians a nice ovation as they left the pitch.


    But, it was loss and in the World Cup every loss is huge. Good feelings aside, Canada still sits at the bottom of Group A after the first match day. They need to be perfect the rest of the way. Based on the play of France and Nigeria in the first game of the group that looks possible, but opening games can be misleading.

    There were issues. The back-line looked disorganized and Germany was killing them down the flanks. Canada (outside of Sinclair), like many Canadian teams of the past, lacked a certain something in the final third. So, there is plenty to fret about in the days ahead.

    Overall, however, the story is going to be about a resilient and gritty team that fought hard against the big, bad Germans and represented Canada well. No one really expected a win out of this game, it will be explained, and the Canadian public will respond.

    News of Sinclair’s broken nose will spread and, perhaps, The Tragically Hip will write a song about her performance. Canadians like to win, yes, but we really like to win through grit and determination. Sinclair could have scored 12 free kicks like that and not been noticed. Do one with a broken nose and, well, she’s set.


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