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  • Sober Second Thoughts: What it is


    Look, it is what it is. When you lose 5-0 there aren’t many different ways to break it down. You can either suggest that the effort wasn’t there, or the talent isn’t. Although, I’m sure there are some that want to suggest the former was at play tonight it’s not really the case.

    Right now the team is nowhere near as talented as New York. That doesn’t mean they will lose 5-0 every time they play the Red Bulls, but it does mean that the potential for ugly nights are always there. We’ve seen that play out more than once this year.

    There is little point in pointing out anything positive about the team tonight. Few would hear it. Fewer would care. About all you can do is be logical and remember that a team is never as bad as its worst nights. There will be better days ahead for this club – even some this year.


    At the start of the year, CSN picked TFC to finish 10th in MLS. In the days since, that prediction has been used as a criticism by those inclined to challenge the site’s legitimacy. Putting aside the fool’s game that is pre-season predictions and the fact that the biggest publications in the world are often terribly wrong in their picks, it’s worthwhile to repeat the thinking of that pick now. What was said was that the key for TFC’s season would come in the summer transfer window. With cap space to spare and a half-season for Aron Winter and company to fully evaluate things, TFC has the potential to vastly improve over those four weeks.

    Last week’s DP signings were evidence of that potential. Note that word – potential. We don’t know if Torsten Frings and Danny Koevermans can turn things around, but we must recognize the commitment demonstrated by the club to spend the money to find out. More is needed, but there is time to find it.

    Realistically, 10th place and the playoff spot it represents is a big ask regardless of what happens over the window. The club would likely need to finish with between 43 and 47 points. It has 18 now and has a lot of road games to go. If TFC can get to those numbers then the second half of the season will be quite exciting for Reds fans and they will go into the playoffs playing as well as anyone.

    The CCL thankfully offers a distraction, but a failure to make the playoffs will be viewed negatively by many. That’s fine and understandable. TFC has been far below par over its four and a half seasons. Frustration is reasonable. It’s even positive as it shows that people still care.

    As stated the problem tonight was a talent problem – as in there isn’t enough of it. The second half of the season needs to be about addressing that gap and making sure that the 5-0 nights are no longer a possibility. If the Reds can do that (but only do just that) it won’t be a satisfying season, but it will represent growth.

    In short, TFC needs to get better and get better for the long haul. It will be difficult for the fan to wrap their head around such a vague goal, but the club can’t let itself be too bothered by a few angry voices. Let the sales staff worry about fan retention. If they start winning it won’t be a difficult job.

    Emotionally, the best way to approach the last half of 2011 is to look at it 90 minutes at a time. The sport can surprise and thrill you at unexpected times, so open your mind to the possibility of that. Every game represents possibility. It’s not likely they’ll play their way back, but it isn’t impossible either.

    It can’t get any worse and we don’t say that to dwell on the negative.

    It just is what it is.

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