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  • Sober Second Thoughts: We're not talking about it


    The penalty was bullshit. At the risk of being called unprofessional, let’s just leave it at that. We could take the rest of this space and rant about refereeing in MLS and how TFC always seems to be on the wrong end of calls, but that would be pointless. It would also be a thinking error. MLS referees are horrible for every team, they are just particularly horrible for teams that aren’t good enough to overcome the additional obstacle.

    So, yes, bullshit. The game should have been 0-0.

    But, did TFC deserve a draw? In that, we have a much less obvious answer.

    [PRBREAK][/PRBREAK]On one hand MLS is a home league. The onus is on the hosts to force the issue and take the play to their opponents.

    Although Stefan Frei had another strong outing, the truth was that Dallas didn’t create all that much. Frei only had a couple memorable saves on the night and the possession stats were not glaring. Dallas was the better team, but not to the point that anyone would have thought it was unjust if TFC had nicked it late.

    The other side to that argument, however, is that TFC generated literally nothing. Statistically, the club had one shot on goal and it came from outside the 18. The only player that seemed to be creating anything was Joao Plata and Aron Winter subbed him off early in the second half for reasons that only he can understand.

    Time and time again TFC threw hopeful balls towards the box, or would gain some space down either flank. The cross was always lacking. Or, more accurately, the cross was always a bad idea.

    With Alan Gordon out again, Reds’ fans are seeing how important it is to have a big man playing up in a target role in this league. Gordon has been a God-send for TFC when healthy and it’s clear that it’s vital to keep him healthy.

    When you are playing a possession, skill game you need the option to occasionally bang one in route one from time to time. It keeps the opposition honest and frees up space for the little creative guys. Gordon’s size gives TFC that look. The club needs him back soon.

    Oh, and it also needs to not to have anymore bullshit penalty calls go against it. But, we’re not talking about that.

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