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  • Sober Second Thoughts: It will get better. It will get better (repeat as needed)


    To borrow an old cliché, the fat lady is not quite singing. However, when it comes to TFC’s 2011 MLS season, a pleasantly plump young woman is on the karaoke machine. Mathematically a miracle push to the playoffs might be possible, but math ain’t what football is about.

    But if math is your thing here are the numbers you need to focus on. Current projections suggest that the final playoff spot will be captured by a team with 40 points. Toronto has half that after 25 games. With nine games remaining, TFC could capture as many as 27 more points for a total of 47. So, the Reds tragic number is seven.

    In a very best case scenario, Toronto could drop seven more points in MLS play. They could win five of their final games – and most would agree that would be a spectacular close to the year – and still not be close. Basically, unless Terry Dunfield discovers his inner Lionel Messi, the Reds have run out of time.

    Thank God for the Champions League, eh?


    So, when it comes to MLS play, one really must stay focused on each game as if it were a separate event from the rest of the year. You can’t turn back the clock and make TFC start the year with the line-up that has gone 2-2-2 in its last six games. You can’t turn it further back and have MLSE make a better hire than Mo Johnston in 2006.

    Focus on the now or go insane dwelling on the past.

    Of course there is enough in the now to make you go batty anyway. Take last night (please). If you get three goals on the road and a late lead you’d expect to get three points too. Unless you’re TFC that is. Then you take the draw and rejoice that it wasn’t another loss. You try and ignore that the club’s former star scored the hat-trick against.

    Or that Andy Iro – the saviour on defence – made TFC fans long for the days of Nick Garcia and Marco Velez.

    No, really, just let it go...breathe...breathe...feel better?

    It will get better. It has to, right?


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