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  • Sober Second Thoughts: A white flag


    Let’s try this a little bit differently today. Over the past year or so we’ve broken down loss after loss in this space. We’ve tried to be positive and we’ve occasionally called out the club. We’ve asked for patience, and we’ve been empathetic with those that are frustrated.

    Throughout that time there have been a lot of comments that disagree with the conclusions and more than a few that agree. However, like the readers, we’ve been left scratching our heads and dreaming of better times.

    It’s been a long haul and, at times, it’s seemed like a bad dream. We’re helpless. Our only power is to care or not. More often than not we chose the former.

    We all saw the game today. Dallas, a team that came very close to winning a championship last year, bossed the Reds around for most of the game. Even the injection of new talent wasn’t enough to change the fortunes of a team that looks destined to miss the playoffs for a fifth straight year. If there was a glimmer of hope at the start of the game, it dissolved quickly. The Reds looked like they came from a different league than Dallas.

    Our opinion about what needs to happen with the club has been voiced several times. There is little purpose in repeating it again. So, let us throw it out to you the readers.

    What’s wrong with TFC? What would you do if you were in charge? Do you have hope?

    [PRBREAK][/PRBREAK] Post your opinion in the comments section. We can’t fix TFC, but maybe we can understand it a little more.

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