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  • Reds trade for Alan Gordon


    TFC has traded Nick LaBrocca to Chivas for Alan Gordon.


    It's not all that surprising that TFC is moving LaBrocca. He played a role similar to a lot of TFC players and was not going to contribute much to the offense. Still, it's more turnover on a club that churns through players at an absurd pace. For those keeping track, when Gordon takes the field he will be the 88th player to wear TFC red in four years and one game. If Toronto plays enough academy kids this year they might just hit their century.

    Gordon, who is best known for his role as "typical MLSer" in the Beckham Experiment is a solid professional that will likely be good for five or six goals in 2011. that doesn't replace Chad Barrett's offense completely, but it's a start. Prior to the move Toronto did not have a secondary scoring option beyond Maicon Santos. Although Barrett might have been a slightly better option, he wouldn't have been $220,000 better option, which is the estimated difference in the two player's salary for 2011.

    For those unaware of Gordon he's a big body and can play an effective target role. He's generally well liked and, as stated above, a pro's pro.

    LaBrocca was a good soldier as well, but he was likely never worth the price Toronto played -- Marvell Wynne. It would have been interesting to see what Aron Winter could have done with a player like Wynne in a wingback position. Alas, Preki made sure we'll never know.

    So, we'll have to settle for seeing what he can do for Alan Gordon.

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