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    Progress is not measured in points when your goal is development


    Richmond is considered by far one of the best if not THE best team in the eastern conference and for a good part of the game , the Baby Blues were right there with them creating very dangerous looks and shots on goal especially on the right side of the field between Janouk Charbonneau and Fabio Morelli.

    The later has really found his stride on the right flank, having more space to move on and off the ball and using his skills he was able to generate most of the chances . If it wasn’t for the Richmond goalkeeper, Trevor Spangenberg who had a great game just ask Victor N’Diaye who had a great curler shot on a one on one with him stop in the nick of time, FC Montreal would have taken the lead for the first time in its history.

    Speaking of Victor N’Diaye, he really looks comfortable on the left attacking midfield position, having his preferred right foot more open to the play makes him more confident on the ball. The only goal of the game, came on one of the very few defensive mistakes Montréal at the 31st minute when Brian Ownby was given to much space in the box and was able to cross the ball perfectly to a wide open Matthew Delicate who finished easily in an empty net. Eric Kronberg was the starter in net for Montreal, even though they allowed a goal, Kronberg was really good at controlling his backline and keeping his team in the game with only a one goal deficit.

    With Eric Kronberg, 3 other first team player started for FC Montreal, Eric Alexander, Kenny Cooper and Jérémie Gagnon-Laparé , the last two finding some chemistry at the end of the first half especially when Morelli and Charbonneau would involve them in triangular passes opening up the defense and creating good scoring chances.

    Overall, FC Montréal was able to hold the Eastern Conference leader to one goal and were able to generate more scoring chances then earlier in the year. Call it progression, call it improvement, the bottom line is they are starting to find a way towards goal more consistently and with that consistency, goals will come and it seems only a matter of time before the floodgates open!

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