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  • Nana Nana Goodbye?


    At about 2:30 p.m. EDT Sportsnet reported that Nana Attakora had either left TFC or has been traded or released. No further details were provided. The club did not initially respond to a request to comment.

    At about 3 p.m. Ben Rycroft contacted Attakora. The player said that he was unaware of any change to his status with TFC.

    "I saw the tweet but I haven't been told anything yet," Attakora told Rycroft. "I'm going to make some calls now and see what this is about. But, as of right now, I haven't been told anything by the club."

    CSN will be updating the story after talking to Attakora at 4 p.m, or if the club responds before.

    UPDATE 3:57 pm

    Sportsnet has conceded their error and rescinded their report of Attakora's departure


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