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  • All for the Reds (and white)


    Tonight is about Canada.

    That is the message that needs to be understood by the fans that head down to the park. Although I've never understood the need to be vigilant about it, I do understand the thinking behind those that call for fans not to wear TFC gear to the stadium.

    That said, if you see a person wearing a TFC strip tonight – and you will – try and remember that we need more fans cheering for Canada and if wearing the wrong strip is the worst thing they are guilty of, well...perspective. Try to engage them, but for the love of God do not chase them out of the stadium.

    While it is true that Canadian soccer existed – even in Toronto – before TFC, there is little denying that the emergence of the Reds has raised to profile a great deal more in those four years than it had been raised in the 40 or so years prior to that. So, there are new fans. Some of those fans will be at their first national team game tonight. They need to be educated, not chastised.


    One area that will be particularly difficult to get over for the TFC-first fan will be the existence of two players on the pitch – one “good guy” that the TFC fan will want to boo and one “bad guy” that they will want to cheer.

    I’m referring to Dwayne De Rosario and Joao Plata of course. Although Plata is not likely to feature a great deal, it may be hard for the Reds’ fans to not smile a little if the little twerp (see, I’m trying to get in the spirit) gets a run out. Actually, the worst case scenario is Plata being subbed on late – the standing ovation might be hard to take.

    And then there is DeRo. If Montreal and Vancouver supporters could get over it and cheer for him when he played for the nats before, then TFC fans should be able to tonight too – although it is way too soon.

    To use an analogy most new fans can understand, no one Canadian was concerned that Sidney Crosby was a Penguin when he scored the goal in Vancouver – even if they were Washington fans themselves.

    TFC has a marketing slogan – All for One – that is apt tonight.

    All for One; All for Canada.

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