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  • A message to all Voyageurs

    Duane Rollins

    And the journey never really ends. If Canada loses today – and they are far more likely to lose than they are going to win – then all that means is that we have to listen to drive-by reports about how horrible we are and how everything is hopeless and we should probably just fold the men’s programs.

    So, like a Tuesday. Whatever. The reality is most of us will just google when men’s u-20 qualifying starts and get back to arguing with each other on the Voyageurs board.

    But, if we win…


    One day it will happen (maybe) and it will be a hell of a night. In the meantime we’ll just keep on keepin’ on with the understanding that we’ve already seen the bottom and still came back to watch Kyle Bekker play Denmark in Arizona.

    Enjoy the game and keep some aspirin on the bedside table.

    U-20 qualifying starts February 17, by the way.

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