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Canada vs England - Women 2019 - April 5th

By admin, 04/07/2019

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    • Bad form from Pusilic...I tell my 5 year old, it doesnt matter if the coach sat you and made you cry..you still have to go to the next game and try your best.   
    • Campanile and Waters selected from Cape Breton in the usports draft.  To me both picks are a surprise, Campanile because why do we need more midfielders??  Unless we are losing them all..I guess you have to trust Gale on that.  And surprise we got Waters (scoring machine) I thought he was a shoe in to go the Halifax.  Hopefully he doesnt take minutes away from Attardo.   Was Budhoo not eligible for this? You would think he would be a no brainer.  And Farmer was undrafted.....he must have signed with someone independent of the draft.  
    • Why would tfc fans want Vanney gone. Hasn’t he gotten them 3 finals and one cup in 4 years.
    • Absolutely agree!!!!.. Perfect opportunity to get the job done on the road and move on to bigger & better things going forward!!! Pretty confident with this group of players!!!... Let's get it guys, Allez Les Rouges!!!!💪🏿🇨🇦
    • Kudos on the guy pretending that the picks were just coming in and he had to interupt for the announcment.  How did everyone feel about the french language content??  Its a start eh? They must read the threads.  Nice to see almost 800 people watching live even if it did have sort of a predetermined feel to it.   For me I hope that some of the kids didnt get drafted because they already have deals in the works with teams.  Maybe Farmer has a full time contract with Valour....or else why would they go with another midfielder?? GRRR!  Anyways..I am super pumped that we will see a couple of these kids log 1500 min and maybe even score 10goals next season.  
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