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Toronto FC 2 highlights

By Duane Rollins, 03/30/2017


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    • ^ No, it's doesn't just have to be about money.  It's also not always the player's choice to leave or not necessarily that the manage wasn't happy with the value they received from a player the previous year.  It could just be that the player doesn't fit into things going forward.  Doesn't have to be anything negative at all.  However.. Think some, if not all the players, who many Valour supports would have liked to have held onto for 2020 agreed to play last season "on the cheap" as it were.  They invested a year in the expectation the following season would be more profitable, if they lived up to expectations.  As it became clear it wasn't going to be any more profitable, as was implied, they took that as a big "fu'k you" from Gale & Co., returned the favour in kind and moved sideways leaving Valour to start from scratch. Does that sound like it has the ring of truth to it?  Valour not exercising the option year of a player's contract, the year that includes an increase and instead offered a new contract at current wages?  You know low-balling the player because Gale though they didn't have anywhere else to go?  Hope not.  Hope it's just my cynical gearbox making angry noises.  Doubt it though.                 
    • Who benefits from the second game being played behind closed doors? Canada MNT? No. The CSA? Probably not. T&T? Yes. If anyone pushed for this game to be played behind closed doors, you'd think it would be Trinidad and not us. However, the CSA has done some strange things before, so who really knows, but you'd think they'd want a stadium full of fans for both games. At the same time, I struggle to come up with a reason why T&T would care to have a closed-door, aside from the fact that it would be easier for them to play in an empty stadium.  The thing that makes the most sense would be that Canada Soccer feels they cannot sell out both games. Maybe they want to see how sales go for the first one. But on the other hand, wouldn't a half-filled stadium be better than closed-door?  I want to know what the logic is behind this. Edit: should have waited a few more seconds to see what @SkuseisLoose posted before I posted this. If that is the case I can see the logic at least.
    • I heard that they're  going to open the second game up to the public if the first one sells out.
    • I am considering coming up from Argentina for the whole tournament, March 20-April1. I have not seen anything about match ticket prices yet, but I suspect they will be cheap and easy to get, as it is my experience is that in latinamerica these kind of tournaments are poorly attended and tickets very reasonable. I was considering Japan in July-Aug, but the non-resident price for Olympic football match tickets for both women's and men's matches are too extortionately high. In Mexico, all the matches are in Guadalajara, a great , safe, cheap city, so there is no insane tornament travel involved, and you can OD on all 15 matches (the group matches double-headers) in a short period of time, while stil having free time to relax or do other stuff. Looking for a long-overdue chance to see and support a Canadian side in a half-decent tournament, and have some fun, and would also like to hang-out and go to matches with some V's, though making friends with some fans of the other teams would be great too. If I go, I would probably visit the beachtown of Zihuatenajo for a week first to visit my sister and do the guitar festival.  I started a new thread, as I did not want to interrupt the discussion on players and teams on the other Oly-Q thread. Best to all, Dave😀
    • Was there anything in my post above that's not true?
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