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Found 6 results

  1. "The U18 team, we saw this year that they didn't get beyond the group stage [of the playoffs] but they performed very well" Whitecaps President Bobby Lenarduzzi told reporters at an executive roundtable on Monday. "One of the reasons that they were handcuffed at the actual championships was because Kianz Froese and Marco Bustos were up [in the MLS team] and weren't playing there. So that's actually success as far as I'm concerned. "If we don't get the results but we're pushing players up then that's our yardstick. Our U16s got beyond the group stage but unfortunately lost on penalties. But l
  2. We've made our feelings known on this a lot over the years. That's a debate (again) for a whole other day, but in summary, we're always club before country. Whether that be my home one of Scotland or my adopted one of Canada, that feeling is the same. We're a Whitecaps site. Ultimately, we don't care what country the Whitecaps players come from, we want to see a winning side and the best players making the squad and getting the playing time because of their talent, not their passport. That said, we also absolutely love it when "one of our own" makes it and a youth player we've followed, talk
  3. While others in MLS go down the route of bringing in big name and big money signings, to varying degrees of success, the Whitecaps have gone with a lower key and in-house development approach. Some critics accuse them of being cheap. That was an accusation surprisingly levelled by some out east following the signing of young DP Octavio Rivero last month. But if we're being honest, you're not going to get the likes of Kaka, Frank Lampard, or Steven Gerrard coming to Vancouver to play on a horrendous fake pitch week in and week out. You might not even see them coming here when their teams actua
  4. This is a Jeux Canada Games year ... I almost forgot. Interesting the event is a 1995 birth year (U18?). I'm a fan of this type of system of getting the elite players together for some serious competition. Shame it only happens every 4 years. The first thing that I'm noticed in my tour around the Provincial Challenge Cup Senior Leagues is the presence of the CG teams in NL, NS, NB & PE playing with the grown men and not getting shut out. Some wins, some goal scorers and some experience for defenders. But, that's where it seems to end. QC, ON, MB all seem to have selection
  5. After working with youth soccer players between the ages of 15 to 20 years of age, it is evident that our soccer system is not serving their needs well. We need a proper scouting system for our top players, and a strong network of business professionals who have contacts both locally and abroad in leagues to allow our young players the best opportunities to go pro. Europeans are now more than ever interested in our Canadian players, due to our work ethic, our positive attitude, and our willingness to always improve. We are top in the world in hockey--- it's time to do the same with socc
  6. I didn't know this was happening but I think it's awesome! http://canadasoccer.com/news/viewArtical.asp?Press_ID=4541 I think it's about time Canada got on board with the rest of the world on one of the best games for skill development there is. In the book "the Talent Code" author Daniel Coyle attributes much of Brazilian players' skill to playing futsal when they were young. http://thetalentcode.com/book/ Not to mention it is played indoors which is great because one can play in the winter. does anyone have any more information on this? is there talk of setting up you
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