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Found 13 results

  1. (10) I Still Know What You Did Last Season (9) Desperado (8) The Order Of The Phoenix (That Just Can't Quite Rise From The Ashes) (7) Catching Dire (6) A New Nightmare (5) Fail Hard With A Vengeance (4) Tim & Greg's Bogus Journey (3) Attack Of The Clowns (2) 2 Fat 2 Spurious (1) The Desolation Of Smug Or they could just go with - "Mission Impossible 9: The Quest For The Playoffs".
  2. Singer Marc Bolan once asked "whatever happened to the teenage dream?. Well, the dream of T-Rex's 70's is alive in Canada and it comes in the form of Panini World Cup stickers! Maybe I just don't remember it from four years ago or maybe it just says a lot about my twitter timeline and online social media friends, but the art of sticker collecting seems to have made a triumphant rebirth for this year's World Cup in Brazil. And it is fantastic! Phrases like "got, not got", "doublers", "swaps", "foil" and "hours of sticky fun" are prevelant in my timelines and they're not all coming from me. Well, ok, the last one was, but the rest aren't. People are meeting strangers in parks to exchange their wares. Not an unfamiliar site in downtown Vancouver admittedly, but the only medical risk you have from this encounter is a paper cut. And it's good to actually get out and get some fresh air because you can lose hours sitting at home opening packets of stickers, peeling off the backs and carefully sticking them in place. *insert Homer Simpson drool here* Now, before we go too much further, for those of you reading this who don't know what I'm really going on about (can't be many!), here's a quick catch up guide (and brief breakdown of my insanity) from an article we wrote back in 2012. The art of sticker collecting seems to be back. As are countless childhood memories for me. It's attracting all ages, all sexes and I'm pretty sure all species and alien life forms too (let's build up the hyperbola here). And not, as my wife asked me over the weekend, "a bunch of other people going through a midlife crisis"!! The 2014 Panini World Cup sticker album is a thing of beauty, and an improvement on the last couple of ones that I wasn't really too impressed with aesthetically speaking. You'll need 642 stickers to complete the 80 page album this time around and the quality of the stickers seems to have improved from the 2010 one. The foil ones in particular look much better and less tacky. There's 40 of them to collect this time around. The 32 team badges and 8 FIFA ones of mascots and logos. The 12 stadiums come as two piece stickers once again, after making that switch in the 2010 album. Looking back on my old albums, they certainly do look a lot more majestic that way and the smaller, olde time ones look really crappy now in comparison. Somewhat aptly, 29% of my stadium set currently remains uncompleted as we approach the first match of the tournament on June 12th. Of course, switching to double stickers for the stadium means that other stuff has had to go or will likely never see the light of day again. From flicking through my old albums going back to 1982, it's interesting to see just how old the previous ones actually look. The Mexico 86 album is still my favourite. And not just because both Scotland and Canada were in it! It's the first one I truly remember really getting in to and although I had others before it, they were binned but I kept this one. The 1982 one I have I bought off ebay and likewise the 1994 one for the US World Cup which I never actually got round to buying because I'd headed over here for the tournament and didn't have the time. Not the same as knowing it was yours to begin with, but at least I can still engage in the ebay search to complete them over time. But that Mexico 86 album had one of my favourite pages from all of the albums - posters from all the previous 12 World Cups. I don't know why, but they were the ones that always stuck in my head and I still love looking at them. That album also had stickers for each city as well as stadium and to me is the classic Panini World Cup sticker album that others are held up to. But I do really like the 2014 version (although I could have done without the three Johnson and Johnson sponsor stickers at the end, as cute as they are). You can pick the 2014 album up for $2 from a number of retailers (Coles and London Drugs are two places in Vancouver that I know have them), whilst stickers cost $1 for a pack of 7. Still pretty reasonable actually. Looking at my Mexico 86 album, that seemed to have cost me 20p - 49c in Canada. Interestingly, non US and Canadian packs of stickers come in just packs of five, so it should be cheaper to complete your collection here. Well, in theory. The last couple of World Cups I've gone about getting my stickers in different ways. The 2002 one was the last time I actually went into shops and bought individual packets. For 2006, I bought a box off ebay and still never got round to grabbing the last 94 I needed to complete the album. It felt a strange way of doing it but I still got to open the stickers and it just cut out the middle man. For 2010, I decided that this time I'd actually complete an album so bought an empty album and a full set of opened loose stickers from ebay. And I hated it! No enjoyment in that whatsoever. I soon remembered that part of the joy of sticker collecting was to actually open the stickers yourself, so that's what I've done this time around. Ebay is still my friend, but this time I bought two unopened boxes. 100 packets and 700 stickery goodness awaited me. Well, goodness and frustration. Opening that first pack, I was like a kid again. Fred was my first sticker this time around, so obviously that means Brazil will be winning the whole shebang. Opening a pack and seeing my first foil, you can imagine my excitement. And when I got a two foil pack.... My wife was just shaking her head! But then all the frustrations of my childhood came flooding back too. That first double. It took eight packs I think it was before I got it, but still, the disappointment. And by box two that disappointment kept increasing when I was lucky to have three or four newbies in a pack. Then the frustration grew to cursing. Who the hell is Joao Rojas and why the hell do I now have five stickers of him?! The stickers had arrived Friday and by the wee small hours of Monday morning, they were all opened and stuck in. I was actually dreaming of opening stickers and on Tuesday I found myself going to collect the mail and thinking to myself "man, I wish I had more packets of stickers to open". Addict! Do I have a problem? Yes, I have a problem. And that problem is that despite buying 700 stickers for a 642 sticker album, I still need 203 of the bloody things to complete it!! And I still don't have one complete team set. Bosnia. So close. Uruguay. What the hell happened to all their stickers? So let the swapsies begin! You can find my "Got, Not Got" spreadsheet HERE. Do you have what I need? Can I fill your holes?! Hit me up! Better still, I'm going to throw out a swap meet idea for this Friday evening. The Caps U23's are playing Victoria Highlanders at UBC's Thunderbird Stadium at 5pm on Friday evening. Let's turn that into a Juan De Fuca Plate/Panini Swapfest. Bring your stickers with you. Meet us towards the right hand side of the seats and let the swapping games begin. And for those of you not in Vancouver, leave your swaps links and contact details below. ******************** ******************** [** Please consider supporting AFTN's fundraising campaign. All the details are here - http://www.canadiansoccernews.com/content.php?5455-AFTN-Fundraising-Drive **]
  3. Major League Soccer made a licencing announcement in May that will have been missed by many, but will have been of great interest to my fellow football memorabilia collectors. Topps were awarded the exclusive MLS license is for trading cards, player stickers, sticker albums and other collectibles, with immediate effect. For fans of a certain age, it will take them back to the Topps cards that were produced during the NASL era of North American football and their popular sets produced in the UK. The new MLS deal saw Topps take over from Upper Deck who had previously produced the player collector card sets, including ones for Vancouver Whitecaps in their first two years in Major League Soccer. Topps were founded in 1938, manufacturing chewing gum and bubblegum. In a bid to boost sales after the Second World War, Topps packaged their gum with trading cards, with the first sports ones being a baseball series of cards in 1952. The company continued to go from strength to strength and are one of the most widely known companies in that particular field of sports memorabilia worldwide. They’ve produced a number of football cards and stickers over the years and have the official licence from the English Premiership to produce sticker albums and trading card sets. For those of us of a certain age, the Topps cards from the 1970s are their iconic design and there is a retro nod to the design of their English league set from 1978 in the new 2013 set, but more on that later. But Topps weren’t just producing football cards over in the UK at that time, they also brought them out over here, including an iconic set for the North American Soccer League in 1979, which old time collectors here may remember. The 33 card set featured sticker cards of all 24 NASL clubs, along with one of the NASL logo, an NASL soccer ball and a "soccer is a kick in the grass" sticker card. The other six were just strange mish mashes of four team names on a card. The sticker cards came in packs of four and were wrapped in wax paper along with a stick of bubblegum. Each pack cost a whopping 15 cents. Changed days indeed. Once you’d peeled your stickers off (if you wanted to put them on an accompanying wallchart) there was still some fun to be had. The backs of 21 of the stickers made up two picture puzzles that you could put together. Three of the other cards showed you what the pictures should look like and the remaining nine were instructional "how to" play soccer cards. 'Puzzle A' was made up of 12 cards. When that one was put together it made up two photos of NASL action. 'Puzzle B' was smaller and made up of nine cards. When that one was put together it made up a picture of Werner Roth of the New York Cosmos holding up the NASL trophy. The cards were really cut in a higgledy-piggledy manner, but still a fun thing for kids and the young at heart of the time. They haven't really gained any real collectors' value over the years, meaning you can still pick them up fairly cheaply. Happy memories there for some I’m sure and now we move forward 34 years. A general feeling is that Topps really missed the boat on what they could have done with their NASL sets. Let's hope they don't repeat that mistake with their new MLS ones. The 2013 Topps MLS cards are both welcome and infuriating. Welcome because there are so many different sets and cards to collect and infuriating because the Whitecaps don’t feature that much in them. The cards come to buy in individual packs of six, value boxes of eight packs and hobby boxes containing 24 packs. The hobby boxes guarantee to have at least one of the special autograph or relic cards, which we'll tell you more about later. Collectors have a lot to acquire and completests will have large credit card bills, with some of the cards considerably scarce. Altogether there are 12 different sets/inserts along with the base set, which itself comes with a number of variations/inserts. The base set features 200 cards, ten of which are Whitecaps: Joe Cannon, Jun Marques Davidson, Gershon Koffie, Young-Pyo Lee, Jay DeMerit, Daigo Kobayashi, Darren Mattocks, Kenny Miller, Andy O’Brien and Alain Rochat. For most collectors that’s all they will want and they’re the easiest to come by. The base set also comes in "parallel cards", which are basically the same card but with some different colouring in the background. These come in blue, gold and black variations and from what we can gather, all ten Caps are available in these. Seems completely pointless and just another way to make people spend money but they have been around for decades so there’s obviously some demand from the keenest collectors out there. There is also a scarce "Base Variations Set" of 20 cards which features an alternative photo of players like Thierry Henry and Robbie Keane, but no Whitecaps. You’ll only find one of these cards in every 349 packs. As alluded to above, the other big set to collect this year is their retro nod to the English cards issued in the late 70’s. The "1978 English Footballer Set" contains 60 cards, all done in the classic 70’s style and although they will probably look a little weird to some, for those of us what were kids around that time, the memories come flooding back. There are only two Whitecaps cards in the set: Darren Mattocks and Jay DeMerit. There is also an 18 card "1978 English Footballer Autographs Set", serial numbered /25, but unfortunately there are no Caps featured in that set. Whitecaps do feature however in two of Topps’ other new autographs sets. The 15 card "SuperDraft Autographs Set" features Kekuta Manneh (with gold, black and red parallels), and the 54 card "MLS Maestros Autographs Set" includes Jay DeMerit and Darren Mattocks (with gold, black and red parallels). The biggest disappointment for me is that the Whitecaps do not feature at all in the 10 card "MLS Rivalries Set". Ten cards, 19 teams, you’d think we’d get in there somewhere but nope. Neither do Columbus Crew. Seattle, New York and DC all feature twice though. After having no game in rivalry week, I think MLS are trying to tell us something. There are seven other sets that contain no Whitecaps cards: Autographed Relics Set (17 cards with parallels); Extra Time Redemption Autographs Set (3 cards); Golden Boot Die-Cut Autographs Set (14 cards); Minis Set (15 smaller cards); MLS Kits Relics Set (31 cards with parallels); Pure Soccer Set (20 cards); Pure Soccer Autographs Set (7 cards). If you’re an absolute completest, you can also keep an eye out for the rare one card "Official MLS Soccer Ball Redemption Set". Whether you're a new collector or one that's been collecting such things for years, that's a lot for you to start looking into, modern and vintage. You can find the modern day Topps cards in memorabilia and hobby stores or online at the Topps website and card stores, although I dread to think what the postage will be to Canada. Ebay is usually my main shopping spot for such things and you'll be able to pick up both the 2013 Topps sets and the 1979 old NASL one on there. Go on. You know you want to. Just don't eat any of the bubblegum that comes with the 70's packs.
  4. We haven't done this for a few months, and we need some light hearted nonsense after last night's heartache, so we thought it was about time to bring you another "MLS Back Catalogue". In this feature, AFTN revisits artists' discographies, authors' bibliographies and different genres of music, books and films, all re-imagined with the current and recent players and managers of Major League Soccer. And it's all done in a full 'Top of the Pops' style top ten countdown. On November 2nd 1978, one of our all-time favourite albums was released. "Outlandos d'Amour" by The Police had many a spin as I was growing up and I still have my original vinyl of it. With this in mind, 34 years later, today's MLS Back Catalogue comes from The Police.... ************************************ (10) Every Little Thing Brek Shea Does Is Magic (9) Adrian Cannary In A Coalmine (8) Stephen King Of Pain (7) Julian de Guzman In A Suitcase (6) Nick DeLeon Any Other Day (5) Don't Stand So Close To Justin Meram (4) Tyson Wahl King On the Moon (3) Can't Stand Losing Ugo Ihemelu (2) So Lonelee Young-Pyo (1) Mamdou do do, De Da Da Danso
  5. As we've said countless times before, football and music have always gone hand in hand here at AFTN, with our companion fanzine ("Ultracore") and website ("Broken Down Halo"). One thing we always love is when the two are combined into football songs. Whether that means songs by proper bands about football, songs by themed bands about football, or songs by teams and players about themselves! Now, obviously, some of these are dreadful! So we thought we'd start a new section to bring some of our favourite ones that aren't to a wider audience! ******************** We'll kick the feature off with a band that will undoubtedly be included several times over the coming months. Birkenhead's finest - Half Man Half Biscuit. Now there are so many songs we could have picked to kick off the feature, but it had to be one by them, and "The Referee's Alphabet" is one of our all-time faves. For those that don't know of HMHB, they are a cult, four piece band from Merseyside, England who have been around since 1984 and are still going strong. A lot of their songs are about football, mention it in passing or throw in some classic football phrases such as "Mathematically Safe". "The Referee's Alphabet" is the sixth track on their ninth studio album, "Cammell Laird Social Club", which was released in 2002. You can buy this track, or the entire album, on iTunes on the following link: "The Referee's Alphabet" by Half Man Half Biscuit Keeping with the football theme, Cammell Laird FC are a non-league football club from Birkenhead in Merseyside who currently play in the Evo-Stik League Northern Premier - First Division North.* We've followed their fortunes for a while (although Cammell Laird are also a company that owned the big shipyard there). And yes, there is actually a social club and one day we plan to take in a game there and have a drink in the club. Apart from the clever lyrics, one of the things I love about this song is the fact that it's still as relevant to football, and the modern day footballer, as it was ten years ago. And it sadly probably still we be ten years further down the line! It just captures what happens in a normal 90 minutes perfectly. So here's a fun video of the song, and the lyrics are printed in full underneath for you to sing along. Even better, leave your own suggestions for "The Referee's Alphabet" in the comments section below. Enjoy! The A is for my authority, which many players seem to question, thinking they’re somehow going to make me change my mind. B is for babies, which a lot of managers cry like after a decision has not gone their way. C is for the continual criticism I receive from the touchline. Get back in your technical area. D is for the dunderheads who seem to think we have a conspiracy against their particular team. E is for the eerie silence which echoes around the ground when I’ve booked a home team’s player and it’s obvious to everyone that he deserved it. F is the farce into which most games would descend if we weren’t there. The G is for the gnarled face of someone who’s on £90,000 a week and reckoned he should have had a throw in. H is for handball, which has to be intentional, and very rarely is. If only people would study the rules more. I is for innocence, pleaded by many a doe-eyed defender after they’ve just scythed down that tricky winger. J is for ju-jitsu, which I quite intend to display given a dark alley and some of the narky blerts I’ve encountered. K is for the kissing of the badge. How ridiculous that looks 6 months later when they’re at another club? L is for lip reading, at which you don’t have to be an expert to see how odious some people are. M is for the mistakes we sometimes make. Surely a bit of controversy is part of the game’s appeal? The N. The N is for the numbskull who, during the Boxing Day game, asks me what else I got for Christmas besides my whistle? "An afternoon with your wife mate". The O is for offside, which many forwards tell me they simply could not have been. The P is for the penalty shootout. Great drama and no pressure on me. The Q is the quiet word which I sometimes need to have with some of the more fiery participants. I usually choose the word 'pleat'. R is for running backwards. A difficult skill which the pundits never seem to appreciate. S is for the suggestion that I should have shown a card of some sort to a player who’s just been awarded a free kick Sorry I got all that wrong. The S again. OK the S. The S is the suggestion that I should show a card to an opponent, by a player who’s been awarded a free kick. He himself is more in danger of getting one for that. T is for the 21 man brawl. Which is basically an embarrassing scene of pushing and shoving. U is for the umpire, which I sometimes wish I’d been instead. You never hear a cricket crowd chanting "who’s the bastard in the hat?". The V is for vitriol, vilification, vendetta and volley of verbal abuse. Some good bird noises there Paul. W is for Walter Pidgeon, whose Mr. Gruffydd in "How Green Was My Valley" I may have started to sound like during this song. "Where was the light I thought to see in your eye?". He says that to a young Huw, played by Roddy McDowall. The X. The X represents the sarcastic kiss planted on my forehead by a swarthy Portuguese centre half whom I’ve just dismissed. The Y is for Yate, the kind of town that referees come from. And the Z. Well the Z could be for Zidane, Zico, Zola, Zubizarreta, Zoff. Even Zondervan. But is in fact for the zest with which we approach our work. Without this zest for the game, we wouldn’t become refs. And without refs, well - zero. See also Zatopek, Zeus, Zeal Monachorum. Had a caravan there. Static. Naturally. Wouldn’t it be fun. If they gave the ref a gun. ********** Remember,you can buy this track, or the entire album, on iTunes on the following link (and every purchase helps AFTN): http://click.linksynergy.com/fs-bin/stat?id=8srB3CXczv8&offerid=162397&type=3&subid=0&tmpid=3664&RD_PARM1=https%253A%252F%252Fitunes.apple.com%252Fca%252Falbum%252Fcammell-laird-social-club%252Fid354821238%253Fuo%253D4%2526partnerId%253D30 {*** If you're a fan of HMHB, then check out this excellent site for all your HMHB lyrics! ***}
  6. 'Found In The Attic' is AFTN's look at some of the wonderful pieces of Whitecaps, Canadian and North American footballing memorabilia and collectibles from both yesteryear and more recent times. We continue the series with a look at some Canadian national team memorabilia. With World Cup qualification hopes on the line tomorrow in Honduras, it seemed a very fitting time to dig this one out. As each World Cup cycle comes around, it’s always hard not to think back to the one time that Canada did qualify. Mexico 86 will long live in the memories of Canadian football fans and for those of us who still have the Panini sticker album from the tournament, it will live on even longer. There was lots of memorabilia produced for the World Cup that year, as every year, but for me, you can’t get much better than a Panini sticker album. Long time readers of AFTN will already know our love for Panini sticker albums. The Mexico 86 one has always been one of my favourites, partly due to the fact that it’s the oldest one I still have that was originally mine. I bought an Espana 82 one off ebay, but it doesn't have the same sentimental attachment when it’s not yours. Add in the fact that it’s the only one that features both Scotland and Canada and now it’s even more special! Remember when we both qualified for World Cups? Sadly a whole generation on both sides of the Atlantic doesn’t, but we always have our Panini memories. The 52 page album featured 427 stickers in all, featuring World Cup posters of years gone by, host cities, stadia and, of course, the teams and players. It cost 20p in the UK, 49c in Canada and 35c in the US. Sadly my sparsely completed album will cost an arm and a leg to try and complete now, but I do at least have a completed Canada page! And what a hairdresser’s nightmare that now looks! With Canada being minnows they weren’t afforded the two page spread reserved for the bigger sides. They were reduced to a single page effort, along with the likes of South Korea, Iraq, Algeria and Morocco. Only Iraq and Canada have never qualified for the Finals again. . The players couldn’t even get a sticker each and had to share their moment in the spotlight with a team-mate. You did at least get the squad photo and the highly sought after silver foil badge in the ten sticker collection. It’s interesting to look back on the 16 players featured. When I was sticking those into my album 26 years ago, I never thought I’d be living in the mysterious country of Canada, never mind chatting regularly with many of the players featured. Bobby Lenarduzzi still has his full head of hair, but the others haven't fared so kindly! Carl Valentine isn't quite sporting an afro in the photo but it's certainly more than he has now. Current media pundits David Norman and Paul Dolan must be looking back on these photos and reminiscing about many things, and like myself, combs being one of them. Ten of the 16 players played for Vancouver Whitecaps/86ers at some point in their careers. How times have changed with the current Canadian national team, never mind the actual Canadian content with the Whitecaps first team. Will Canada ever reach another World Cup finals? Will it be Rio, or will we have a longer wait? Whenever it does happen again, I'm looking forward to adding a new set of Panini stickers to my collection.
  7. 'Found In The Attic' is AFTN's look at some of the wonderful pieces of Whitecaps and North American footballing memorabilia and collectibles from both yesteryear and more recent times. We continue the series with a look at another piece of NASL memorabilia. As the MLS regular season comes to a close, thoughts are turning to who will lift the MLS cup come December 1st. If you're a Vancouver Whitecaps fan and you're thinking of Championships, then your thoughts will always go back to 1979 - "That Championship Year". Winning the NASL Soccer Bowl that year is still the pinnacle of the Whitecaps long and proud history and that victory, and the whole 1979 season, was captured for posterity in a 20 page publication produced by the Club. Sold for $2, "1979 - That Championship Year" chronicles the Caps' Championship winning season, from pre-season through to returning home to Vancouver with the trophy and parading through the city in front of over 100,000 fans. Written by Josh Keller, and punctuated with 20 photographs from various sources, the special edition of 'Kick' magazine tells the story of the season through an introduction, 24 various 'shorts' and a four and a half page section entitled "Soccer as it should be", which chronicles the last regular season game and the playoffs. For those, like myself, who weren't around at the time, it paints the perfect picture of a perfect season. There's all the highs, all the lows and lots of great stories. It's the closest you can get to teleporting yourself there for the year. Headings like "The Rivalry", "Willie's Magic", "Gross Robbery", "Shootout Bloody Shootout" and "Sounders Flounder", regale the reader with tales of the original Cascadia rivalries, shootout wins and shootout losses, and the battles with the League's big names like Cruyff, Pele, Best, Neeskins, and Mueller. Soccer Bowl triumph aside, it was certainly a season of stories for the Whitecaps: selling out Empire early with 32,372 fans when the Cosmos came to town; a 14 minute stoppage for a mass brawl and pitch invasion in the return game in New York; tornados in Tulsa causing the first ever NASL match to be abandoned; a troublesome and referee confusing back bar in the Empire nets; and, of course, Willie Johnston's famous beer swig. There's even far fetched tales of games where the Whitecaps manage 26 shots! Carl and Bobby, can you please have a sit down with the current crop of Caps and explain to them how this works? If you love your history, if you love your Caps, then "1979 - That Championship Year" is a great addition to your collection. And if you don't know too much about that famous season in the Caps' history, then track this souvenir brochure down, as it's the perfect place to start to find out. There's been a few kicking around on ebay recently, so keep an eye out and relive the heady days of Soccer Bowl success and when the Whitecaps were the number one sporting team in Vancouver. I'm looking forward to buying the souvenir brochure for the Caps' first MLS Cup win. As fun as that will be, the stories just won't be quite the same.
  8. I'm a collector. Always have been, probably always will be. Not weird stuff, just good things, and especially football memorabilia. Programmes, stickers, cards, badges, books, magazines, comics and a lot more besides. Anything and everything football related, and if it’s to do with either East Fife or Vancouver Whitecaps then all the better. Looking through some of it the other day prompted me to start another new feature here on AFTN, 'Found In The Attic'. 'Found In The Attic' will look at some of the wonderful pieces of Whitecaps and North American footballing memorabilia and collectibles from both yesteryear and more recent times. We'll kick things off with an item from the days of the old NASL. The old North American Soccer League attracted some big names in the footballing world over it’s history. It also attracted some big name sponsors too, and one of them was Pepsi. Look through any of the old 'Kick' programs from the time and you’ll see some glorious full page ads, full of colour, bad hair and dodgy clothes. Here's one with Bobby Lenarduzzi from back in 1983. As long time supporters of the game in North America, Pepsi took their involvement with the Whitecaps one stage further that year and produced a set of Caps cap liners! It was a neat little twist and a great play on words. If you bought specially marked bottles of Pepsi cola, under the caps were special liners encouraging you to "Catch the wave with Pepsi". There were six to collect in the set, each one embossed with the strangely drawn face of one of the top Whitecaps players of the day. Legends one and all, but a strange mix for the set all the same. There was goalkeeper Tino Lettieri, who played two seasons with the Caps and played for Canada in both the 1986 World Cup and two Olympics. English international central defender Dave Watson only played one season for the Caps and he was lucky enough that it was the one that turned him into a drink liner! Appealing to more of the ex-pats was Irishman Fran O'Brien. Two seasons in Vancouver but ingrained into Whitecaps history thanks to Pepsi. The same fate was bestowed on Dutch midfielder, and Ipswich Town legend, Frans Thijssen. The last two cap liners in the set were thankfully set aside for two of the greatest Whitecaps legends. The ones that are still here today, tying the NASL and MLS Caps together. Ad starlet Bobby Lenarduzzi and Carl Valentine would be the two guys you'd really want to find under your Pepsi cap. I wonder if they got free Pepsi for a year for taking part in the promotion? I wonder if they even remember it! I'll have to find out and feed back. Does anyone reading this remember them? Or have them? There was a set going on ebay recently for $50 which I thought was crazily high. Obviously so did everyone else as they didn't sell! One lucky AFTN reader will be the proud owner of them though, as that's one of the prizes for the winner of our "Last Man Standing" competition. I'm a sucker for these kind of promotional items. They're great to look back on and think about what were very different times in football. It would also be nice if Pepsi or some other drinks company did something similar today for the current crop of Whitecaps. Who wouldn't want to find Joe Cannon under your cap? The Barry Robson ones would be reserved for ginger ale of course.
  9. Every few weeks we bring you "MLS Back Catalogue", where AFTN revisits artists' discographies, authors' bibliographies and different genres of music, books and films, all re-imagined with the current and recent players and managers of Major League Soccer. And this week, also future! And it's all done in a full 'Top of the Pops' style top ten countdown. We were inspired with our feature today by the Whitecaps MLS Reserve League game on Monday and the appearance of a certain Residency player for the Caps. Watch out for him featuring as we bring you today's MLS Back Catalogue by The Beatles.... ************************************ (10) Adrian Cann Buy Me Love (9) A Hard Day's Wes Knight (8) Blue Jay Nolly Way (7) Marco Pappa's Lonely Hearts Club Band (6) Jamison Olave Me Do (5) Justin Morrow Never Knows (4) I Want To Hold Your Hans Backe (3) I Am The Tyson Wahlrus (2) Magical Miss Terry Dunfield Tour (1) Back In The Yassin Essa Some MLS tidbits... - We thought number two was particularly appropriate because when we think of Terry Dunfield in Vancouver, we still think of that penalty miss. - Portland's Darlington Nagbe is just crying out for an Eleanor Rigby pastiche. - An unconfirmed rumour suggests that Joe Cannon's favourite Beatles song is "All You Need Is Glove". - The Portland fans prefer "Spenny Lane" - But for Montreal Impact fans, by the end of the season it is clearly going to be "Help".
  10. Every few weeks we bring you "MLS Back Catalogue", where AFTN revisits artists' discographies, authors' bibliographies and different genres of music, books, films or whatever, all re-imagined with the current and recent players and managers of Major League Soccer. And all done in a full 'Top of the Pops' style top ten countdown. We always think that life is better when accompanied by song. It works on Broadway, in the West End and on screen. Why talk, when you can sing?! Why sit quietly and watch football, when you can stand and chant?! With this in mind, our MLS Back Catalogue today delves into the world of Musicals.... ************************************ (10) The Wizard of Osvaldo Alonso (9) Nick Labrocca of Ages (8) O'Brian White Christmas (7) Mamdou Mia Danso (6) Ryan Guy and Dolls (5) Jamison Olave Never Dies (4) Aspects of Lovel Palmer (3) The Stephen King and I (2) Shalrie Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat (1) Phantom of the Ike Opara Football and musicals certainly seem to be happy bedfellows. Montreal Impact fans even have the perfect musical already written for their inaugural MLS season - "Les Miserables". "The Miserable Ones" indeed!
  11. Every few weeks we bring you "MLS Back Catalogue", where AFTN revisits artists' discographies, authors' bibliographies and different genres, re-imagined with the current and recent players and managers of Major League Soccer. And all done in a full 'Top of the Pops' style top ten countdown. We thought we'd go all literary this week and have our first author's MLS Back Catalogue, today featuring the works of William Shakespeare…. ************************************ (10) A Midsummer Wes Knight's Dream (9) Tyson Wahl's Well That Ends Well (8) Julio Cesar (7) The Aron Winter's Tale (6) Jamison Olave's Labour's Lost (5) Tim Murray Wives Of Windsor (4) Stephen King Lear (3) The Tragedy Of Romeo And Julian De Guzman (2) Corey Ashe You Like It (1) Much Freddy Adu About Nothing
  12. Football and music have always gone hand in hand with AFTN. We even used to produce a free local music scene pull-out back in our fanzine days. Keeping this bond, every few weeks we bring you "MLS Back Catalogue", where AFTN revisits artists' discographies and writers' bibliographies, re-imagined with the current and recent players of Major League Soccer. And all done in a full 'Top of the Pops' style top ten countdown. Today our MLS Back Catalogue comes from The Smiths…. ************************************ (10) Evan Bush Knows I'm Miserable Now (9) The Boy With Zach Thornton In His Side (8) Last Night I Dreamt That Sammy Ochoa Loved Me (7) Brek Sheakespeare's Sister (6) That Dejan Jakovic Isn't Funny Anymore (5) There Is A Chris Albright That Never Goes Out (4) Sheila Take A Tristen Bowen (3) William Hesmer It Was Really Nothing (2) This Charming Kenny Mansally (1) Hassoun Camara Is Now Any songs that could come into the chart as new entries? Leave your suggestions below.
  13. Football and music have always gone hand in hand with AFTN. We even used to produce a free local music scene pull-out back in our fanzine days. Flicking through some old back issues, and inspired by hearing something similar on Danny Baker's Saturday morning radio show on the BBC, we thought we'd resurrect an old AFTN section from back in the day. So readers, we bring you "MLS Back Catalogue", where we revisit artists' discographies, and writers' bibliographies, re-imagined with the players of Major League Soccer, in a full 'Top of the Pops' style top ten countdown. It's Christmas day, so what better way to kick things off than with our MLS Back Catalogue - The Christmas Songs…. ************************************ (10) I Wish It Could Be Adam Cristman Every Day (9) God Rest Ye Danny Koovermans (8) Deck The Tally Hall (7) Aron Winter Wonderland (6) Jay Nolly And The Ivy (5) Joy Chiumiento The World (4) Silent Wes Knight (3) Hark The Juan Pablo Angel Sing (2) Leonardo Ribeiro Da Silva Bells (1) I Saw Mamdou Danso Kissing Santa Claus Who could come into the chart as new entries? Leave your suggestions below. Merry Christmas to all our readers. Have a good one.
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