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  1. Probably won't be hard to fill up a whole thread on general corruption within FIFA. In today's news, our buddy Jack continues to reap it in: World Cup bid team compensated boss's wife with pearl pendant Excerpt: "AUSTRALIA'S World Cup bid team gave the wife of FIFA vice-president Jack Warner a pearl necklace last year after a complaint from Mr Warner that she had missed out on pearl jewellery given 14 months before to the wives of other FIFA officials. The gift was given after the formal World Cup bidding period had begun and when the Football Federation of Australia w
  2. The Confederations cup this year will be a prelude to Russia and their facilities for the 2018 World Cup. Here is an interesting review of the South America's representative and its coaches' styles. http://www.espnfc.com/team/brazil/205/blog/post/3039500/china-cup-title-hints-at-promising-future-and-sustained-success-for-chile
  3. The Ref


    I regard the new VAR to make referees reluctant to pull their pants up and make calls and also foster them to relax and be distracted from their duty to keep up with the play. Leave the game as it is with all its faults and virtues. We still enjoy it and allow us to discuss some calls.
  4. Is it incredible that of the 21 players selected for the squad only 1 does not play for a U.S. University.
  5. The Ref


    Why is Quebec a member of Conifa. Is that ok with the CSA?
  6. AFTN photographer Tom Ewasiuk was there to capture all the action before, during and after the game and here's his "Story In Pictures", with a full Flickr slideshow at the end. [Also check out Tom's website www.residualimagephotography.com for more of his photos and work]. The Voyageurs are out in force in BC And in amongst them is a familiar face in Karina LeBlanc Flag tifo in full force In Floro We Trust? Canada's starting XI The enemy lines up A moment of quiet reflection on the day's atrocities in Paris The pain of World Cup qualification is quick to appear! Not
  7. No more cheating using overage players. http://www.fifa.com/u17worldcup/news/y=2015/m=10/news=science-ensuring-fairness-at-chile-2015-2711955.html
  8. Guest

    FIFA 16 Review Show

    Until next time, have a great FIFA! @KevLaramee http://itunes.apple.com/ca/podcast/two-solitudes-soccer-podcast/id833616975?mt=2 http://www.stitcher.com/podcast/the-two-solitudes-mls-podcast http://feeds.feedburner.com/twosolitudespod OTW Studios http://itunes.apple.com/ca/podcast/otw-studios/id1018126433 http://feeds.feedburner.com/otwstudios http://canadiansoccernews.com http://kevinlaramee.com Support OTW Studios http://patreon.com/kevinlaramee
  9. It's the quarter-final match-up many people were predicting, including ourselves in Podcast 113. We also tipped England for the win though, so let's hope that doesn't come true as well! Both teams will also have expected to be facing each other at this stage and they know each other's game inside and out. The two sides have played each other a number of times recently, most recently in a pre-tournament friendly in Hamilton, where Canada narrowly won thanks to a wonder strike from Sophie Schmidt. You can't read too much into friendlies of course, and the more worrying match for Canada to be
  10. Miedema is delighted to be here and blazing the trail for young Dutch players to follow and the pressure that comes with that. "I felt a lot of pressure the first games from my home country," she told reporters at training on Friday. "Not that much from FIFA or whatever. It's exciting for us to play. We know that we can play way more tournaments after this, so we're just here to learn and get the experience but also to get the good result." As to how well Miedema has coped with the pressure so far, well the nerves got the better of her before the Netherland's first game against New Zealand,
  11. "We scored ten goals against Ecuador, but it's not really a reference I think," Dickenmann told reporters after training on Friday. "We want to score goals against Cameroon or Japan. We've scored 11 goals but ten against Ecuador so we're maybe a little bit in the same situation. "Although I think we've created a lot of chances. We did so against Cameroon. We had a bunch at the end of the Japan game. That's positive, but we can still improve as well." It's been a frustrating tournament for the Swiss so far. Heading in to it, they probably didn't really contemplate a third place finish in the
  12. Instead of facing a team ranked 48th or 53rd in the world (although how much stock you can actually put in FIFA's rankings isn't even open to any debate anymore), Canada will now be taking on 19th ranked Switzerland, a team who came through their, albeit weak, UEFA qualifying group on the back of 53 goals scored and just one conceded. For a Canadian team struggling to score from open play, and with the pressure and the hopes and expectations of an entire home nation on their shoulders, that's not the ideal opponent. For the Swiss, the initial disappointment of losing to Cameroon and finishin
  13. Having the US hordes here on Tuesday, and days of pre-match build up, and with Canada coming on Sunday, obviously helps. Prior to that, Group C wasn’t the most exciting group on paper to get fans’ juices flowing. The games turned out to be entertaining or high scoring affairs though and that also helped get a buzz generated. Now some will argue that it was a great group. It contained the World champions after all in Japan. But realistically, how many of the target audience really knew or cared about that fact? The first round of Vancouver’s group games wrapped up on Tuesday evening as the U
  14. Cameroon are no strangers to World Cup shocks. They have thrilled football fans worldwide with their play in the Men's World Cup in recent times. In particular, their fantastic Roger Milla inspired run to the quarter-finals of Italia '90 will long live fondly in my memory and many others. While the Indomitable Lions have qualified for six of the last seven World Cup Finals, the women are appearing in their very first ones here in Canada, after qualifying as African runners-up to Nigeria. Their appearance builds on their first ever qualification for an Olympics in London three years ago and s
  15. Recognised as the finest Japanese female player to have ever played the game, Sawa made here first appearance in a World Cup Finals in 1995, playing three games in Sweden, as Japan went out at the quarter final stage following a 4-0 loss to the US. After three appearances in each of the next three tournaments in the US and China, Sawa came to prominence at the world level with a stellar tournament performance in Germany in 2011. Sawa played all six of Japan's matches as they lifted their first World Cup trophy following a dramatic penalty shoot-out win against the US in the Final. With Japan
  16. This isn't the first football World Cup to be played on artificial turf. Finland hold that "honour" in 2003 when ten of the matches in the U17 Men's World Cup were played on such pitches, including the final. Two years later, Peru hosted the whole tournament on them and Canada played several games at the Men's U20 World Cup in 2007 on the surface. In the Women's game, the 2012 and 2014 U17 World Cups were played on the surface in Azerbaijan and Costa Rica, as was last year's U20 World Cup here in Canada. Elsewhere, a number of World Cup and EURO qualifiers have been played on non grass pitch
  17. The campaign to introduce goal-line technology into football was a long one that certainly split opinion. Purists didn't want it to change the game or slow it down with referees having to take time to review decisions. Advocates felt that with so much at stake in the modern game, and with the ever increasing and intense scrutiny on referees from television cameras, the introduction of the technology would reduce crucial, and often multi-million dollar costing, wrong decisions, easing pressure on the officials in the process. After years of arguments, matters came to a head when Frank Lampard
  18. While everyone wants to focus on the football without any distractions (which will be close to impossible with the happenings back at FIFA HQ), the reality is that some will be awaiting the first opportunity to berate the turf pitches and further their argument that the tournament should not be getting played on them. And let's be honest here, we are just one bad injury away or one bad bounce costing a crucial goal for the whole situation to blow up. The likelihood of that happening? Pretty high I would say, especially due to many players unfamiliarity with the surface. The newly laid BC Pla
  19. Until next time, have a great soccer! @24thminute @KevLaramee https://itunes.apple.com/ca/podcast/two-solitudes-soccer-podcast/id833616975?mt=2 https://www.patreon.com/twosolitudes5rings https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1XTTehckvHGtr1OXC9Bs6g http://feeds.feedburner.com/TwoSolitudesPod http://www.stitcher.com/podcast/the-two-solitudes-mls-podcast
  20. Well, technically it's Burnaby as it's at Metrotown Shopping Centre today, Saturday and Sunday. Admission is free and it's open from 11am till 7pm at the Grand Court lower level. Sponsored by Coca-Cola, this is the first ever tour of the trophy and similar to what Coke did in Vancouver during the 2010 Olympics, the event features interactive elements, a photo opportunity and a free commemorative bottle of Coke at the end of it all. Interactive aspects feature a Beat the Goalie competition against a robot competitor that doesn't quite have the loud commanding presence of David Ousted. There's
  21. Until next time, stay non-corrupt! @24thminute @KevLaramee https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwsfvuPbhWFf0I9zT4uJOig https://itunes.apple.com/ca/podcast/5-rings-podcast-olympic-amateur/id824073858?mt=2 http://www.stitcher.com/podcast/5-rings-amateur-and-olympic-sports-podcast http://patreon.com/twosolitudes5rings http://facebook.com/5RingsPodcast
  22. How are we looking to make it next year...
  23. Ding-dong! The Witch is Dead! FIFA Vice-President Jack A. Warner resigns (FIFA.com) Monday 20 June 2011 Jack A. Warner has informed FIFA about his resignation from his posts in international football. FIFA regrets the turn of events that have led to Mr Warner’s decision. His resignation has been accepted by world football’s governing body, and his contribution to international football and to Caribbean football in particular and the CONCACAF confederation are appreciated and acknowledged. Mr Warner is leaving FIFA by his own volition after nearly 30 y
  24. Date is January 10, 2011. Received email from FIFA confirming on-line live broadcast. "We can confirm that the Press conferences and the show will be live streamed on FIFA.com. The Press Conferences from 14.00 and the show from 19.00." Times presumed are Zurich times.
  25. Good article about the upcoming FIFA presidency battle, and Jacko's possible influence on it: http://www.worldfootballinsider.com/Story.aspx?id=34218 Warner the Kingmaker in FIFA Presidency Battle (WFI) Controversial CONCACAF president Jack Warner has emerged as the key powerbroker in the battle to win the FIFA presidency. Warner controls 35 of the 208 federations who will decide the next FIFA president at its congress in Zurich in June, and sources with knowledge of FIFA politics have indicated that he is the key figure in the electoral race. CONCACAF have indicate
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