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Found 12 results

  1. Now that League1 Ontario seems to be solidified and expanding healthily, of what use is the current CSL? Let's forgo the obvious "it's a place for people to bet on fixed matches" etc... I'm seriously asking of what use the league really plays in the grand scheme of things??
  2. I have mentioned in other threads how impressed I have been with the new Evergreen Premier League of Washington (EPLWA). This league started up last year and ran it's first season this past summer. Their accomplishments can be found in this post from GoalWA. Some of the highlights: startup league recognized by United States Adult Soccer Association as "Elite" level - same as PDL and NPSL (Div4) averaged 300 spectators per game media coverage far above what Washington State PDL teams were able to achieve. They are having their AGM today for team reps and league execs and boy I wish some Canadians were down there taking notes. I think they could teach our existing* and potential Div4 leagues a few things about starting up and running a lower division league. A strong Div4 is IMO sorely needed to support the three upper levels and would complete the development system we need to make players who can qualify for the World Cup. * Yes, I still consider L1O and PLSQ to be Div4 leagues and wish they would embrace that role and make it the foundation upon which our entire system is built.
  3. With the Victoria Park home opener approaching this weekend I figured I would make a thread to see if we can get any discussion going. Any predictions for this year? Looks like we lost Richard West up front which might cost us some attacking power. I attached a wallpaper I created this morning if anyone's interested. Not a big fan of the original crest so I did a bit of tweaking and incorporated a little more of Brampton's identity into it. Let me know what you guys think! Not sure if it uploaded at full size since it says it's only 20KB, but if anyone wants a bigger size just ask. Edit: Thought so! Here's a link http://i.imgur.com/PPsIv.jpg Here's the fixtures courtesy Rocket Robin's Site: Brampton United FC 2012 CSL Schedule TENYEARS 2002-2012 Sun, Jun 03 Victoria Park 3:00 PM Brampton City Utd v St. Catharines Roma Wolves Sun, Jun 10 Lions Park 6:00 PM Brantford Galaxy v Brampton City Utd Sun, Jun 17 Victoria Park 3:00 PM Brampton City Utd v London City Sun, Jun 24 Victoria Park 3:00 PM Brampton City Utd v North York Astros -- Sun, Jul 01 Victoria Park 3:00 PM Brampton City Utd v SC Waterloo Sun, Jul 08 St. Joan of Arc 6:30 PM York Region Shooters v Brampton City Utd Sun, Jul 15 Victoria Park 3:00 PM Brampton City Utd v TFC Academy Sat, Jul 21 CS St Jean De Vianney 2:00 PM Montreal Impact Academy v Brampton City Utd Sun, Jul 29 Victoria Park 3:00 PM Brampton City Utd v Toronto Croatia -- Sun, Aug 05 Victoria Park 3:00 PM Brampton City Utd v Brantford Galaxy Sun, Aug 12 Victoria Park 3:00 PM Brampton City Utd v Mississauga Eagles FC Sun, Aug 19 Victoria Park 3:00 PM Brampton City Utd v Niagara United B Wed, Aug 22 Club Roma 8:00 PM St. Catharines Roma Wolves v Brampton City Utd Sun, Aug 26 St. David Sec. School 7:00 PM SC Waterloo v Brampton City Utd Fri, Aug 31 Cove Road 8:30 PM London City v Brampton City Utd -- Sun, Sep 02 Victoria Park 3:00 PM Brampton City Utd v Windsor Stars Fri, Sep 14 Lamport Stadium 8:00 PM SC Toronto v Brampton City Utd Fri, Sep 28 Centennial Stadium 9:00 PM Serbian White Eagles v Brampton City Utd -- Sat, Oct 06 Esther Shiner Stadium 4:30 PM North York Astros v Windsor Stars Sat, Oct 06 Kalar 7:00 PM Niagara United B v Brampton City Utd
  4. Interesting to see Ian Greedy from NS on the Ottawa Fury roster for 2012. Of course the NSSL changed the website for this season and the statistical archive is gone (thanks) but I thought he was a fairly good goal scorer in that league. It will be interesting to see how he fits into a PDL squad. Also noticed Will Beauge who played with Capital City last year and Anthony Di Biase formerly of Hamilton Rage. Is this a possible player development path, senior to PDL or CSL to PDL? Or is this just a good club to be on to get noticed?
  5. Yesterday morning I sent the following email to Lorant Szabo of Mississauga Eagles FC Marketing and Sponsorship and CC'd President Susan Rossiter. The Eagles home opener is this Friday and the website still does not list any rosters. To see the schedule you need to click a link to the EMSC website??? I tell fellow Mississaugans I plan to go watch the home opener and they don't even know who the Mississauga Eagles are. No ads/posters around the city. There's a nice big screen at Celebration Square that could've been advertising this. You guys need to put a bit more focus into your Website content/updates as well as your marketing of the team. If people don't know, they wont go. No response yet. I know I was a bit off base with the comment about advertising on the Celebration Square big screen, especially since companies like Telus and MLSE/TFC are advertising there (obviously way too pricey for MEFC) but does anyone else feel the same frustration? Either with MEFC or any other CSL team you may support? Saugan
  6. One of the 3 new additions to the CSL, Kingston FC (formerly known as Prospect FC... A change which I'm sure all are pleased with), has been holding several tryouts over the past few weeks. Last night there was a session in Kingston at the Invista Field, the brand-new field complex which Kingston FC will be hosting their home games on. Tonight is a similar session out of Belleville. I was able to watch a bit of the session last night, and was pleasantly surprised by the quality... Partly due to the number of Capital City players present. It seems if Kingston FC signs a decent contingency of former CCFC players, they may be a competitive squad in the CSL, or at the very least better than their showing in the second division last year.
  7. http://www.slideshare.net/anitakov/shooters-academy-soccer-program-2012 www.yorkregionshooters.com The York Region Shooters has launched a new Academy Program for Elite Players which features an incredible program to set you on track for the path that you choose: 1. To become a professional player 2. To attend a college in the United States on a soccer scholarship The Shooters Academy will hold several ID camps. The first is the Arsenal ID camp with North American Arsenal scout, David Karbassiyoon. http://www.cansoc.org/showthread.php?43701-YORK-REGION-SHOOTERS-SECURE-A-VISIT-BY-ARSENAL%92s-NORTH-AMERICAN-HEAD-SCOUT Also, the Shooters Academy works with global FIFA agents and scouts located in Spain, Portugal, England, Italy, France, Holland, Chile, Argentina and in the North American professional soccer league, the MLS. The Shooters Academy has a Professional Player Profiling Service and a U.S. College Sports Scholarship Program. A NCAA U.S. College tour to New York will take place in October, at no additional cost, as part of the Academy Program. Shooters Academy Program Director Sam Medeiros is a UEFA Level A coach and a former Professional player with extensive coaching experience in Canada, including the Ontario Soccer Association Provincial Player Program. http://http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E1ycV1vrqDU http://http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IMEmPSmJT_M http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j0e24jdyhLE Shooters Academy Trials are currently set up for Wednesday nights only, but special requests for players travelling from a distance can be accommodated. Formal tryouts will be held March 31st and April 1st at St. Joan of Arc High School, Maple, ON. http://stjo.ycdsb.ca/ Current Shooters Practices are as follows: All Shooters Training Tuesday 9 pm- 11pm Wed 7:30-9pm Sat 3pm-5pm Sun1pm-3pm Location: Trio Sports Complex: http://www.triosportsplex.com/ Please indicate player details for any interested prospect: 1. Your current age 2. Your soccer resume (please attach in a separate form) 3. What do you hope to achieve in the world of soccer? The Shooters is also featuring a March Break Barcelona Soccer Tour. Please click here for more information: http://sportnetworking.blogspot.com/2012/02/march-break-barcelona-soccer-tour.html Here is a useful site that details general information about visiting Spain: http://www.spain.info/en_CA/ Please be aware that final confirmation of the Barcelona March Break tour needs to be made by Friday February 17, 2012. Sincerely, Anita Kovacevic York Region Shooters Academy Program Administrative Director
  8. LVJ


    Looking for the names of Canadian soccer mascots, past and present. There's WINGER TAC-TIK SPIKE FROSTIE the SNOWMAN LOONEY BIRD OZZIE How about Ottawa Intrepid, Kitchener Spirit, Toronto Falcons, Metros Croatia, Toronto Lynx, Edmonton Brickmen, Inex and etc.? And who were the people behind the costume?
  9. I was recently catching up on some podcasts and one (probably of many) has left a taste in my mouth. April 28th edition of The Soccer Show had Oakville Soccer Club's Paul Varian on and his comment was that the business models out there for a full service soccer club (i.e. youth to senior) don't work. Oakville SC will not attempt to get a semi-pro senior team to there club because all the other attempts at this have failed. I was hoping that some tangible numbers could be presented to help me understand why. Yes at the CSL level the attendances are low but there are many league around the world the same. Sponsorship dollars are tight but it is a return on investment isn't it? Local car dealers and bars sponsor adult sports in the potential return on that investment. Also a sense of community involvement, maybe? I understand the model Mr. Varian is talking about but just handing 13 year olds to TFCA doesn't make sense all the time either. I mean how many left backs born in 2000 can TFC really develop? In a Senior Amateur set up I'd assume the players would foot most of the fees. In a Semi-pro set up those costs need to be off set by ... tickets, sponsors, transfer fees, owners funnelling funds from other sources? What are the levels of expenses really at? 200 people at $10 each should pay for more than one road trip ... yeah?
  10. The CSL continues to go about business, quietly. There was an announcement on Saturday that KW United FC will indeed be playing in the CSL ... Second Division. The Reserve Division is being renamed and split into an East and West. Taking a quick peek at the standings (because there are no other teams lists) tells a story also. KW is not listed in the single table, yet. Niagara Falls Reserve is listed in the 13 teams. The article announcing KW also suggests there will be 15 teams in the Second Division. I wish we knew more about the behind the scenes of soccer clubs in Ontario. The process is getting muddier all the time. More teams playing at a higher / provincial / regional level can't be bad .... right?
  11. How are the CSL rosters shuffled as some of the younger talent move on to college and university programs at this time of the year? TFC Academy has announced that 6 of their players are moving on to post-secondary schools and I'm guessing that Doneil Henry will not be playing many more CSL games. Does that mean (it must) 7 members of the junior squad are moving up? What other teams out there are losing players? The CSL might be well positioned to use this as a marketing item. Just another little news clip that gets posted, blogged, tweeted, cross linked back to the league "site".
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