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Found 16 results

  1. Concacaf Announces Scotiabank Concacaf League Expansion Canadian Premier League gets 1 spot as of July 2019 (Whoever has the most points by then?) 22 clubs 12 Clubs plays (home/away) on the 1st round. Winners joined the next 10 highest ranked teams in Round 2 for the Round of 16 (Knockout Stage) The Winner of the CONCACAF League goes to 2020 Champions League The remaining 15 clubs will be ranked from 1 to 15 Best next 5 also joins 2020 Champions League CPL path to the 2020 Champions League A CPL club must make it to the round of 16 by wi
  2. The Confederations cup this year will be a prelude to Russia and their facilities for the 2018 World Cup. Here is an interesting review of the South America's representative and its coaches' styles. http://www.espnfc.com/team/brazil/205/blog/post/3039500/china-cup-title-hints-at-promising-future-and-sustained-success-for-chile
  3. Canada national beach soccer team won their first game 6-4 against Barbados
  4. Canada carried the majority of play through the first half but were unable to create any clear chances until after the half hour mark when after a nice combo by Junior Hoilett and Atiba Hutchinson, Julian de Guzman took a shot from distance that forced a big save from Noel Valladares. A few minutes later Canada would capitalise on their play, with Larin scoring the opener and his fourth for the national team. After completing a give and go with Hutchinson, Hoilett delivered a cross from the left sideline to the far post where Will Johnson headed it towards the net.On its way to the goal the
  5. Have a listen! You can listen to this, and all previous, episodes of the podcast on iTunes HERE. Or download it for your later listening delight HERE. We also have an iPhone app, so you can now add our podcast to your phone as an app. Visit the podcast's mobile site HERE and then at the bottom of the screen just click the "Quick Launch" icon and the podcast will be added to your home screen and appear as an app. And if that's not enough, we're on Stitcher Radio Network. Download the app and listen to the AFTN podcast on your device, along with over 20,000 other shows HERE. Or after all th
  6. Pour ce préparer pour Le Classique du Stade Olympique, à l'émission aujourd'hui,, les commentaires d'avant match de Baky Soumaré, un petit résumé des propos de Frank Klopas et nos prédictions ainsi que celles de Vincent Destouches de TVA Sports sur l'issue de ce match historique! Jusqu'a demain pour une émission d'après match avec les commentaires des entraineur et des joueurs, Bon Soccer! @OfftheWoodworkx @KevLaramee https://itunes.apple.com/ca/podcast/off-woodworkx-soccer-podcast/id644040569?mt=2 http://www.stitcher.com/podcast/off-the-woodworkx http://feeds.feedburner.com/rapidfeeds
  7. Plus, my thoughts on the final IMFC practice before the game! Until tomorrow, have a great soccer! @OfftheWoodworkx @KevLaramee https://itunes.apple.com/ca/podcast/off-woodworkx-soccer-podcast/id644040569?mt=2 http://www.stitcher.com/podcast/off-the-woodworkx http://feeds.feedburner.com/rapidfeeds/iekP http://facebook.com/offthewoodworkx http://canadiansoccernews.com
  8. @mexicoworldcup @OfftheWoodworkx @KevLaramee https://itunes.apple.com/ca/podcast/off-woodworkx-soccer-podcast/id644040569?mt=2 http://www.stitcher.com/podcast/off-the-woodworkx http://feeds.feedburner.com/rapidfeeds/iekP http://facebook.com/offthewoodworkx http://canadiansoccernews.com offthewoodworkx@hotmail.com
  9. Today on Off the Woodworkx, I recall the road of the Montreal Impact in the 2014-15 Scotiabank's Concacaf Champions League. Starting in Edmonton for the first leg of the Amway Canadian Championship Semi-Final, I go through games and moments of the competition and try to put a perspective on the size of the accomplishment of reaching the Final of our continent's biggest club tournament. From the group stage through to the knockout stage, I remember the key moments of the club, with a certain emphasis on a certain 94th minute series winning goal by the rookie Cameron Porter! Come
  10. In a very hostile environment, the Impact were beat 4-2 on the night, but were able to eek out two away goals that were enough to propel them to this continent's highest club football stage possible! To talk about this historical result, Kevin had Daniel Feuerstein of Feuerstein's Fire and together they dissected the game, talked about the refereeing in Concacaf or the lack there of, the rowdy crowds who were throwing everything ,shoes included in the direction of Evan Bush, hitting him many times with coins in the back of the head (which is a despicable behavior if you ask me) and the imp
  11. Needing that one point is based on TFC closing out their season with two wins. I'll let Toronto fans be the gauge of how likely that will be, but it looks like that job has been done for Vancouver. Chalk that one up 'Caps. Somewhat surprising really considering the preseason spending of both sides as we covered a couple of days ago. Whilst it's easy for fans and media to get carried away with what lies ahead for Vancouver Whitecaps this season, Carl Robinson's feet remain firmly planted on the ground. There's no chickens being counted here. He won't talk too much about anything other than th
  12. Hey everyone join in my live chat for Canada's World Cup Qualification game against Puerto Rico. Click on the link for the chat which will start at 7:50 EDT. This will include 10 minutes of pregame and then a solid live chat for the game. No swearing on racism otherwise you are good to go. Please any/all V's join in what should be an interesting chat. http://www.coveritlive.com/index2.ph...=550/width=470
  13. Ding-dong! The Witch is Dead! FIFA Vice-President Jack A. Warner resigns (FIFA.com) Monday 20 June 2011 Jack A. Warner has informed FIFA about his resignation from his posts in international football. FIFA regrets the turn of events that have led to Mr Warner’s decision. His resignation has been accepted by world football’s governing body, and his contribution to international football and to Caribbean football in particular and the CONCACAF confederation are appreciated and acknowledged. Mr Warner is leaving FIFA by his own volition after nearly 30 y
  14. We all know the answer to this question... JACK WARNER and his love for corporate US dollars. What I want to talk about is what can be done to get this tourney hosted in Canada. http://www.cbc.ca/sports/soccer/story/2010/07/21/sp-rose-bowl-gold-cup.html
  15. Max Bell discusses FIFA's decision to maintain the status quo for its 2014 World Cup continental allotments. http://www.rednationonline.ca/FIFA_locks_CONCACAF_at_3_5_spots_june_27_10_article.shtml
  16. Sorry if this is being discussed somewhere else, but why hasn't any host nation been announced for the 2011 Gold Cup? We're already in 2010, so what's taking so long? Is it a "tradition" in GC history that the host is selected as late as this? It doesn't make the whole thing look very serious if you ask me, since the World Cups hosts are announced waaayy before the actual event (I know, I know, it's the World Cup, but still)... Please enlighten me.
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