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  1. Red Nation spoke to David Monsalve after his second leg of Europa League qualifying: http://www.rednationonline.ca/Monsalve_Looks_to_Regain_Form_After_Europa_League_Performance_august_6_10_article.shtml
  2. Now I know that the US has held the Gold Cup since forever and all, but could Canada ever host it? We have the stadiums! Only trouble could be the conflicting CFL Schedule but other than that I don't see us incapable of such thing. What do you guys think?
  3. Gold Cup Viewing Parties July 7th - French Guiana 7:00pm ET July 11th - Costa Rica 7:30pm ET July 14th - Honduras 10:00pm ET Please join the Facebook Event so we can see some numbers and gauge interest for setting up the venues. Thanks https://www.facebook.com/events/228471424328724/ Toronto - Hosted by The Voyageurs - Shoeless Joe's King & Dufferin Vancouver - Hosted by The Voyageurs - Doolin's Pub Granville & Nelson Hamilton - Hosted by Barton Street Battalion & The Voyageurs - The Pheasant Plucker 20 Augusta St, Hamilton,
  4. Canada national beach soccer team won their first game 6-4 against Barbados
  5. We've got this huge window coming up, in which we'll see all the regulars if available. Expect to see the same group as was present in Austria. Maybe an injury-replacement here or there, but that's it. While there have been some interesting developments going on, especially in the lower levels of American soccer. Which brings me to the question, which players would you call up if the MNT had a friendly in de next couple of weeks? I'm not talking about players already in the fold, but new talents. Let me start. Greg Ranjitsingh * upcoming goalkeeper (23) who plays for the #1 or
  6. 1. So the Canada roster is now out. Any names on there that Mexico fans will recognize, nevermind actually be concerned about facing? If Mexico fans follow MLS, then they will know the name Cyle Larin. The Orlando City striker should be the one who gets the lion’s share of the publicity this week. Folks will also remember Julian de Guzman because he played with Andres Guardado at Deportivo la Coruña. Personally, I just saw Tesho Akindele provide a spark for FC Dallas against Les Québecois, so he should be on the radar as well, at least for the people that matter. 2. I understand Benito Flor
  7. Canada carried the majority of play through the first half but were unable to create any clear chances until after the half hour mark when after a nice combo by Junior Hoilett and Atiba Hutchinson, Julian de Guzman took a shot from distance that forced a big save from Noel Valladares. A few minutes later Canada would capitalise on their play, with Larin scoring the opener and his fourth for the national team. After completing a give and go with Hutchinson, Hoilett delivered a cross from the left sideline to the far post where Will Johnson headed it towards the net.On its way to the goal the
  8. The Whitecaps are getting a pretty fresh Teibert back in the squad. The 22-year-old didn't start any of Canada's Gold Cup games, coming on as a sub in all three matches for a combined total of just 49 minutes. Benito Floro's decision not to start Teibert raised ire in some quarters. It shouldn't have been a surprise though, as Floro has only started the Whitecap twice in the past two years. After some friction between the pair at the start of last year, it looked like the Spaniard had buried the hatchet after starting Teibert in the World Cup qualifier in Dominica at the start of June. He ev
  9. Just staring a thread to see how many, if any, are contemplating going to Canada's first two group stage games. I am inclined to use this summer to hit my bucket list goal of following the CMNT through the majority of a Gold Cup tournament. So far, I have targeted the group games as do-able. Are there any others equally committed or equally in need of being committed to some type of institution? My plan would be to fly YEG to LAX to IAH to YYZ on the days between the games and then see what happens after that. Any suggestions on how to co-ordinate ticket purchases so that all the Vs end up
  10. Have a listen! You can listen to this, and all previous, episodes of the podcast on iTunes HERE. Or download it for your later listening delight HERE. We also have an iPhone app, so you can now add our podcast to your phone as an app. Visit the podcast's mobile site HERE and then at the bottom of the screen just click the "Quick Launch" icon and the podcast will be added to your home screen and appear as an app. And if that's not enough, we're on Stitcher Radio Network. Download the app and listen to the AFTN podcast on your device, along with over 20,000 other shows HERE. Or after all th
  11. While others in MLS go down the route of bringing in big name and big money signings, to varying degrees of success, the Whitecaps have gone with a lower key and in-house development approach. Some critics accuse them of being cheap. That was an accusation surprisingly levelled by some out east following the signing of young DP Octavio Rivero last month. But if we're being honest, you're not going to get the likes of Kaka, Frank Lampard, or Steven Gerrard coming to Vancouver to play on a horrendous fake pitch week in and week out. You might not even see them coming here when their teams actua
  12. The 2016 100th anniversary Copa America and whether Canada can qualify for it have raised the stakes for our nation’s soccer fandom. (The men's side is what we're focused on here.) Not to mention the oft-rumoured changes to Concacaf WC qualifying that could offer more difficult matches at an earlier stage. Sure, losing by seven goals in Honduras was shattering. But how about gassing July’s Gold Cup and thus missing the hemisphere's biggest soccer party ever. And then come September, suffering early elimination from Russia 2018 at the hands of, say, Guatemala. Narrowly missing out on the Hex
  13. Don Garber delivered his annual MLS State of the League address this morning. Canada featured a lot more prominently than in previous years. For starters, we were mentioned or referred to five times in Garber's first few minutes of speaking. There were even some Canadian specific questions. Someone's had feedback! The big one, once again, was on the issue of Canadians not being counted as domestic players on US squads, but American players being counted as such in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal. Garber gave the stock labour law reply that doesn't seem to bother USL PRO and the whole situatio
  14. I am not aware of any previous incidents involving Palomo and gross journalistic inaccuracy, but it's always important to remember that until we receive official confirmation this remains one guy's word. With that in mind, here’s a good summary of the report it in English. Rather than relying on a group stage in which only the winners advance to the semifinal round (the one right ahead of the Hex; the one Canada keeps failing at), Concacaf nations will advance through three home-and-away knockout rounds to get to the semi-final group stage. The top six ranked nations in Concacaf receive a bye
  15. I'm bringing out some folks for the Panama game on Friday, and an issue that continues to pop up is that these "normal, non-Voyageur" people know relatively very little about the national team. Some of them could name a few players, but for the most part the CNMT is a collection of completely unknown persons. Though lacking in knowledge, my people are not lacking in interest, and seem to want to know more. Are there any good resources out there (web sites, videos, etc) that introduce the team and its members on a fairly basic level? I've seen some of the "inspirational" videos and the rec
  16. Stephen Hart: approve or disapprove? Discussion welcome. Previous poll results: January 2012
  17. Meant to set this up a few weeks ago. Changing the schedule to avoid having this poll active while games are actually being played. Previous poll results: June 2010 December 2010 June 2011
  18. Another six months has rolled by, and I'm back again with this poll. If you're curious, here are the links to the previous polls: June 2010 December 2010
  19. Six months have rolled by and I thought I'd try this again; we'll see how long I can keep this up. Added the ability to express strength of approval/disapproval, following the suggestions last time.
  20. “We did a lot of experimenting, as you know, and I think a lot of that had to do with how we would like to play. We are also trying to establish playing in a couple of different ways, so that we can adapt our position or just show people a different look at times. And, of course, a lot of it was looking for players in certain positions. I still think that key positions are up for grabs and the players need to understand that. But overall I’m satisfied,” says Hart. http://www.rednationonline.ca/Hart_Looking_Forward_to_2011_Following_a_Productive_2010_november_15_10_article.shtml
  21. Some thoughts and quotes from the Canadian reps on TFC and how the experience could help a number of players that may play important roles in the next round of World Cup qualification: http://www.rednationonline.ca/Champions_League_Fixtures_A_Plus_For_Canadian_National_Teams_august_24_10_article.shtml
  22. (Look for the Voyageurs banner @ 6:21) If anyone is interested... Video shot by Red Nation Online's Gavin Day before the international friendly between Argentina and Canada on May 24, 2010. You'll have to excuse the shoddy camera work but I think it gives a pretty good idea on the scene there. You can ignore the last minute...the camera was left running so there's nothing on it but the inside of a bag.
  23. In this interview, Simon and Red Nation discuss Soccernomics, his thoughts on the current World Cup in South Africa and Canada’s chances for making the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. http://www.rednationonline.ca/Rednation_Speaks_with_Simon_Kuper_june_17_10_feature.shtml
  24. The idea for this was blatantly stolen from the RPB board, where they're tracking Preki's approval rating. I love semi-pointless stats, so I thought I'd try it out over here.
  25. Gavin Day on what Canada can take from the Argentina experience...and we've got some photos added on our Flickr page. http://www.rednationonline.ca/Canada_Goes_to_School_may_25_10_feature.shtml
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