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Found 1 result

  1. Q: The FC Montreal is a very young team, with an average age around 20 years old, What can a team bonding activity like the climbing of Mount Washington bring to a youthful squad like the FCMTL ? A: It brings a lot, especially at the beginning of the season like now and the though time we are going through. It is a symbol as well, saying that we are all together at the bottom of the mountain, like in the Eastern Conference, and if we want to climb the mountain, together we will have to suffer as a team to reach the top in the near future. Q: There has been impressive progress in the players game since the beginning of the season, how can you explain this progress and what is the key to maintain that progression? A: Well like you said, the most important thing for us is the progression, if we see the progression, we have reached one of our goal. Obviously we would like to have more points, but the most important thing for us is the improvement of our players and the players are improving because, first, they never played at that level, so already after a couple of games, they are closer to the level of (the USL) play. Also, they are always coming into practice very focused and what they have to do and very focused on what we are saying to them to improve their level of play so everybody is on the same page and they know exactly what they have to do to get better results The results will come if we play better individually and collectively. So that is why the atmosphere in the team is still very very positive, very very good and the Mount Washington will also help everybody to keep going forward and keep working together to improve the team overall. Q: Lately, FC Montreal have had a lot more scoring chances, how can you explain the ease the baby blues have found moving forward on the pitch? A: Because 80% of the work we do all week long, all year long is focusing on the offensive actions so we focus a lot on these offensive transitions. That is why we will improve even more in the next couple of games and hopefully we will find the net more often but if we can keep this momentum and take even more risk offensively and to provoke a little bit more the defensive players, we will score more goals and that is what we are missing right now, to be a little bit more efficient in the last third of the pitch because the opportunity to score will happen will happen more and more in the couple months so we need to be more efficient. You know, young players lacking experience sometimes you freeze a little bit when it comes time to put the ball in the net, but again with experiencing more games we should be able to be more efficient in the last third. Q: As a coach, you have been in the USL for a month in a half, is the league what you expected it to be on the pitch, level wise, did you expect the same level of play, or maybe higher or lower? A: Its exactly were we thought the league was, the level is exactly what we thought and it is perfect to, because it is the perfect step for us to develop players who will play in MLS and you know, even if the results are not so positive so far, it is good in a certain way that it is not positive because if after 5 games we would have 5 wins in a row, it would have meant to us that we didn't need this league , we would have needed a better league, but obviously it is not the case. It is exactly the tool that we were missing in our academy system in the club, so we are pretty happy with the league on and off the pitch , the organization is very professional and serious and knows exactly were they want to go , so we are very happy to be part of the USL family and very happy to have this tool to help improve our players and hopefully a few of them will move up to the first team and be a real asset for the first team very soon! Thanks to Phillippe Eullaffroy and thanks to the FC Montreal for the interview. The next game for the FC Montreal is May 14th versus the Charleston Battery at 4pm at the Stade Saputo Turf Field, come and watch the future of the Impact and its FREE!!!
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