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Found 6 results

  1. @OfftheWoodworkx @KevLaramee http://www.afrokanlife.com/category/sports/ http://canadiansoccernews.com http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/off-the-woodwork/id898309206?mt=2 http://www.stitcher.com/podcast/off-the-woodworkx Sports Podcasting Network http://itunes.apple.com/ca/podcast/otw-studios/id1018126433 http://feeds.feedburner.com/otwstudios Supportez Kevin et SPN http://patreon.com/sportspodcastingnetwork
  2. Plus, post game comments from Zachary Sukunda, Jacques Haman ( in french ) , Mitchell Bringolf ( CB in the USL Team of the Week ) and the goalkeeper coach of FC Montreal, Jack Stern talks about the progression of his keepers and the reason behind their only 2 goals conceded in the last 4 games! Post-Game Report by Tristan D'Amours :http://uslradio.com/2015/08/12/fc-montreal-win-their-second-401-derby-game-at-home/ Until next time, have a great soccer!! @USLRdio @24thminute @KevLaramee @TristanDAmours https://itunes.apple.com/ca/podcast/usl-soccer-radio/id986025694?mt=2 http://stitcher.com/s?fid=64575&refid=stpr http://uslradio.com OTW Studios http://itunes.apple.com/ca/podcast/otw-studios/id1018126433 http://feeds.feedburner.com/otwstudios Support Kevin and OTW Studios http://patreon.com/kevinlaramee
  3. Have a listen! You can listen to this, and all previous, episodes of the podcast on iTunes HERE. Or download it for your later listening delight HERE. We also have an iPhone app, so you can now add our podcast to your phone as an app. Visit the podcast's mobile site HERE and then at the bottom of the screen just click the "Quick Launch" icon and the podcast will be added to your home screen and appear as an app. And if that's not enough, we're on Stitcher Radio Network. Download the app and listen to the AFTN podcast on your device, along with over 20,000 other shows HERE. Or after all that, you could just listen on the player below!
  4. A new chapter in the Montreal-Toronto rivalry was written today. For the occasion and because he is suspended in MLS this week, Hassoun Camara was starting at Right Back for FC Montreal. His presence was felt early on, the first three times MTL defense touched the ball, it was him saving a dangerous look on goal for TFC2 , blocking a open pass lane or clearing a dangerous aerial attempt on goal. Toronto were the first to open the score with a great FK into the box by Mo Babouli finished by Marcos Nunes. Set pieces were an issue all game long for the academy of the Montreal Impact. Toronto were controlling the pace of the game in the first half, making FC MTL chase them around and use their stamina to keep up with the speed of play. Montreal's best chance came at around the 35th minute with a great Mallace style long ball to Victor N'Diaye who hit a great shot but hit the post. Phillipe Eullaffroy's team had their best chances of the games off long balls, even if it was not a directive by the coach, the players realised that Toronto were leaving too much space open between the centerbacks and decided to use it. Toronto FC2 were clearly the most experienced team of the two having played a full season in League One Ontario last year, winning the league title. That fact really had an impact on the result of game I believe, TFC2 were able to use that said experience on set pieces and it directly led to the first goal of the game. Montreal were finding their marks in the second half. Finally getting used to the pace of the game, FC MTL had their best moments of the game between the 55' and 70' minutes. They were able to move forward and to create looks on goal, execution was the reason the ball did not go in and not creation. Even Hasoun Camara had a great run forward carrying the ball up until he was at the edge of the box and creating a good chance for one of his teammate. The team in blue were close to finding an equalizer when they got caught outnumbered on the counter, Fillion, FC MTL keeper save the first shot, but the return hit defender John Dinkota and went in for an own goal. 2-0 TFC2. All and all, ToronTWo and Mo Babouli used what made them successful in League One to get their first win of their history in the USL. FC Montreal were improving their possession and control of the ball throughout the game, but the second goal on the counter killed any momentum they had trying to find that famous equalizer. Quick Thoughts -Louis Béland-Goyette made his debut for FC Montreal, coming in in the second half, -A little more then 1000 spectators were present for this first USL game in Montreal, -Alessandro Riggi who got subbed out in the second half against Ottawa after a hard tackle did start the game at LM -Fabio Morelli, who is one of the standout of the academy lately, had difficulty finding space in the middle of the attacking midfield today, -the Charleston Battery is the next opponent for FC Montreal Phillippe Eullaffroy's Post Game comments https://archive.org/download/PhillipeEullaffroyPostGame/Eullaffroy.mp3
  5. Today on the debut edition of USL Radio, Duane and Kevin talked to Andrew Miller of the Post and Courier about the Charleston Battery, the USL and its history. Duane and Kevin also talked about the philosophy of the new USL teams regarding their different approaches towards their roster. Plus, Phillipe Eullaffroy, FC Montreal Head Coach and Director of the Montreal Impact Academy after the 1-0 loss in their last preseason game against the Ottawa Fury. Until next time, have a great USL! USLSoccerRadio@gmail.com @USLRdio @24thminute @KevLaramee USLSoccerRadio@gmail.com
  6. The home opener goes May 23 when Deux Rouge (trying too hard?) play old USL/A-League Lynx rivals Rochester. (As an aside: Fitting day for a U-Sector 15th anniversary party, no?). That game is at BMO. Although no time is listed yet we can likely assume it will be after the first team takes care of Portland. Toron2 (meh) plays one more BMO game, June 27. That one likely comes moments after a glourious victory over DC United (running TFC’s record to a remarkable 15-0-0, assumedly). Then the Junior Reds (too obvious?) head up to their Vaughan Wonderland (cause, you know, the amusement park is in Vaughan…) to play 13 of 14 straight at home. Tic tac tabernac their not even the Impact is once again the opponent for the stadium opener. Of note, the one road game in that stretch is in Montreal. Oh Canada. The home stand ends against our friends from Quebec as well. I’m sure the players won’t at all be sick of each other by that point. Three straight road games end the schedule, with the regular season finale at former affiliate partner Wilmington on Sept 19. Then Tworiffic playoff glory for the TFC2 (that’s what it’s going to be, isn’t it?) Full schedule here: http://uslpro.uslsoccer.com/teams/2015/74649498.html#SCHEDULE (Seriously, the team needs a good nickname. Help me in the comments…)
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