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Found 3 results

  1. http://www.thestar.com/sports/soccer/2016/01/14/fc-barcelona-expands-canadian-academies-including-mississauga.html Calling all future Lionel Messis, Luis Suarezs and Neymars — FC Barcelona is coming to town. The board of directors for the Spanish soccer giants approved the creation of two new FC Barcelona academies Wednesday, one in Mississauga and the other in Edmonton. “The purpose of these schools is to extend the methodology of Barça and the values of the club between boys and girls all over the world, guaranteeing them a quality sports training, under the direction of technicians who depend on the club,” the board said in a release. The new Mississauga and Edmonton academies — known as FCB schools — will accept 300 players and be the second and third of their kind in the country. Barcelona’s first Canadian school opened at the Central Valley Sports Complex in Burnaby, B.C., last September. Mississauga’s academy will be housed at the Hershey Sports Centre, while Edmonton’s will take place in Fuhr Sport Park. When they open in April, the club will have 19 FCB Schools on five continents. The “great” response to Barca’s first school, access to elite facilities and an admirable sports culture motivated the club to expand its training centres across Canada, said Jordi Arasa, the technical director out West. “You see soccer everywhere. You can just go driving and on every pitch at any time you will see people playing soccer,” Arasa said. “It’s everywhere. With that comes the feeling that, from all the areas, everybody wants to bring this to the next level.” About 250 players, including 19 girls, from the under-6 to under-16 levels are signed up for the inaugural eight-month season in Burnaby. Players can train either two or three times each week, with a competitive match every 15 days. Prices range from $950 plus tax to $2,950 plus tax, as well as the cost of uniforms. BCN Sports, Barcelona’s Canadian partner, has conducted 29 camps across the country since 2013. Thirteen sessions were conduction in the Greater Toronto Area since then, with about 1,750 players participating. Still, don’t expect any youngsters to be heading back to Spain to play in the big leagues immediately, Arasa said. “It’s too soon to tell. In the future, we’ll see.” ---------------- Anyone know about how this is going out west? I really hate how fractured developmental soccer is here. My son is a U12 who was invited (after a tryout) to join Sigma. I declined because I wasn't ready to spend the money on it. If this is a legitimate option, I have to choose between an OPDL, Sigma and this. Ugh.
  2. Today on the Two Solitudes Soccer Podcast, Duane and Kevin talked to Will Parchman about development, the USL-MLS partnership and the national team side of the equation for Canada and the United States. Also, they previewed the Concacaf Champions League Semi Final 2nd leg game between Liga Deportiva Alajuelense and the Montreal Impact. Plus the latest installment of the famous Canadian Review, the most popular segment in Canadian podcasting! Until next time, have a great Champions League! @24thminute @KevLaramee https://itunes.apple.com/ca/podcast/two-solitudes-soccer-podcast/id833616975?mt=2 https://www.patreon.com/twosolitudes5rings https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1XTTehckvHGtr1OXC9Bs6g http://feeds.feedburner.com/TwoSolitudesPod http://www.stitcher.com/podcast/the-two-solitudes-mls-podcast Music on this episode is courtesy of Saint Clare, the song "East Ending" is available for purchase right here-> https://saintclare.bandcamp.com
  3. I was recently catching up on some podcasts and one (probably of many) has left a taste in my mouth. April 28th edition of The Soccer Show had Oakville Soccer Club's Paul Varian on and his comment was that the business models out there for a full service soccer club (i.e. youth to senior) don't work. Oakville SC will not attempt to get a semi-pro senior team to there club because all the other attempts at this have failed. I was hoping that some tangible numbers could be presented to help me understand why. Yes at the CSL level the attendances are low but there are many league around the world the same. Sponsorship dollars are tight but it is a return on investment isn't it? Local car dealers and bars sponsor adult sports in the potential return on that investment. Also a sense of community involvement, maybe? I understand the model Mr. Varian is talking about but just handing 13 year olds to TFCA doesn't make sense all the time either. I mean how many left backs born in 2000 can TFC really develop? In a Senior Amateur set up I'd assume the players would foot most of the fees. In a Semi-pro set up those costs need to be off set by ... tickets, sponsors, transfer fees, owners funnelling funds from other sources? What are the levels of expenses really at? 200 people at $10 each should pay for more than one road trip ... yeah?
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