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  1. Dude can still shoot! very glad to see him back and scoring goals. will be good for his confidence. re: call up, we'll see how he does in MLS but watching him score tonight did make me think we could at least use a camp poutine for some of these guys. I hope they do one despite the crazy ocho schedule.
  2. Vancouver hasn't really suited him either... I'd be fine with him moving so long as he landed somewhere equivalent in level at least.
  3. I think Oso is a staw boss within this team as well. Arfield has the stature and personality to be a guy like that too, but he lost his moral authority to do so when he asked not to be called for minnows, or at least did not appear to manage that situation well. No way Oso is dropped for Arfield at any point. If anyone makes way it's probably Spoony, or he could find himself back into the team if Herdman expands the squad to 26 next window.
  4. ... or Forrest for that matter. don't recall Jonathan ever being named player of the year for a top 4 league club.
  5. That's because it was a completely different team against Costa Rica. Most of their new players couldn't play in Costa Rica. Take away for me, regardless of how skilled a group looks on paper you can't just throw a bunch of guys together and expect them to preform anywhere near their potential, and especially at this stage what club level guys are playing at matters a lot less than you'd think.
  6. would rather the meltdown later with less time to rally 😜
  7. Honduras up 1 nil. USA look sluggish and haven't created anything. USA have the youngest squad age in the Ocho by 3 years (24) and it is showing! I hope they can come back for a point to keep Honduras from getting the 3 points, but it's not looking likely. Berhalter's gone if they loose.
  8. Wow. Let me get this straight. Weston's old man says his son is a better person cause he hasn't ratted out his teammates who ALSO broke protocol?!?! Yeah I don't think that tweet's gonna help the situation there pap's.
  9. Yes Jesse, understandable, the "like" button is a very difficult concept to master.
  10. Or maybe they're not going along with it?
  11. yeah, it's like the opposite of the player threads. haha
  12. I think of the guys who haven't played yet only Piette has a realistic chance of starting. Cavallini could come on if we need a goal or to harass late in a game, and Fraser will only see the pitch if it's to defend a lead. Especially if Kennedy is carrying a knock, we'll see Miller start. I think Phonzie's "injury" is probably some Herdman 3D-chess and I'd expect him to start, but probably not go more than 70 min. I think it could be possible to see Davies and Buchanan both line up on the left side looking to overlap and cut back to players like David, Larin, Laryea and possibly Atiba cutting back from the right. ------------------Borjan-------------- ------Johnston---Vitoria---Miller----- --Kaye/Laryea---Eustaquio---Davies-- ----------------Hutch----------------- ---Larin------------------Buchanan--- ----------------David----------------- Realistically though with being the 3rd game in a week, and this being a slightly under rotated squad, you'd probably need at least a couple of planned subs at around the 60th minute mark, and you'd hope to already be up a goal at least by then. Laryea, Davies, Larin and Eustaquio in particular would all probably need a planned sub out by shortly after the hour mark.
  13. Re: Davies, my first reaction was that his injury was time wasting and that it was probably planned for him to come off around the 75th min. But perhaps that was my wishful thinking. haha. we'lll see, but I wouldn't count him out for Wednesday. As much as I ripped Herdman for his tactical choices last game, I think he got them right this game. He's definitely a thinking man, and I think he knew exactly what he was doing with his dig on McKennie, sticking the knife into a soar spot trying to give his side a mental edge in the next game. Most times when an opposing coach has a go at a team or it's players it can be turned around as motivation to get even next time, but hard to do that when the comment is about a player's indiscretion against a team rule.
  14. wow, I wonder if others will test positive?
  15. Armchair managering... cause that's what we do around here right... Squad selection: It's a tough balance. ES is under-rated, can steel points from us at home; that truly is the must win game, which favours resting key players and taking what we can get in Nashville. At the same time, despite the displays of calm/positivity by both managers USA and Canada both under preformed in their openners. The Yanks will field their strongest 11 and come out at home with something to prove. But if you're Canada because of the subpar start in game 1, if you get rolled over by a fired up USMNT, it'll greatly affect moral and self-belief going into the ES game, and this favours playing some of our best players. All-in-all I think we'll mostly see a rotated squad with a few exceptions, mostly on defence, but Herdman will go to his bench early. Tactics: we got too cute last game (hope lessons have been learned there) and between that and the road game vs higher rated opponent factor I think we KISS this game. We'll probably start with our preferred 3 CB + wing backs formation, and try to clog the midfield and force them to play down the flanks. For all the hype around this team they still lack a decent 9 and seem to suffer from the traditional US deficiencies WRT breaking down organized defences. To sum up, we rope-a-dope. Injury and yellow card considerations: I'm going to assume Cavallini is likely not 100% match fit, so either he starts, with a plan to sub at 45 or I'd look to get him in around the 60-70th min to get him some game time. Vitoria is probably more needed against Jamaica then he is against ES, so I would start him and look for a tactical yellow late in the game. Unless someone's heard otherwise I'm guessing the Tajon ankle icebag siting isn't much. Starting 11: --------------------Hoilett--------------- ---------------Osorio-------------------- ------------------Spoony---------------- ----------Kaye-------------Piette-------- --Adekugbe--------------------Laryea-- -------Kennedy--Vitoria--Johnston----- ------------------Borjan---------------- Substitutions: The above group's job is to weather the first half storm, with heavy rotation early in the second half. Specifically I would look to get Davies, Cavallini, and Eustaquio all on by the 60th minute, Henry on for Johnston (as for me he also starts against ES) by the 70th minute, and if we're down a goal Buchanan at around the 80th min. If we're level or up a goal I'd bring Hutch or Fraser on to shore up the midfield.
  16. Observations from tonight: 1) Reality check. Ocho games are a level above in terms of intensity and commitment. Every play matters. The young guys unfortunately learned it the hard way tonight and ended up a goal down. 2) Knocked down but not out. If we can take one positive from tonight's game is that after going down a goal the boys played with commitment, urgency and even some appropriate aggression to get back on level terms and then to find the winner. This led to sometimes forcing it but it also showed mental fortitude. Perhaps it's a good thing they were tested with some adversity early in the competition and battled back from it. If they can marry believe in their attacking skills with the mental toughness born of having been knocked down but then getting back up again, this could serve them well in later rounds when they need to grind out another result. 3) Junior is STILL the man. 'nuf said. 4) Alistair Johnston is the real deal. Seriously, can get get this guy to a bigger club/league! On a night where his MLS and age/CMNT experience peers (still counting Buchanan as such) were frankly a step behind, he showed composure well beyond his years and skill well beyond his club level. 5) Tactics. “Players lose you games, not tactics. ~Brian Clough... well, sorry but tonight the tactics were clearly wrong. Herdman had one of his worst games. Too many square pegs in round holes trying to get his best attackers all on the field football manager style. "The switch" as noted by others also contributed to the goal. Players need to learn from this game, but so does the manager. 6) Other results were favourable. Speaking of lessons learned, another young group that got some CONCACAF education tonight was our next opponent. Nations League? Gold Cup? El Salvador does not give a shit and Central America is still hard. It certainly could have been a better night for us, but Mexico being the only team to grab three points definitely helps us out. 7) Results or performance? That's often the question. Tonight the performance was bad but we at least salvaged a point. Next match we might not get a result, but we NEED a strong performance to maintain the belief within the team... because... the next game we NEED the result!
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