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  1. That person is himself... I hope he sorts it out.
  2. JH specifically mentioned playing in a colder environment, a different time-zone, AND a turf field are factors they're hoping throw the other teams off.
  3. Looking at the schedule and and the table... we might actually need a win against BOTH Costa Rica AND Mexico in November in order to stay ahead of Panama. Panama is emerging as our clearest challenger for a top 3 spot, and they play the two teams emerging as the worst in the group. Honduras are looking uncharacteristically beatable at home, and the Canal Boys should due the business against El Salvador, so we might need all 6 points to stay ahead of them.
  4. For me Buchanan comes on as the supersub and we start Laryea down the right to facilitate shit-disruption. lol If Hoilett wasn't at practice and is somehow questionable to start then Tajon should start up front on the right (shifting Osario to the left)... no one else (healthy) I would trust at the moment starting a game of this magnitude, but my preference would be for Hoilett's to start for his veteran poise and quality deliveries and Tajon to run at tired legs as a "finisher". ---------JD-------- --JH---------JO--- ----MAK--SE------ -AD-----------RL- ---KM--SV--AJ--- --------MC-------
  5. Edmonton isn't far from Fort Mac... Keep bitching and there might be a last minute venue change! 😜
  6. No so sure about Vancouver. Last WCQ BC Place felt pretty pro-Canada to me. Yes there was a significant Mexican presences... but I seem to recall the overwhelming majority as well as the crowd noise were pro-Canada. Vancouver lacks any kind of weather advantage though, if you believe there actually is one. Re: Edmonton, I think it being Phonzie's home town is a huge factor. I think JH is hoping that alone imparts some extra-motivation for the boys.
  7. On the other side of that list, did anyone else notice Stamatopoulos is still in the game? 'at a boy Kenny! haha
  8. Does anyone actually think Vitoria is our 5th best CB? Yeah there's a lot of head scratchers there, but it's game after all... an awesome game!... but still just a game.
  9. At this point, anyone who's eligible, has no contraindications (extremely rare), and isn't vaccinated is a fucking idiot. ~88% of eligible Canadians (29M of 33M) have had at least 1 vaccine, and if you're in the 12% that hasn't, the rest of us are pretty fucking done with your bullshit.
  10. I don't think Buchanan gets the start against Mexico. He's got too much to work on defensively. I think he'll be used as an impact sub. Davies starts higher up the pitch IMO, as Mexico are unlikely to bunker and that also allows Sam to start behind him, giving Davies more of a free roll, or if we're really swinging for the fences, Laryea to create overlaps with Davies. I'd start Junior up front, as I think he can make space for David better than our other options right now. I'd play a back 4 as it allows Vitoria and Doniel to both play and IMO they're still our best two centerbacks. The downside is I can't remember the last time they played as a CB pairing together, but I still trust them more than Millar-Vitoria/Henry. -----------JH---------- ----AD----JO----JD--- ------MAK----SE------ --SA---SV---DH--AJ-- ----------MC---------
  11. Awe look at that Mick, Hoilett is still a boss!
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