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  1. Not a bad move their Birchy! ☀️🏝😎
  2. We can debate at nauseam what this means and whether or not he feels Canadian, or how committed he is to the nats, or whether or not this is the reality of multiculturalism, but there is one thing that is beyond debate... that was a stupid ****ing comment!
  3. The full sentence from the article: From the sounds of that I think the U23s will clearly be getting the leftovers. More than just Davies and David will likely be with the Sr CMNT.
  4. Yes that's correct. Or more specifically it doesn't count as wages but counts against the team's salary budget. So if for instance they signed him for 4 years for 3.2Mil, that would be an 800K/year cap hit, meaning they would have to pay him a max of 700K/year to stay under the TAM 1.5Mil limit. Whatever the real numbers were, probably a factor in why he "refused" the offer. IMO he's still young and I would prefer to see him in Europe with the possibility of moving up a level. The oddities of the MLS contracting system and it still being largely an afterthought in Europe make it a ****** league to try to move up from, which I feel he's still capable of doing. I think comparisons with Piette are only valid to a certain extent. Let's not forget, one was transferring from D3 Spain, where as the other is on the books for one of the largest clubs in the World outside of Europe.
  5. they made a lot from Davies, and did that help the team?
  6. Herdman needs counter this and convince the lads that this game is even more important than the one, and that nothing less than going straight for the jugular is acceptable. The US will come out fired up, but if we match them and frustrate them, we can expose the doubts that are surely present in their locker room, and they will unravel.
  7. I think he heard you! The Dan Cloutier of soccer! lol The smash job was Piette breaking up all of their attacks! Stay outta our house ******! llllooooolllll!!!!
  8. I don't see TFC giving him a DP deal and I don't see him going to any other MLS club. I think he would probably take a slight pay cut though, and I don't see him getting anything near £1.5M again on anything but a short contract. Plus I could see league head office finding some extra Garber bucks for his marketing value. If he comes to MLS I think it'll be to TFC on a ~4 year +850K TAM deal.
  9. No first team footie, no starts for CMNT
  10. I'm just glad he GTFO and is safely back in Canada. Rest is details.
  11. Hence it was rejected. Yeah they've got some Davies bucks kicking around, but being the cheapest team in MLS seems to be in their DNA.
  12. Also not a bad haul considering his team sucked in general, which probably held down his total, and hey let's be honest, despite not having the best numbers, if they had a better option they wouldn't have played him 32 times. That being said I agree with JamboAl that it's unlikely he's get another SPL shot. I would love to see him come home to the CanPL.
  13. Yeah some German dude named Fritz tweeted it with a soccer ball emoji and no link... must be legit. 😜
  14. Likely D2 Europe. He's still at a good enough level to attract teams that CanPL can't compete with financially and not exactly the kind of guy I see taking a pay cut for a cause.
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