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  1. Yeah, that was my impression as well. USA had a momentary laps and lacked a little creativity in the final 3rd but otherwise kept up with Mexico. Both looked like they were playing in fast-forward compared with Canada and the opponents we've faced thus far. Yeah, the USA didn't send their best team, but can still call up 18+ established pros getting weekly MLS (or higher level) minutes. We've got a few guys at that level, but not enough to fill out a game sheet. Still some work to do.
  2. yup, hope to see him back, but if this moving on we'll manage and it's only likely a couple years before that would have happened anyways.
  3. Wholly sh**balls! that's a nice list to be on!
  4. Many top goalkeepers in and around that age. I personally don't see any reason Milan wouldn't still be starting at his current level, and if so I'm not so sure that torch needs to be past. Crepeau had a decent individual season on one of the worst teams in MLS. I'm not so sure he catches Borjan in the next two years. But yes, a third option would be nice.
  5. Getting back to the topic of the thread though, how much of a boss was Paul Staltari! If you combine his Bundesliga, EPL and European cup matches, I think you can make an argument that he probably had the most successful club career of any Canadian International. Certainly in terms of number of truly top flight footie appearances.
  6. Not a bad move their Birchy! ☀️🏝😎
  7. We can debate at nauseam what this means and whether or not he feels Canadian, or how committed he is to the nats, or whether or not this is the reality of multiculturalism, but there is one thing that is beyond debate... that was a stupid ****ing comment!
  8. The full sentence from the article: From the sounds of that I think the U23s will clearly be getting the leftovers. More than just Davies and David will likely be with the Sr CMNT.
  9. Yes that's correct. Or more specifically it doesn't count as wages but counts against the team's salary budget. So if for instance they signed him for 4 years for 3.2Mil, that would be an 800K/year cap hit, meaning they would have to pay him a max of 700K/year to stay under the TAM 1.5Mil limit. Whatever the real numbers were, probably a factor in why he "refused" the offer. IMO he's still young and I would prefer to see him in Europe with the possibility of moving up a level. The oddities of the MLS contracting system and it still being largely an afterthought in Europe make it a shitty
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