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  1. This is awesome news and a great move for Liam! Perennial top club in a good 1st div. A good spot for him to grow as a young pro!
  2. haha. I'm going with 3-1. (4-1 aggregate) I think Haiti is too good to keep off the board entirely for 180min, but I also think this group has a swagger that will get the job done.
  3. ladies and gents, I think it's time to exorcise these demons. I think we'll put Haiti to the sword and be done with it.
  4. Davies has been double teamed before, beaten up before, but probably not both on such a shitty pitch. We'll see how that goes for them Tuesday.
  5. Yeah that was disturbing to watch. Mad respect for the medical team and how they handled the resuscitation.
  6. I'd bring the A squad (with a bit of squad rotation)... these guys need to gel and win more than they need a rest. You can manage minutes for a few players in the group stage. I'm not sure other teams are planning on sending B squads.
  7. ... He'll feel like he wants to go to a F#$%ing World Cup!
  8. Thoughts from last night: - The good... Davies and David: there was a collective "oh sh&%" from the rest of CONCACAF last night. The kids are in full beast mode! Davies is impossible to knock off the ball and routinely slips through a double team. David has the ability to time a run, finish, and create something out of nothing by himself. Steel sharpens steel and there is no doubt being on two of the top sides in the world has upped both of their games considerably. Suriname have a very credible defence and our wonderkids smashed them like a rented guitar. 4-0 actually flattered Suriname. It easily could have been 6-0. - The bad... Nervous start: more consults with Herdman's sports psychology team are required. On the other hand I'm glad we faced a credible opponent in a do or die match, but also not one that was particularly offensively gifted, and couldn't punish us for it. Hopefully they've gotten that out of their system and will preform better against teams that can. - The ugly... "home" games: an NHL team, i.e. a private for-profit business, gets a "national interest" exemption from the returning traveller isolation restrictions, and our men's national soccer team doesn't get one for world cup qualifying? Ridiculous!
  9. I voted for Cavallini, but really it depends on the opposition and game plan. If the game plan is to play expansive footie and attack up the flanks I'm going with Larin, but if the game plan is to keep it tight and hit them on the counter I'm going with Cavallini.
  10. Yeah, that was my impression as well. USA had a momentary laps and lacked a little creativity in the final 3rd but otherwise kept up with Mexico. Both looked like they were playing in fast-forward compared with Canada and the opponents we've faced thus far. Yeah, the USA didn't send their best team, but can still call up 18+ established pros getting weekly MLS (or higher level) minutes. We've got a few guys at that level, but not enough to fill out a game sheet. Still some work to do.
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