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    Toronto FC fan. Also support Manchester United, Canada Nats and Montreal Canadiens.
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  1. Just for the record, here is TFC GM Tim Bezbatchenko saying that Jonathan Osorio has interest from teams: “All of these things are in the conversation, are in play, and we’re talking. But there are a lot of clubs that are interested in him, both south and over in Europe. We want to make sure that he feels like he’s just respected, right? In either direction, whether or not he doesn’t accept an offer or we decide not to get where he needs to go — whatever it is. I want to make sure that he’s respected for the player that he is.” https://www.prosoccerusa.com/mls/toronto-fc/toronto-fc-transfer-news-jonathan-osorio/ There's legitimately no reason for Bezbatchenko to make up interest because spreading that publicly would only make Osorio more valuable and less likely to re-sign with Toronto FC at a reasonable rate.
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