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  1. Here's the line-up based on one game (both TFC and TFC II) TFC - First Unit Bendik Bloom Perquis Hagglund Morrow Bradley Cheyrou Findley Giovinco Osorio Altidore TFC - Second Unit Konopka Creavelle Caldwell Zavelta Morgan Delgado Warner Chapman Lovitz
  2. TFC looking something like this now? Bendik Sub: Konopka Bloom Perquis Caldwell Morrow Subs: Delgado, Creavalle, Morgan, Hagglund Osorio Bradley Givoinco Moore Subs: Odurno, Warner, Lovitz, Jackson Gilberto Altidore Subs: Dike, Findley TFC II USL Bound – Roberts, Mannella, Aparicio, Hamilton, Chapman, Bono, Simonin, Thomas, Charpie, Rivas, Ramos, Be
  3. Here's what left in TFC's camp after the Laba move - 25 guys signed K – Bendik, Ceaser, Roberts, Konopka D - Boss, Caldwell, Richter, Morgan, Henry, Morrow, Bloom, Orr, M - Jackson, Hall, Bekker, Lambe, Bradley, Rey, Osario S- Wiedeman, Aparicio, Dero, Dafoe, Gilberto, Hamilton Unsigned - Issey (maybe), Manella (Academy), Hagglund (Draft), Eze (Draft), Lovitz (draft) You'd have to think Roberts, Aparicio and Hamilton are going down to Wilmington for sure...then maybe Manella, Eze or Lovitz?
  4. For Saturday's game, here's who got in K - Bendik D - Boss, Caldwell, Richter, Morgan, Hagglund, Henry, Morrow M - Jackson, Hall, Bekker, Lambe, Bradley, Rey, Lovitz S- Wiedeman, Aparicio, Dero Didn't appear K - Ceaser, Roberts, Konopka D - Bloom, Orr, Manella M - Osario S - Hamilton, Gilberto, Eze Not there yet – Dafoe, Issey (maybe) Done – Dike, Welshman, Laba (last two probably) The only guys there that have yet to see the field in the two games are Roberts, Konopka, Bloom and Orr.
  5. So TFC played the following yesterday K – Ceaser D – Hagglund, Mannella, Caldwell, Boss, Henry, Richter, Morrow, Morgan M – Jackson, Lambe, Bradley, Hall, Osorio, Bekker, Rey, Aparicio S - Dero, Eze, Gilberto and Wiedeman Didn’t appear K - Bendik, Roberts, Konopka D – Bloom, Orr M - Lovitz S - Hamilton Not there yet – Dafoe, Issey (maybe) Done – Dike, Welshman, Laba (last two probably) They seem to be giving Mannella a look, wonder if he ends up in USL Pro with Roberts, Aparocio and Hamilton? Wonder if they even sign Lovitz and/or Eze. Looks like Hagglun
  6. "40 teams is kind of awkward, no? How would that work, ten groups of 4? Then the 4 worst second-place teams are eliminated?" I thought the same thing, then I read the article, 8 groups of 5, four round robin games per team then QF, SF and finals. Not really that difficult when you think about it
  7. Any news regarding BeIn Sport Canada broadcasting the Serie A, Ligue 1 and La Liga on Canadian TV next season?
  8. Can't say sorry...I can say it has increased every year since we started.
  9. Hi everyone, Two of us started a New Brunswick senior soccer league - New Brunswick Premier Soccer League - three years ago in a trial and have since run two full seasons, last year PEI FC was in the league. The league has mostly current and former AUS and ACAA guys and clubs are affiliated with Youth clubs who they use as call ups. It has grown consistently every year and we are lucky to have McCain on board as our title sponsor. Regular season crowds are smaller (100 range) but games between the two Fredericton teams (Wanderers and Reds) draw close to 500 and playoffs are well attended too
  10. Who starts up front for Koev? Braun? Or Silva maybe? Start Lambe on the wing? If they lose Hassli too, surely they will bring in some help up front.
  11. Potential Line-up Frei Ecks O’Dea Califf Morgan Bekker Frings Ceaser Silva Koev Hassli Subs K – Bendik, Roberts D – Assousmande, Henry, Emory, Hall M – Dunfield, Stinson, Lambe, Welshman F- Braun, Wideman Pretty thin up front considering Koev is out for awhile and Hassli wants out….
  12. Soccer NB is hosting it's annual coaching symposium this weekend here in Fredericton. Very strong line up including the recently named interim CMT head coach Colin Miller. Here's the schedule Friday, January 11th 5.00pm – 6.00pm Registration Fredericton Inn 6.00pm – 7.00pm Colin Miller: -Canadian Player Development - Scouting the opposition Fredericton Inn 7.00pm – 8.00pm Dave Benning: U17 WWC Analysis Fredericton Inn 8.00pm – 9.00pm Said Mekary: Testing for Soccer players Fredericton Inn 9.00pm – 10.30pm Coaches Social Fredericton Inn Saturday,
  13. The Fredericton Picaroons Reds defeated the Office Interior Wanderers 1-0 in the NBPSL Challenge Cup final and will represent NB at the Nationals. Full league info at www.nbpsl.ca Here's the article from Fredericton's Daily Gleaner this morning SENIOR SOCCER REDS RULE THE SOCCER ROOST BY JAMIE ROSS ROSS.JAMIE@DAILYGLEANER.COM 27 AUG 2012 08:25AM The Picaroons Reds held off the Office Interiors Wanderers for a 1-0 win Saturday night, capturing their second-straight New Brunswick Premier Soccer League Challenge Cup in an all-Fredericton final before some 300 fans at BM
  14. The Fredericton Office Interior Wanderers Defeated the Fredericton Picaroons Reds 2-1 to win the first Maritime Champions League tourney. Full tournament results can be found on the website www.nbpsl.ca
  15. Day one results for the Maritime Champions League Tournament can be found on our website. http://www.nbpsl.ca/news/
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