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  1. Well, not quite that simple. According to this article, "future considerations" means, TFC gets him off the books for this season and WC need to either pay up or return him for the 2015 season. WC do get a good player for this season for free though while considering him a young DP. Good deal for both I think. http://www.wakingthered.com/2014/2/27/5453604/toronto-sun-sheds-light-on-future-considerations-in-laba-trade-to
  2. Torn Achilles for Dike, out for season. I guess that the soccer gods still do not like TFC. As mentioned above, the door may be open for Hamilton to get some first team minutes. http://www.goal.com/en-ca/news/4175/major-league-soccer/2014/02/17/4627282/sources-toronto-fcs-bright-dike-suffers-another-torn-achilles-to-
  3. Mlssoccer.com states its a full season long loan. A loan deal to the World Cup would have been a waste of our time. http://m.mlssoccer.com/news/article/2014/02/14/toronto-fc-land-brazilian-international-goalkeeper-julio-cesar-loan-queens-p
  4. Julio Cesar signs with TFC. Press conference at 1pm today. http://www.sportsnet.ca/soccer/julio-cesar-story/
  5. In other news, it seems Eckersley is gone to NYRB. This is a huge salary dump and opens the possibility of restructuring Laba's contract. Orr is definitely the replacement at RB. http://www.onceametro.com/2014/1/25/5345596/report-red-bulls-richard-eckersley-toronto-fc
  6. It's not that insulting. Issey has not shown much beyond what Lambe produces from my years of following him on "Canadians across the pond", CMNT or the fox soccer channel a-league games. I don't know where this "DP equivalent" tag comes from for Issey. I hope he sticks with TFC, replaces Lambe and proves me wrong, but he just hasn't shown much so far to relieve he's an improvement over Lambe. Issey was a marginal player in the a-league and the Cypriot league in the last few years. It's all I noticed.
  7. The reason I said that is because he's like Lambe, but Canadian. He'll just fill an empty spot on the bench.
  8. I agree with this move as I also consider RB one of the positions this team requires a starter at. He has a high salary making him hard to sign unless Blackburn is willing to eat up some of that cost. Another barrier is the jail time he spent in 2005. This might prevent him from getting a working visa in Canada.
  9. I see it like this with the subs in parenthesis: -------------Defoe(Wiedeman)-----------Gilberto(Dike)------------- DeRo(Lambe)----------Bradley(Bekker)--------------Rey(Osorio) ----------------------------------Laba(Hall)------------------------------ Jackson(Morgan)----Morrow(Henry)----Caldwell(Elmer/Boss)-------Bloom(Richter) ------------------------Bendik(Konopka)------------------------ I still think that the right fullback needs improvement. I think Richard E. will renegotiate his contract or he's as good as gone. Maybe one more experience center back. I'm not too comf
  10. Apparently Roma has made it official that the have sold Bradley for $10 mil to MLS and that he will join TFC. http://www.goal.com/en-ca/news/4188/transfer-zone/2014/01/09/4533027/roma-announces-10-million-sale-of-michael-bradley-to-mls
  11. Good point. TFC might try to push for it now knowing what's coming. There is no transparency in this league and who knows what the deal was for 100mil NYCFC. If I paid that much, I would want more flexibility to build a team.
  12. Lex Luthor now too? How many DP spots does this team have. Laba must be payed with magic money now (allocation).
  13. I'm not in favor of regressing on the natural playing field and sharing the stadium with a sport that might as well use a plow every time it takes the field. Soccer, on anything, but grass is just terrible to watch. The average MLS player already has trouble controlling the ball, giving him the extra bounce that comes with the turf makes it extra **** to watch and play. Toronto has horrible outdoor game weather. A roof is neeeded to protect against the rain, wind and improve acoustics. I'm in favor of spreading the games around Canada, but that's not what's for debate here. I'm
  14. Apparently TFC signed Jackson from Dallas. Right midfielder with MLS Experience. So, Alcaro Rey is not good enough for that position. http://www.torontofc.ca/news/2013/12/tfc-acquires-jackson-fc-dallas
  15. This is the TFC roster so far this offseason: Goalkeepers (3): Joe Bendik, Chris Konopka, Quillan Roberts. Defenders (8): Steven Caldwell, Richard Eckersley, Jonas Elmer, Doneil Henry, Ashtone Morgan, Gale Agbossoumonde, Mark Bloom, Ryan Richter. Midfielders (7): Kyle Bekker, Matias Laba, Jonathan Osorio, Alvaro Rey, Jeremy Hall, Manny Aparicio, Reggie Lambe. Forwards (3): Bright Dike, Emery Welshman, Andrew Wiedeman. Our new GM (with an impossible name to pronounce and spell, but not copy/paste) Tim Bezbatchenko, states that they will try to renegotiate with some of the player
  16. Apparently this is being reported on: http://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/tottenhams-jermain-defoe-agrees-transfer-2854640 If true, damn, Toronto really needs to overspend (around $10 mil transfer + $8 mil per year) to get anybody of any worth in this place. Having said that, Defoe is "the greatest striker of the modern era".
  17. Kovermans was the most efficient scorer in TFC's history (17 in 30 games). Better rate than Dichio and DeRo, but then he discovered turf. After wrecking his knee, it was game over a his age. The release was expected, but in typical fashion, MLSE just sweeps away those who can do nothing more for them without even a thanks. From what I've seen this year, I'm not even sure they told him he's being released. I wish him best of luck back home. Thomas was so invisible this season, that I can't tell he was a player or waterboy.
  18. If you're going to troll, can you please do it right?
  19. This article on CSN: "All for Naught: TFC's pursuit of Gilardino derailed by local voices" I'm not doubting its validity, because I know the author has his sources and he has been right in the past more often than not. The thought of the player not picking TFC based on mom and pap arguments when the mountain of money and a beautiful city for him to retire in is waiting, is just ridiculous. He's 31 and soon to retire from the national team. He's done, just coast into retirement, collect and be happy ala Henry in NYC. Rant over
  20. Not quite sure that there is any kool aid left to drink from this team after 7 years of garbage. I'm pretty sure that MLSE will try will raise the ticket prices once they start winning (if they ever do), but they are in panic mode to retain us as fans right now.
  21. Agreed, At about $80-100k on an year-by-year deal, he would be worth it. He also needs to start thinking about life after football and his base it Toronto.
  22. Looks like Genoa accepted the offer from TFC for Gilardino. Now it's up to the player. I don't know how much trust I put in the sports news out of Europe. A lot of bull**** is reported on just to fill the pages. Kind of like 24 hour news stations. Still, 4 year at 3 mil per year when he's starting at age 31 seems a bit too lengthy of a contract. http://www.wakingthered.com/2013/11/3/5061308/genoa-accept-toronto-fcs-offer-for-alberto-gilardino
  23. Maybe they should get DeRo for $80k for 1 year with an option for a second. At 35, you never know how long he would last. http://m.theglobeandmail.com/sports/soccer/dc-united-declines-its-option-on-dwayne-de-rosario/article15193145/?service=mobile
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