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  1. I'm not in favor of regressing on the natural playing field and sharing the stadium with a sport that might as well use a plow every time it takes the field. Soccer, on anything, but grass is just terrible to watch. The average MLS player already has trouble controlling the ball, giving him the extra bounce that comes with the turf makes it extra **** to watch and play. Toronto has horrible outdoor game weather. A roof is neeeded to protect against the rain, wind and improve acoustics. I'm in favor of spreading the games around Canada, but that's not what's for debate here. I'm never in favor of promoting a sport that keeps us in a bobble and distances ourselves from the rest of the world while harming the beautiful game that the rest of the world competes in and so should we. Damn Argos, they screwed us when we needed them and now they are back for a handout like the entitled teen bitched they are. Canada has no professional league and just a handful of teams/stadia that can help us develop our players for the world stage. Corporate greed is up to screwing that up too. Make what ever press release/petition. I'll sign.
  2. No to him for the national team. He had his chance, we all know how that turned out. This is the same guy, and there will be the same result. Another coaching position in the MLS would be a better fit for him.
  3. If he has not done so already, he should step aside. Best of luck to him away from the national team.
  4. I agree with FIFA wanting to leave a football legacy around the world with these World Cups. Canada is a rich nation with a severely underdeveloped football infrastructure. It does have a transportation, communication, and housing infrastructure. Something that has not been mentioned here yet, but which is very much as important. The money from FIFA will go towards renovating/building stadiums mainly. I don't think that Canada has her work cut out for her as South Africa did and look at how that tournament went. Also, Canada's time zones puts in prime position for games to be held at reasonable times in the Americas and resonable for Europe where the sport is most popular. This will also lift the image of Canada. And I think the government will get behind that. Canada has wasted money on things that make less sense and don't pay back (you guys can read the news... $2,000,000,000... Man, that a lot of zeros). This country can make it financially. It would also be nice for FIFA to force the CSA to finally start a league of our own just like they forced the US.
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