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    Stouffvillain got a reaction from -Hammer- in Match Thread: Island Games - Group Stage - Sep. 9, 2020 - HFX Wanderers v Forge   
    Forge doesn't make a lot of mistakes like that.  Good on HFX for making them pay for it.  
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    Stouffvillain got a reaction from Ruffian in Match Thread: Island Games - Group Stage - Sep. 9, 2020 - HFX Wanderers v Forge   
    Forge doesn't make a lot of mistakes like that.  Good on HFX for making them pay for it.  
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    Stouffvillain reacted to VinceA in Players you expect to see in the CPL   
    I think Valour should go after Alessandro Busti, who I don't think is even playing professionally in Italy anymore in Serie D.
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    Stouffvillain reacted to Unnamed Trialist in 2020 CPL Island Games   
    We have the same default setting. 
    But honestly, I am totally in favour of all the Canadian teams, and especially Canadian players. Last year I was all over Cavalry until they started playing and proved to be the best team in the league, only screwing up the final, IMO. They were great to watch, better than Forge as I saw it. 
    I'd prefer another team to win this season, being a Pacific fan that is clear.
    I just think that Forge took a bit of a cynical attitude into this first round when it came to U-21 minutes, they chose to take the least risks and the least chances on our kids, and only pulled it out by playing their young keeper the final match. a bit of brinkmanship (like Kennedy and Bay of Pigs). That was not the spirit of the rule: it is there to ensure we are giving generous minutes to young players, it should not be taken as a bother and irritation and something to attend to with apparent reluctance.
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    Stouffvillain reacted to Mikmacdo in York9 - Season Thread 2020   
    From just the highlights ive seen, Ugarrizza is a fairly creative player himself almost like a poor mans Firmino. Maybe they could have setup attacks through him. 
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    Stouffvillain reacted to Kent in York9 - Season Thread 2020   
    That’s a good comparison. Not quite as woeful, only lost once out of 7 games and were middle of the pack, but still a good comparison.
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    Stouffvillain got a reaction from Kent in York9 - Season Thread 2020   
    It was a very disappointing tournament on many levels for Y9. 
    Despite one of the most talented teams on paper Y9 disappointed on every level.  The attack rarely looked dangerous, the midfield allowed the opposition to dictate the game instead of imposing their will, defensively the team lacked focus leading to the majority of the goals against.
     Five of the seven goals scored against Y9 were conceded in the first or last 5 minutes of a half (Ottawa 2, Pacific 1, Forge 1 and Halifax 1).  The second of Forge's was 7 minutes into the 2nd half.  Those are moments that speak to a lack of concentration.
    There was no imagination in attack.  Nearly every attack had the same end game in mind and that becomes very easy to defend at any level, never mind against professionals.  There are no 1-2 balls, no line breaking runs, too many receive the ball standing still with their back to goal. 
    I didn't want to say it during the season but now that we've been eliminated I'll say it.  They continually reminded me of watching Aron Winter's 2011 TFC.
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    Stouffvillain reacted to Cheeta in Match Thread: Island Games - September 6, 2020 - Pacific v Edmonton   
    Have to write, he is sooooo one footed it's almost embarrassing, everyone knows he's going to try to get onto his left however, just try and do something about it.  Leave him all the space you want to on his right.  Doesn't matter. 
    Kick, goal, pick that one out.
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    Stouffvillain reacted to Kent in CPL Division II - Pro/Rel discussion   
    I've said this a number of times in the past, so apologies for repeating myself, but I don't think splitting CPL in half is the best way to get a D2. Let's say the league has amazing growth and expands by 2 teams every 2 years. In 2022 we have expanded to 10 teams, then 12 in 2024, by 2030 we are at 18 teams, then in 2032 we have 20 teams and split into 2 divisions of 10 teams each. You have just taken the 2030 version of CPL and (in terms of number of teams, repetitive schedule, etc) taken it all the way back to the 2022 version of the CPL that was still trying to find it's legs.
    I think it would be better to get to a good size, say 16 teams, but it could be 14 or whatever. Then hopefully if you get a couple more teams ready to join, if there are more in the pipeline, maybe wait a year or 2 to bunch them up and have them start off the D2 league. Maybe there are 3 expansion teams to go into D2, and hopefully (fingers crossed big time on this) there are a couple D3 teams that could be convinced to promote to D2 to round out to 6 teams or something. If you have to take a team or two away from D1 to make the numbers work, so be it, but splitting the league in half is pretty drastic in my opinion. 
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    Stouffvillain reacted to Kent in Match Thread: Island Games - September 5, 2020 - Cavalry v York 9   
    Thoughts on the game (finally got to watch it on replay, couldn’t watch it live).
    I hope that wasn’t a career ending injury for Oliver! I didn’t understand what the big deal was until I focused in on that leg more from one of the angles. Youch!
    I agree with @Ingham that there were parts of this game when we were actually creating some offence from the run of play, which was nice to see.
    The injury time goals conceded or that lack of offensive dynamism are the 2 things you can point to why York 9 is done now. Had we done better on either of those and we are through.
    Ingham (the keeper, not the forum member) needs to work on pushing rebounds wide. He seems to spill a fair number of rebounds right in front of the net. I am no keeper so I don’t know what it’s like, but some guys are a lot better at that.
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    Stouffvillain reacted to Rocket Robin in Match Thread: Island Games - September 5, 2020 - Cavalry v York 9   
    Sept 5, 2020 Zoom audio from CPL post game press conference between York9 FC and Cavalry FC 
    26 minutes hear from Jim Brennan, Luca Gasparotto and Nik Ledgerwood, Tommy Wheeldon Jr.  
    These are NOT the same interviews you hear on OneSoccer 
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    Stouffvillain reacted to Ansem in CPL Division II - Pro/Rel discussion   
    They'd lose becausw this wouldn't go to court. At best the CAS but as most sport organizations, they are free to interpret their own rules and courts usually don't challenge that.
    From an entertainment point of view, we are getting the best of both worlds but FIFA doesn't care about that and deep down, the CSA might start to be over it.
    Yes, there's a lot of misunderstanding of sanctioning issues and the nature of the single entity structure of MLS.
    The league holds all the contracts and IPs. While Montreal and Vancouver predates MLS, TFC doesn't. Most likely, ownership would have to sell back their MLS shares and vice-versa and lose all the players + name & logos.
    If they choose to stay in the soccer business in Canada, CPL becomes the only option. They would have to rebuild their squads from scratch and rebrand everything. Possible that Montréal and Vancouver could try to keep their brand/buying the IP back but MLS are under no obligation to play ball.
    As for academies, does status quo really work though? Yes, they produce players but how many of them actually gets meaningful minutes in MLS? It's just so weird the way they use it and even Saputo sees it as a money loser while Bologna's makes him money. 
    If used the right way, their academies would definately give them an obvious edge in CPL and they might actually get more sold elsewhere by actually playing them.
    Do the people from Belgium or Turkey laments that their rosters are below La Liga? Fans are still passionate and looks forward to Champions League. Why not here?
    I'll never understand this belief that we can't do anything without the US.
    Canadians that are very good will still found themselves in MLS or Europe.
    Yes we have Canadians getting minutes in MLS but how many and how are they impacting the Canadian program overall?
    Why can't those infrastructure, programs and resources be invested in Canadian soccer instead? I get the U23 league but many US fans don't think it will make that much of a difference with all those green cards and TAM-GAM-DP scheming allowing clubs to not play young americans? To me, it's another dead end for our players - different name. Why would it work better for us than it is for them?
    After 13 years of MLS, how many Olympics, Hex or World Cup did we qualify for?
    How many Gold Cups semifinals?
    How many U20 World Cup?
    Results don't support that claims. Are we in it just to "participate" or to actually win? The US system is made for Americans, not for us and "trickle down" benefits will never be sufficient to allow us to go the extra step.
    That’s my opinion.
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    Stouffvillain reacted to Ansem in CPL Division II - Pro/Rel discussion   
    I believe in a "Canadian" solution and using a formula that works is the best in my opinion
    My preferred end of season schedule "Long term"
    Premier League
    1-Removing CPL Finals = end of season would be right before FIFA Window (2019 was Oct 7 - Oct 15)
    (CPL regular season 2020 was suppose to run from April 11 to October 4)
    I think another BC team could help get CPL season started earlier than April 11 to stretch it out a bit better
    2- Champion is crowned and the last day is kept interesting with the CCL/CL berths and Relegation zone ranking
    Championship Playoffs
    1-Promotion Playoffs = During the October FIFA Window (2019 was Oct 7 - Oct 15)
    D3 Memorial Cup
    1-Reminder/ U Sports plays their championship tournament in November in Montréal last year. People went to the stadium despite the cold. Not ideal but if they can't do it at that level, they won't be able too in MLS who sometimes also play in frigid temperature
    2-Reminder #2 -->From the Soccer Québec article, the goal is to move from semi-pro D3 to pro D3. So I'm expecting longer seasons which makes sense just like the CHL.
    That being said, I'd run that tounament (East-Prairies-West champions + host) from after the Championship promotion playoffs to end of October.
    *Financial concerns = Since CSB is to absorb the D3 leagues and own D2, you're more likely to attract more serious investors because obviously, the semi-pro set up would be pushed down to D4 provincial leagues.
    This means that prospective D2 & D3 would be also buying into CSB which fundamentally changes the profil of owners at the top 3 levels. We have to start divorcing the idea of CSB keeping things the way they are today once they are in control.
    The 3 cities are much more likely to attract higher profile of ownership just thinking of mega clubs wanting to own in other leagues. Also, Canada being the last industrialized country where the pyramid is accessible is huge for prospective investors wanting to get into soccer ownership. 
    Downsview Park makes more sense to me. Lamport just isn't right. 
    They can't be forced into another league but changes of circumstances can force their hands.
    There's nothing in FIFA Statute talking about leagues needing to be "comparable" as a reason to not endorce the rule. You're talking "forced parity" which is the exception in the FIFA world, not the norm. 
    There was a point where PSG had a payroll bigger than the bottom Ligue 1 combined! Most leaguea have "top 4-5 and then the rest". 
    CPL doesn't need to be at the same level as MLS, they need to meet FIFA norms that makes them a true D1, which they do. 
    You're misunderstanding Statute 73. It isn't about MLS being comparable to CPL, it's about not allowing clubs to play in another country if it already have a D1, which we now do - hence their exemption becomes invalid once they are up for renewal 
    Im not sure if Monaco has a D1 league but they fit the exemption allowing them to play in France. CPL exist, so we can't compare
    The Wales clubs have been in EFL for close or over a century, while Wales started their league only in 1991 -they also fit the exemption based on that. Our clubs have been in MLS from between 12 years and 7 years at the launch of CPL, hardly comparable 
    Wellington being in A-League is trickier but a huge loophole is the A-League being in AFC while the NZ league being in OFC. Not applicable to us.
    There's no "hardship" arguments. MLSE always knew that sanctioning was conditional at FIFA discretion knowing all the rules including Statute 73 and they still agreed to abide by FIFA rules.
    Understandably, MLS and the 3 clubs never thought that the CSA would go ahead with a D1 league...I don't blame them but there's absolutely no recourse.
    Statute 73 is what's being used to prevent a Super League in UEFA. Why would FIFA ever make an exception for 3 Canadian clubs when they won't even listen to the likes of Bayern, Barca, Madrid, Juventus, Chelsea or Manchester? In The FIFA hierarchy, we're aren't on that level so I'm expecting them to fully enforce it.
    The good news is that CPL created a precedent when they were willing to let Ottawa Fury operates at their financial level back then. If there was ever some kind of negotiations, CPL would be insane to not offer the MLS clubs the same if they were willing to join willingly - the added value to the league makes it more than worth it to allow it which would also allow other clubs to level up organically and narrow the gap over time
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    Stouffvillain reacted to Kent in 2020 CPL Island Games   
    Disaster for York 9, sure. But for the media contract? I am a York 9 fan, but is there any evidence that their games attract more eyeballs than others? I haven’t been tabulating those CBC ratings numbers so I honestly don’t know, but weren’t York 9 the least attended team in the inaugural year? Doesn’t seem to have that big a fan base.
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    Stouffvillain reacted to SthMelbRed in Match Thread: Island Games - September 1, 2020 - Edmonton v York 9   
    Edmonton may be shit, but they have fantastic kit.
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    Stouffvillain reacted to dyslexic nam in Match Thread: Island Games - September 1, 2020 - Edmonton v York 9   
    Old news by now, but a few pics from the game last night.

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    Stouffvillain reacted to Ansem in CPL Division II - Pro/Rel discussion   
    Interesting scenarios but there's enough clues pointing out to this being where CSB wants to go mid to long term
    1-Premier League / ~ 16 clubs / National /
    Post 2026 --> I predict "2.0" where salaries and quality gets pushed up leading to the 2029 TV rights renewal. Going "2.0" right after the World Cup and before the new contract makes sense as aiming to become a CONCACAF top 3 or 4 league raise the value of the product, attract more talents and fans while potentially landing them a better TV deal.
    By "2.0" I'm also taking into account that MediaPro might land the Canadian rights for MLS which would bring LOTS of new viewers to Onesoccer and the channel they planned to launch. More eyes on CPL leads to more sponsors and revenues for the league and clubs while making it more attractive to investors to get into the league.
    By "2.0" - I mean that the league riding the "World Cup high", might try to push the leagues budget closer to what CFL is currently doing - CPL will most likely being unionized by then anyways which will push salaries up regardless.
    Lastly, this is where CPL enters the 3 main cities - MLS ownership/CONCACAF forcing it or not. The league will never reach it's full potential without those 3 and right after 2026 is THE perfect time to pull the trigger on these 3. Another reason is that having clubs within those cities is another great way to drive the media rights up in time for the new contract in 2029.
    This is also where I could see the league relaxing the Canadian quotas and U21 minutes to position itself as a top CONCACAF league because let's be honest, they are aiming for #3
    2-Championship / ~16 clubs / National
    Post 2026 --> I predict that CPL operating in it's "current 1.0" level & budget also serves as a way to demonstrate that a national league at this level can work under the CSB model. Where CPL will go "2.0" and pay true pro salaries and more for internationals, Championship can operate under CPL "1.0" current level - under a million with more modest infrastructure for medium size markets (Canadian perspective of course)
    I think the 2026 World Cup will create unprecedented "demand" for soccer. Where the world cup was a catalyst in launching MLS and will most likely attract more investors willing to pay a billion (fee + stadium) to get in MLS, CSB will close the Premier League after the inclusion of the 3 main cities and leverage that demands to fills a Division II instead of bloating D1. This would still represent an intriguing opportunity for investors wanting to get into soccer in one of the last untapped market (10th economy) in the world - right after a world cup
    I think that a functioning D2 with 2 seasons under it's belt is perfect to include them in the media package for 2029. Then you introduce pro/rel.
    Lastly, I think that the Premier League relaxing it's Canadian quotas and U21 minutes goes to Championship so only the best Canadians are ready to go up with the better talents in the top tier.
    3-Regional Leagues --> CSB version of the  Memorial Cup
    As the article from Quebec was saying, you're looking at regional leagues (Ontario & Quebec merger - eventually including Atlantic), a BC league and most likely a Prairies league with the aim of making it pro but at low budgets.
    If they are serious in transitioning from semi-pro to "pro" you might see more of the following happening to clubs to join that structure
    ex: Merger of 3 Laval clubs into one Western Laval club  - I could see a bunch of clubs in the GTA doing the same
    This would fulfill the CSA plan they had for D3
    Champions would play in a Memorial Cup that could win the team promotion
    L10 is already included in this round of Media deal, the next one would include the regional league in the bundle
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    Stouffvillain reacted to Unnamed Trialist in 2020 CPL Island Games   
    We heard Calvary brought in 6 young players to train with the team. During a regular season teams often brought in extra bodies, often youth, to cover for injuries (third keepers). Forge could pick up a university player from the Maritimes to solve this, or one from Hamilton, the Sigma system, even. 
    I find it extremely irritating that we hear how well they are doing, when they have not had the same risks, it is a bad example. And worse then the One Soccer pundits are licking their butts all day, that love affair has to stop. This team is laughing in the face of the entire league, and they are the champs. So I say leave them out of the final four if they cannot produce the u-21 minutes required on the last day. Let Young go bid for an MLS franchise if winning while ignoring developing young Canadians is so important for them. 
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    Stouffvillain reacted to Ansem in OneSoccer   
    Latest TV ratings MLS vs CanPL 
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    Stouffvillain reacted to Ingham in Match Thread: Island Games - September 1, 2020 - Edmonton v York 9   
    Unconvincing again. But we avoided the banana skin for once. Take it and run. I don't think we will get away with losing to Cavalry though, I think we NEED a draw or we're going out, looking at Pacific's last 2. Also think Valour and HFX playing each other doesn't bode well for us. Thankfully they are in poor form but I'm not holding my breath. York 9 has nothing to be confident about.
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    Stouffvillain got a reaction from Mikmacdo in Match Thread: Island Games - September 1, 2020 - Edmonton v York 9   
    I'm with you on this.  For all the offensive talent they have they leave you scratching your head.
    Without the set pieces they have not looked dangerous in attack at all.  Outside of the one play last night where Telfer had a heavy touch alone in the box they never looked like they were going to get a second.  They weren't dangerous against Valour, didn't look like they were ever going to get a second against 10 men HFX, or in the Pacific game.
    The forwards have scored 2 goals in 6 games and one of them was a 16 year old on his debut.  Simply put that is not good enough.
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    Stouffvillain reacted to Ansem in Canadian MLS Players to CPL - Ideas   
    Yes but they don't have to do it now, they can focus on stability and growth while still have room for improvement under current budgets. Once USL drops Canadians as domestics that potentially more quality guys that will be available to replace the pieces that aren't working right now.
    Let's not forget that we all noticed an improvement in quality despite many internationals not making it to Canada. You have to assume that CPL will want another full season with all their internationals and more Canadians coming home to see what the level will look like.
    As for contributing to the World cup, CPL will provide better depth than in the past with guys actually playing minutes instead of guys being glued to the bench and unattached. We're still years away to see CPL guys on the starting XI of a World Cup squad, not 2026 but in the 2030s in my opinion when the league goes "2.0"
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    Stouffvillain reacted to Ansem in Canadian MLS Players to CPL - Ideas   
    Unless you're this guy*
    *depends on the player's ambition...highest paycheck possible vs. Best opportunity to move up.
    Bigger risks=highest potential rewards

    As a fan I agree.
    On the business side, with USL closing the door to Canadians being domestic in Championship, CPL becoming a more accessible league for Canadians increases their bargaining position.
    They can easily in reverse convince guys to accept lower wages as CPL becomes  the best bet for a paycheck while providing a chance for young guys to get noticed elsewhere by playing.
    I'm not convinced that they are in a hurry to raise the cap just yet (which I hope they do). I can still tell that there are guys that aren't fit for clubs and don't belong in CPL. I think clubs are content to keep looking at the younger untested pool hoping to find gems and those who don't work out won't be renewed.
    They can get good quality at a relatively low cost as of now. As long as they feel they can raise the quality within the current cap, (better internationals and domestics at similar cost) they have no reason to spend more.
    I don't like it but I get why it might be this way for a while. They are arguably in "expansion mode", now's not the time to skyrocketing the operating costs. You want to get in quality ownership with affordability vs long term ROI as a selling point and lock them in so that later they'll have to follow the pace the league will dictate in the future.
    For me CPL 2.0 is right after 2026 World Cup. This is where they might turn up the heat and try to make a leap to a higher level (top4/top3 in CONCACAF - both economics and quality)
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    Stouffvillain reacted to Kent in Canadian MLS Players to CPL - Ideas   
    Where is this allocation money coming from? If it is from the CPL or it’s teams then I am a big NO THANKS on that. Allocation money in MLS is needlessly confusing and silly. I would prefer no salary cap, but I am not strongly opposed to it. But coming up with all these legislative gymnastics to get around the salary cap seems pointless to me. What is the point of a cap if you can spend more than the cap? DPs are another thing lots of people want to see. But if the cap is there to avoid reckless spending, why introduce a reckless spending rule?
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    Stouffvillain reacted to Ansem in Match Thread: Island Games - September 1, 2020 - Edmonton v York 9   
    York = I remain unconvinced and disappointed. They should be much better than this. Where would they be without Aparicio & Di Chiara?
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