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  1. Hard to prepare for a team you've never seen before, AO will have the advantage early knowing how Y9 want to play. York need to boss the game early like Cavalry did last night and not give AO the chance to get settled.
  2. Unimaginative but I have Forge, Cavalry, Y9 and Pacific making it through the first round. I could see FC Edmonton or HFX getting through ahead of Pacific but they both have Forge and Cavalry in their first 3 games so I think they will be working from behind in the last four matches. The smaller squad I think will hurt Pacific in the second round. Y9 v Forge in the final.
  3. Forge is looking good in their attempt to repeat. They kept most of their key players, added Tissot and replaced Borges with Babouli.
  4. Schedule is out Aug 15 v Ottawa Aug 18 v Pacific Aug 22 v Valour Aug 26 v Forge Aug 29 v HFX Sept 1 v Edmonton Sept 5 v Cavalry Game every 3-4 days means lots of squad rotation. I'm glad that the games against Cavalry and Forge are spread out and in the second half of the round which will allow the coaching staff to plan for their best XI to be available for those games.
  5. Kotsopoulos signed, no Hamilton this season. Doesn't say Hamilton been released so I would think that he comes back for 2021. This virus really messed up our international signings this season. https://canpl.ca/article/york9-replaces-nicholas-hamilton-with-jace-kotsopoulos-for-the-island-games Still no idea when we play and the season is supposed to start on Thursday. I know that some people aren't liking the away kit but as someone who has lived in York Region their whole life, I got one right away.
  6. That's unfortunate. I've been a fan of his play and thought he was underrated last season (though it is easy to be overlooked when you have the guys around him that Forge had). I haven't been keeping up with the Forge news, looks like they are losing Monsalve as well. Bringing on Tissot and Bobouli would be a big boost.
  7. There is going to be tonnes of rotation in this shortened season but that is probably the opening day lineup. I'm excited about Rivero in the same way as Vasconcelos. Both grew up in strong youth development programs but are young enough that there is still some relevance in that. Rivero seems small (5'7") but we've seen small forwards make noise in this area before.
  8. There is no need for Y9 to have a L1O team. Many of the L1O players live in southern Ontario and have the CPL as their only real option to make the jump. Y9 being close to home for so many give them the inside track to sign the players from L1O they want. There is no L1O season this year so any minutes they get are more than they would've got this season had Y9 not signed them. Playing time for them won't be an issue this season. If the CPL does take the field this season it will be with such a condensed schedule there won't be any choice but to ensure there is a healthy squad rotation. Last year Jimmy kept the same XI match in match out unless there was injury, international absence, or someone's poor form deemed a change necessary. It will be interesting to see how Jimmy sets the lineup and tactics each week keeping a healthy rotation of players.
  9. Director of On-Field analytics was announced. Seems like he and Angus have a history together. https://york9fc.canpl.ca/article/york9-fc-hires-sam-gregory-as-director-of-on-field-analytics
  10. Which goes to show everyone how concerned the MLS clubs are about developing players. They would prefer to have their young players sit at home rather than train in a professional environment and play minutes in meaningful games.
  11. Yorky was a time traveler, what seems like today for us could've been 100 years ago for him.
  12. I agree in theory. Ugarizza's deal was described as an option multi-year deal, the others were only described as multi year deals. If the players can find a place to play in their own country it seems like Y9 would work with them to stay there. I don't think either party is interested in having the players not take the field for an entire season.
  13. That is an unnecessary shot at Ozzie. When did it become his responsibility to find every mention of CPL or their partners on the internet? While I don't always agree with his thoughts his posts during the pandemic have been neutral. The vast majority have been posts of news links without any additional commentary without which this forum would go days without any posts at all.
  14. That's unfortunate but realistically if he wasn't in the country already he wasn't likely to be available this season anyway. We don't know what we would be missing out on especially in a shortened training camp and season with a player in a new country with a new club.
  15. I have been noticing McNab mentioning the Baldassarra's more in all the interviews he's been doing as well. I don't particularly like it as most of the time when you hear about how much money owners have spent it is because the owners are unwilling to spend more. I think what McNab is trying to deliver the point that they are committed as evident with the millions they have spent to date. The Baldassarra aren't unwilling to spend, look at the caliber of players they have brought in this season, they have to be one of the top spending clubs, I get more of the sense that McNab is trying to let people know that they are methodical on how they spend. I see parallels to Belan in Saskatchewan in terms of looking before they leap. Any re-brand or stadium plans will happen once they believe it is best for the club not just because they have the money to do it.
  16. Re: re-branding They are looking at all things but there isn't a decision either way. Response they've received is balanced, people from outside of the market seem to be in favour of it. Owners have put millions into the club already, asking them for more would have to be confident that it would cut into the market. Would you invest a million dollars in a crowded marketplace without universally positive appeal? Elements within the brand are strong (i.e. nicknames) but there isn't allot outside of the trillium flower and the stripes. Club was behind where they should've been after the training camp in terms of marketing. No names disclosed, it isn't about a name it's about a brand. Surprised from statements from supporters groups as none had spoke to him about their feelings.
  17. Atletico Ottawa was just named a few months ago. Edmonton wasn't told to change their name. York while not named after a city is named after the regional municipality. If 1812 FC Barrie is a success and is able to make the jump to CPL eventually I don't think the league would make them change their name.
  18. This is a good interview with Ryan Telfer. His accent makes him sound like a laid back guy but it is clear he is driven and the kind of guy you want to have in your squad. Q: Is potentially getting to the World Cup in the back of your mind when you are on the training pitch? A: No it is a the front of my mind, it is why I get up everyday. Telfer isn't here because he thinks it'll be a free ride because he's been here already, he's back because it's the best place for him to keep climbing the football ladder. The thing he takes away from his time with TFC was how intense training was with Giovinco, Bradley and Altidore and how that intensity translated to everyone on the team. You hear how demanding the Y9 training sessions are, good to know one of the top players in the league appreciates putting in the work. As it resonated with him at TFC it will do the same to the newer pros at Y9.
  19. I've been quiet on the re-brand thus far as I don't think it is going to happen and it coming up for discussion is because there isn't any CPL to watch. The '9' has more significance than the '11' in Indy 11 so while I didn't love it at launch I could get behind it. York FC is a significantly better name than York 9 however we are York 9 now and changing the name now would be a mistake. The battle Y9 is fighting is because most people in the GTA don't have civic pride for where they live. This will be the same fight any prospective Mississauga or Durham team will face. Ironically you see a lot of Torontonians proudly identify with their neighbourhood. The level of play is also a tough sell, people are snobbish with their view on things like this. You see it all the time in this region. The Argos struggle because the CFL is seen as an inferior league, even though CFL football is entertaining and has enough rule differences to distinguish itself as different from the NFL. The Bills in Toronto didn't do well because it was exhibition matches and not the real thing. The Ice Dogs and Battalion left Peel as well even though the level of OHL hockey is very good. Getting the product out in front of people, making gamedays an event, having people leave with a good experience wanting to come back is the best strategy to grow attendance. That is a long term project, removing the 9 isn't going to change this. A long slow build will also build a better long term loyal fan base. Lastly, if TFC's fortunes had been reversed, their first 7 year were full of wins and MLS Championships and the 5 win seasons were happening now I don't think you would've seen the expanded BMO Field and 30,000 average attendances today.
  20. The news is unfortunate but not unexpected. I suspect it is that way with all of the bids that were lined up for 2021 or even 2022.
  21. I know, was just throwing together a formation that would have Petrasso, Telfer, Vas and Uga in the starting lineup like you had posted earlier. As I said I don’t think that formation actually happens. Toronto used to be called York. Mega City Toronto was made by amalgamating the smaller cities like Scarborough, Etobicoke and North York. This was done in the late 90’s and was contested by many of the cities. The City of Toronto still maintains these names. Municipal offices will be referred to as City of Toronto - Scarborough Office. York Region is a different regional municipality that is made up of the 9 cities Y9 refers to. Markham, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Stouffville King, Georgina, Uxbridge, Aurora and Newmarket. York 9 play out of York University which is located in North York (within the City of Toronto limits) which just outside of Vaughan.
  22. I wouldn't expect those not in the country yet to be available in a 8-11 game season. Think that is why Telfer was brought in. If they did make it in the country it could look like something below. -------------------Ugarriza---Vasconcelos---------------- -------Aparicio-------Mannella-----Di Chiara------------- Telfer-----------------------------------------------------Petrasso ------------Arnone---Gasparotto---Thompson----------- -----------------------------Ingham--------------------------------- This keeps Abzi and Doner on the bench, our roster wasn't built for the above. In a full season I could see a game here or there experiment but we saw how much chemistry means in last years Spring season. Look for the style of play, formation and players utilized mostly in familiar positions.
  23. ------------------Vasconcelos------------------ -Telfer---------------------------------Petrasso- ----Aparicio-----Mannella---Di Chiara---- Abzi-----Arnone---Gasparotto-----Doner -----------------------Ingham--------------------- We've seen last season that Jimmy doesn't change players out if they are playing well. In a short season without the 3 out of the country forwards I think that Y9 plays the XI above and only changes when injuries dictate (or U21 rules dictate). Murofushi/Porter will rotate in midfield when games dictate it.
  24. In a short 8-11 game season your best starting XI and how quickly you gel is going to determine how well you do. Hopefully all the early February - March training sessions with the domestic guys pays off. An injury to the #9 spot could be crushing though. Y9 has relied heavily on the international market to upgrade their attack. Vasconcelos is the default in that spot without Ugarriza, Jaco and Hamilton.
  25. I like it! Welcome back Ryan. For me he was in the conversation for MVP last year. I didn't realize his contract had already expired.
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