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  1. Phillip's would be a great official stadium beer supplier.
  2. This has been my concern from day 1. Empire lasted just over a year I believe. This one is projected to be used for 4 years. Everything I have seen has been for that short span of time. I imagine that the club likely already owns the land which keeps a bit of the cost down but I don't think that is likely the case for CPL clubs as they are just starting and will have to purchase land or build on municipal lands. I imagine a stadium would take up something close to 5- 8 acres from what I've read. So add that into the 14 million (in 2010-2011) that Empire cost and adjust according to the market and inflation .
  3. Sheridan erected temporary lights for the 2015 OCAA Mens Soccer Championships.
  4. Real Madrid and Barcelona have no trouble using the same names for their basketball teams...
  5. As a millennial I think this is ridiculous. If you want to appeal to young people you have to engage them on their screens. Give them lots of content to share with their friends and look at while they ride the bus or train.
  6. Any relation to Hilli Goldhar on Sigma I wonder???
  7. Seriously though, somebody has to make a mock up of a Blizzard Kit with Black and White hoops and Bad Boy as the jersey sponsor.
  8. Streaming over twitter would bring in money from cell phone/ cable providers. Telus has to be looked at for this plus they would be a great partner for a team playing out of Swangard (pipe dreaming) since their building across the street dominates the mountain vista seen from the pitch.
  9. With Peter Wilt's Model there are a few corporate sponsors I would hope are being sought out for clubs, and the league as a whole. Winners already partners with the CSA and would be a phenomenal asset to distribute unsold merchandise after the season. Much like how we see the Whitecaps have their end of season sales. Sport Check would be a great distribution hub for mech. I like the Via Rail idea but West Jet and New Leaf are two interesting options. When looking at the television rights holders it would be great tot see a single Sunday Night Soccer primetime game to fill the void while the NFL is out of season and that game could feature on the major networks. And a feature game from a East and a West Home team on Saturday afternoons. Games would be played on Saturdays for league matches and Wednesday Nights for Cup matches. Regional Cup matches on the smaller networks. Deals with smaller cable networks like Eastlink and Shaw would allow for access to community networks in many markets and the content could be shared. You could beam Moncton and Halifax games to a whole lot of TV's across the country. Buy in for these networks would be cheaper than minor hockey. This would work to create content for those networks and sports always draws highly on community television. Sobeys, Fortino's Longo's and other grocery stores. Healthy eating, healthy living, fueling peak performance yada yada yada. Do what Safeway does with the CFL. Get players engaged publicly the way Vancouver has since the 70's. Literally bring them to the markets. The air cadets have been doing it for years. Have them guest on cooking shows in those communities sponsored by the grocery stores. Shopify to help set up the league and teams online stores. Telus- Communications partner competes directly with Bell and Rogers who own TFC (both), sponsor (BELL) VWFC, and show all three major clubs games. It would work well with the small cable company model also. If Bell and Rogers want in it's going to have to be for big bucks. Leon's and The Brick because they are both huge and similar to the grocery stores. They would help to provide awesome in match prizes. Bad Boy in Toronto get a team in. BioSteele official sports drink of the Canadian Premier League... Inaria would be a great kit maker especially since it is a Canadian business but would they be able to produce the volume? We saw what happened with DryWorld... Each team partner up with a local brewery unless they are part of a larger stadium that has a deal currently with a beer company. They're should also be restaurant/pub in each small stadium build operated by the club with a viewing deck in the corner of the stadium much like the hard rock or windows at Skydome. It would provide an atmosphere before and after the match and could generate revenue for the clubs year round. Flames Central or Realsports are the examples that come to mind. Especially if we see pop up stadiums like the Britta Stadium in Germany used as a template because the corrugated steel corners are simply a poor use of negative space. Club offices could be housed in other corners if temp stadiums are built where permanent stadiums are planned. Any thoughts?
  10. A couple of thoughts. First and foremost GuillermoDelQuart these are incredible. There is a sports logos forum out there where someone made a similar set of shields and it's incredible how similar a lot of them end up being when you incorporate the city's flags. Which I think is brilliant btw. Should go over well with the fans. I'm a little late to the party but if I could make some suggestions that I've taken not of over the 71 pages I've read through the last 2 nights. These are all pipe dreams that I've written in a crazed manifesto but I've been dreaming of these things for years. I have so much more written but I'll save it for later. I think it should be important for the league to try to attract locally established businesses as sponsors and work with them in promoting each other. Players endorsing their products, and the teams incorporating sponsors products during in game promotions. Intrinsically these should all be kept in mind with the clubs kit designs especially when designing the branding of each franchise. For the record I have no insider knowledge about anything these too like the badges are fantasy. Halifax- If you could incorporate green into the Chelsea inspired badge, perhaps in the lion (or not but a green lion would make for a phenomenal mascot) I think green would allow you to keep the tartan element for side panelling, or socks, or sleeves or a third kit (which I think every team should have for cup match colour clashes). That sort of synergy might be enticing for a kit sponsor like Sobeys who are from the region and if you could market them the way that Safeway is marketed by the CFL. Calgary Foothills could have a green hooped third kit. Otherwise have you thought about using the stampeders colour pallet? You're already using a horse which even calls back to the CPSL Mustangs. They could just be Calgary Football Club much like Barcelona, Real Madrid, Hedjuk Split all have Basketball Teams. Nobody there seems to get confused by it. The Calgary team will probably end up being owned by CSE, since they own every other franchise in Calgary and would have a second tennant for MacMahon. Could you imagine if they sold naming rights to the Brick? Endless headlines and nicknames. Jersey sponsor SportCheck how many millions do they make off of cleats every year? Even Athletic Club of Calgary they do have a bunch of other clubs with the same owner.... Quebec City I would imagine should be Ville de Quebec as the locals would probably say it V's are also a very strong shape I'm dreaming about a permanent chevron on the chest to symbolize the "La Ville" which would be a great name for the Club. The badge could be a stylized Q. so basic but so different. Hamilton I love the Hammer logos but the more simplistic ones work better for them IMO. Also how sharp would those kits look with a sponsor like Leon's furniture which is a local business partnered with the Boys and Girls Clubs. Tim Hortons is already sponsoring the stadium I don't know that they're gonna spend in BMO type rates. Again synergy blah blah blah. Third kit in McMaster Maroon (it even works with the yellow) Burnaby- I love the last badge, but maybe it could be a crow. I get that the eagle is in the city's logo but when I lived in Burnaby the birds you notice most are the crows. They seem to sleep in an area not too far from Swangard, and as the sun sets huge "murders" of crows fill the sky. On top of that not only are they incredibly cleaver but they are vicious in their attack. Black Home and Purple Away both with Yellow accents paying homage to the bc flag sun (mind you it rains so damn much in Burnaby. Almost every game the Caps last season at Swangard.)and the waves in the burnaby flag. and then the alternate 3rd kit could be red and yellow as an callback to the 86ers and TSS Rovers who played there before them but were not Vancouver Whitecaps FC (TM) They would need to be sponsored by a beer company like 49th Parallel how the 86ers had a great relationship with Labatt's through Sam Lenerduzzi. Anyone who's says they see eagles all the time in Burnaby is either a liar or an ornithologist. If you want to see eagles go to the Ladner Dump. Mississauga - The wings coming out of the sprocket with the sigma in the middle all on its on would be incredible. Keep the orange it creates an awesome contrast and orange shows up so rarely in the Canadian Sports Pallet. And a deadly option for a alternate kit. Tangerine or Shaw as a sponsor. I'm salivating. Side note they also need a stadium somewhere in city centre with a convention centre overlooking the one pitch in one corner where the national coaching convention and other sport similar events could be held. Could be rented out for awards shows for the league. I heard a rumour that there might be land in city centre where a certain entertainment venue adjacent to a bus terminal has it's lease ending soon. The city just agreed to buy a bunch of houses to create park land in Cooksville so it would strike me they are not averse to such ideas as purchasing land for legacy projects. Side side note every soccer specific stadium needs to have a brew pub or restaurant. Having a fully functioning kitchen would make catering to the private boxes and press boxes easy. Edmonton if not owned by FATH and FC Edmonton I think Green and Yellow would be a no brainer. The Eskimos and U of A are green and gold. You might not sell a ton of mech to start but at least you'll create a sense familiarity. Use a bear the Eskimos have a Polar Bear, and UofA are the Golden Bears and Pandas. Even the beige you've been trying with calgary instead with edmontons green. I was driving through the country the other day and it just struck me what a gorgeous combo the trees make against the wheat. Moncton High Tides Mud City blew my mind. Mud Brown Third Kit. Regina - I take this right from the first line of their wiki. Though the link is dead. "The team was founded as the Regina Rugby Club on Tuesday, September 13, 1910, adopting the colours of old gold and purple" What a humdinger of a cup kit. Agrium/Potash or Mosaic even though they already sponsor the stadium. I need to get to bed just spit balling though. Hope I didn't piss anyone off.
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