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  1. Are you ****ing serious? There are no words to describe how ignorant those comments are. Completely inappropriate.
  2. caps should trade for de guzman instead of signing OH. . .just sayin.
  3. this sucks two of my favourite caps dunfield and akloul(maybe) now gone! why couldn't we trade one of the useless american players like vagenas or wagner? damn! dunfield would have been great depth even with a new CM. a team full of americans and we're still losing. If the caps are gonna be this bad can we at least have a team made up of canadians!?!?!?!
  4. Clearly this will probably never happen, however it is extremely frustrating and a bit saddening trying to explain to Canadian fans of England why haregraves should not be signed. After all "We cut him form our youth teams, why would you not want to play or England? Canada sucks!" ahhhhh I will be so mad if caps or tfc ever sign this player!
  5. Yeah I guess we have an abundance of quality wingers though I still think Teibert deserves to be on the bench if not starting over Camilo on the wing.
  6. It would fit in the cap structure for sure. whitecaps have 1mil of cap space! 1 million dollars! hehe
  7. is Jay Nolly injured or does Tom Sohen just hate him? I noticed he wasn't even on the bench for the Seattle game today. Also what happened to Russel Tiebert? he was playing great for the caps. Didn't make the bench either. what's up with that?
  8. I like it. I'll buy one. beats the current strip by miles
  9. He should move to MLS. would for sure get playing time and it's not very far below he level he is currently (not) playing at. I think both Vancouver and Toronto could use him.
  10. 135 along Hastings is probably the fastest from downtown. There are several restaurants on Hastings west of renfrew.
  11. didn't Don Garber publicly state that promotion/relegation will NEVER happen in north america about a month ago? I thought I read that on the MLS website but I could have been wrong. I hope so hehe. Pro/rel would be awesome!
  12. Would like to see an asian team. New Zealand or Australia would be awesome for all of the above reasons!
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