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  1. I'm glad that the qualification needed is "speaks with a strong Jamaican accent."
  2. I don't know what you're talking about! -signed, Bonnie Lindros
  3. There is also a certain amount of "individuality" being expressed by the person when they claim to feel heritage other than Canadian. My wife (born in Holland, moved here as a pre-teen) thought of herself as Dutch until she went back her third (I think) time. While there, she realized that she really was no longer Dutch, but rather, Canadian - she had absorbed the culture in her teens, the geography, etc over time. It's easy to say (and believe) that you are some other nationality than the one surrounding you, especially in a country that makes space for that sort of exceptionalism. The question is really whether that person would feel that nationality strongly while living there... Maybe we should force the fence-sitters to go live for 6-8 weeks by themselves where they claim their alternate nationality, and see what they feel after that. *Especially* those who have never lived there... (Granted, that would not prove anything to Jono, but it is consistent with how I feel about his divided allegiance anyway)
  4. I think the Kyle one is a bit borderline... but I also think the referenced image has been pixellated.
  5. Don't European football leagues have provisions for "internationals"? ie if he reaffirms his Canadian roots and then suits up for les rouges, doesn't that resolve the issue?
  6. No news in that, but I agree with Nigel's closing -
  7. Sorry, not buying the distinction, especially as people have suggested on this board that he is angling for residency rights and an eventual call-up to England. I don't see him being shrewd about his club career based on whether Blackburn is an organization he can trust but then choosing Canada in spite of the CSA.
  8. Substitute "international" for "club" career and what's the diff? I would take him in a heartbeat, I'm just saying that *if* that's his thinking club-wise should we even expect him to think otherwise when it comes to playing for Canada?
  9. Interesting about not wanting to sign with a team that is facing a relegation battle. Kinda suggests "character" if true... and based on that I would not expect him to consider Canada. I'd be more interested in a player who was looking to be a reason the team avoids relegation. (or, say, causes promotion) Hope the truth lies elsewhere.
  10. I like the stars but I think the explanation for them rings true in the way that the Umbro chevrons being to honour the Canadian military rings true.
  11. Richard, you're getting in the way of a good troll.
  12. I guess it's true, the last thing you ever want from your boss is a public 'vote of confidence.'
  13. Only for TFC fans and other associated CSA lackeys. Oh, and anyone who knows the shibboleth. (towrads)
  14. Holland = sand subsoil. Easy drainage. Come to Ontario and try that with till. :/
  15. lol It's the briber's scruples we are worrying about, right? As the great philosopher Hobbes once said, "I don't know which is worse...that everyone has his price, or that the price is always so low."
  16. Just out of curiosity, why would anyone in Toronto care about the NHL playoffs? TFC should be fine, right?
  17. I don't think he's not answering the phone the past few weeks, based on that quote. I think Hart meant there was a previous match where he declined to participate when invited.
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