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  1. No, I'm not really suggesting that he would be subbed for Arfield (whoops on the Aird, get the names mixed up all the time) but I am pointing out that he at least has two games in the last two weeks on top of his training, whereas others do not have that level of endurance. I was more thinking about the conditioning and the conditions in general than I was trying to make the case for Will being, at the least, on the bench. I think that we do need to maximize what our players can bring to these specific situations. Off season training is never going to prepare you for a match in these conditions. Playing regularly, especially in similar conditions (as Larin does, and Will has recently) will get the player in a position to be able to put that effort in for the full game. Honestly, we looked pedestrian out there just in the running, never mind the skill.
  2. You know, this summer has been blazing hot in Toronto. Will Johnson would have had more match fitness than a number of the starters (Aird, Hoilett, Jakovic). Hell, he played 71 minutes in Philadelphia in 30+ heat the week before he played the full 90 against Montreal. Some thought has to be given to how to get through CONCACAF, which means late summer fixtures in extreme heat. We can't have our best players coming from the off-season into that. Time to think about how to get more NT presence in the MLS (even if only on loan).
  3. it doesn't invalidate your point, but he did score twice in V Cup in the 4-2 win over Montreal. (doesn't show up on TFC's website, they only have league stats)
  4. So he sticks with his club to participate in the Voyageurs' Cup. And now the Voyageurs don't get to cheer him on. That's fucked up.
  5. Yeah, I've got the same feeling. Not that to me Will J makes or breaks the team - I love his play but would not be gutted if he were left off for defensible reasons. I am just baffled. And now instead of the tingly hope sensation I had, I have a darker feel for the Honduras game. I just hope that the players can service Larin. He's been wasted the last bunch of games, and seeing him in Orlando last week has reminded me of why we got excited about him in the first place.
  6. Yes, that was a remarkably bad game for Delgado. I'm not a fan but he's usually not that bad and occasionally very good in my eyes. I assume the Chapman sub was to address a knock. I much prefer Chapman to Delgado (or Osorio for that matter).
  7. I'm not sold on Osorio for the team, but only because I don't rate Floro's style. I think Osorio does well enough in the diamond in TFC. but I'm with canta15 on this - this year has been Chapman's coming-out, and he deserves a serious look over this Fury newcomer. And unless Johnson is not physically ready, leaving him off this time is bullshit. Last time for the Gold Cup it was decided to let him heal, knowing that he'd be aiming to be back for WCQ. The way that Kurt Larson tweeted out the news feels like he heard it from inside the TFC locker room, and that whoever told him was surprised also.
  8. I put that in there as bait for you, JM. No, by regional, I mean Canada. Junior hockey doesn't matter outside of Canada either, but is a cash cow for TSN. But they had to create it. Contrast to larger products, which networks don't have to do much to promote (especially germane to this discussion is BPL broadcasting). MLS in its current form, with it being at (at best) Championship level, is a pretty regional product; but with MLS growth, and the necessary increased salary cap, the quality will grow - and it may in time escape what I previously called the "entrenched value judgements" and start to gain a wider audience. It's when the league quality improves that it will move beyond its geographically-constrained audience. Participants will become fans as the local product becomes good enough to be considered a league to aspire to play in.
  9. I keep seeing the argument about viewership, but it has to be noted that this is very much a chicken and egg question. Networks use the low numbers to justify warehousing the show (SN360 anyone?, or just a single TSN channel out of 5). But you can't get numbers without wider exposure AND investment in advertising. TSN is trying to do with CFL what it has done with the World Junior hockey tournament. Create a media moneymaker out of what is a relatively regional product. TSN has been pumping the tires of CFL since 2006, when they started broadcasting ALL CFL regular season games (they took over playoffs in 2008). They've done a good job, pushing the schedule into a TV friendly place, and working the angles to remind viewers of the games. MLS has what should be considered a TV friendly schedule. It needs a BROADcasting partner to see value in it and promote the games. (And it needs to continue to grow in quality; as BBTB noted, the quality has grown significantly in the last decade - but it needs to do more to get past entrenched value judgements of fans of BPL, La Liga, Bundesliga etc)
  10. NFL in Toronto. As if. Rogers has already buried the Toronto market in the NFL's eyes. Let's talk about actual problems, please, not hair-on-fire hypotheticals. "Imagine if the Leafs had a summer season and scheduled their games opposite TFC. That'd hurt, right?"
  11. Is it a presence problem or a ticket purchase problem? I can't attend but would front some tickets if that helps.
  12. Oh, right you are. I had forgotten the order. But the France game was the one that the ladies disappeared from. Say what you will about Sinclair's toughness, but I'm sure that running for 90' with that smashed nose had an impact on her effectiveness in that game against France. We were far too reliant on her going into that tournament.
  13. So what you're saying is I should buy that TFC kit? I missed the "fans" in your original post, so I understand your point better now. But I think separating fans from participants is a categorical mistake. (like talking about respect for taxpayers, instead of respect for citizens) I think people become hardcore fans in part because they can project themselves into the lineup. But that comes on the back of having some positive sense of self's ability, which comes from higher level participation than our vacation activity mindset provides. (All of this is said through the lens of watching the market develop for the Raptors, and the maintenance of the Leafs market. The Jays don't fit this model, and I don't have a strong opinion on how they succeed in Canada.)
  14. We went into the games ranked 6th and got ploughed under by France in the opening game. The tournament was over before it really began. Fair or not, expectations were high that we would make it out of the group, and middling that we would make final four. And then Morace threw the players under the bus. That was the scene that Herdman stepped into.
  15. Are you referring to the weather? The thread I linked had some discussions on how LM soccer has less than ideal coaching and playing weather through the winter, and of course there was mention of competition for fields during the Ultimate season...
  16. PS I think this point is somewhat borne out by the thread about Ontario's overwhelming presence on the CanWNT squad - as socceronly pointed out, the variety of play and consistent training conditions provide for a better development path. BUT This will raise the cost of the game. As it must.
  17. It seems to be a big selling point whenever one wants to complain about hockey participation. *It's so expensive! Soccer is practically free!" I still maintain that, in Canada, soccer won't be a serious sport for most participants so long as it is primarily vacation filler. Which it is. Serious sports are played during your serious, scheduled time (aka "school season"). Soccer needs more indoor facilities in Canada to accommodate that shift.
  18. I've seen some twitter pictures that showed a fair bit of wear and tear at the sidelines - inside the boundaries of the pitch, but off the field for the gridiron. Apparently the players were expected to stand/pace on tarps and they stayed off them.
  19. Grounds crew states that this was caused by LAG pregame sprints. So, not tire tracks, I guess.
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