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  1. I'm holding out for the double-salt licorice
  2. I think the relevant point is (in)consistency of the review. Armando Cooper got a retroactive red for less just a month and a half ago. I'm with Bradley on this - in a vacuum this decision is the right one. Hopefully what it means is that a new precedent is set for retroactive judgement, and not that favouritism is being shown.
  3. Oof, she kind of lost herself in that last answer. Needs some media coaching from Crash Davis! Still, love that she gets to do this so often. She's becoming a natural at absorbing and directing media attention.
  4. UCLA wins 3-2, Fleming scores twice including the golden goal.
  5. No, I'm sure the reason TFC took over in the second half is because the supporters started cheering.
  6. Meanwhile, Fox got credible ratings for the Toronto FC game. http://www.sportsmediawatch.com/2016/09/mls-ratings-fox-largest-audience-twelve-years-nfl-lead-in/
  7. "Act as" may not necessarily mean "meant to be". Their lack of quality was sufficient that "decoy" is the best role they could fulfil - but you have to use your decoys as if they are real, otherwise the defence won't take them seriously. So being a decoy is not necessarily what the intent was. Spreading the D is what was the intent, and it worked even without them being effective in the finish, because they were effective in at least taking the play wide. I'm not disagreeing with you in any way on your analysis of the quality, I'm just trying to address their structural impact.
  8. The editorial bits in Brennanfan's post are what bothers me. Describing what Johnson was doing as "trashing" and then asserting that he was acting like a child says that the person who told this to Brennanfan has already written off Johnson. I don't doubt that Brennanfan has transcribed it accurately, nor do I doubt that he believes his source is legit (and that we would believe the same). But it definitely shows this person's own judgement of Johnson, over and above the incident itself.
  9. Babouli has always been run out as one of the front 2, though. Would he be useable as a midfielder in the diamond? (My gut says yes) I've seen discussion on the subs for Sunday, that Vanney's move was to go 3-5-2 to get wide with Lovitz and Endoh looking like targets, and forcing NYRB to spread wide. Up until then NYRB had been very compact and played a very high line. When they spread out in response to the wide threat, there was more room for Altidore to do his thing... I'm not sure Babouli would have worked as a wide decoy target, as he has played centrally this year for the main club. I am not a big Delgado fan and I don't really rate his Sunday game. Zavaleta had a shocker but it was a one-off, he's been very stable this season.
  10. Yes, that's exactly it. Points available for the other teams as a whole, not in isolation.
  11. I think Cooper's selfishness will evaporate when he learns his teammates' voices. Jozy gave him a "wtf" on that first play where Cooper tried to shoot. I doubt he'll do it many more times, and certainly not when Seb comes back.
  12. I'm thinking a proper debrief and forensic review of the cycle should be conducted by Jason de Vos or whoever in CSA is to make the decision. For example, interviews with many/all who played a part, including players who joined, were included, were excluded etc would be useful to understand whether Floro's program is worth continuing. It's clear that we were able to attract some talent that we previously had not (Arfield and Jr in particular). what changed? Some players like JDG are singing praises. Specifics? (this is not for us lay observers, it is for Jason to hear) Some players were excluded. Again, what will they say about that off the record to Jason? How does Floro view these things, and are his views consistent with theirs? Finally, how does he explain/defend the decisions he made beyond these questions? Does it merit constructive criticism, and will he accept said criticism? No one is perfect. Let's see if he can explain what he did, accept any mistakes that the powers that be have identified, and try to correct them - all while attempting to build on the items he *has* gotten right.
  13. Were people happy with the play of the fieldturf? Were the players?
  14. I don't think we care much about his money exactly, just his playing time. It would help other fence sitters make the right choice, if in some tangential way his Nat work helps him careerwise.
  15. The key to that is not getting caught. Declan Hill wrote about how individual players (or two or three, either collaborating or operating independently) is all you need to disrupt a game.
  16. Agreed, it would have to be much higher. But a loss doesn't require a whole team to be bribed.
  17. That was a dispiriting game. Our failure to qualify seems to hinge on 0-0 games.
  18. More like a bonus, really. However, it does make one wonder if Mexican players are also being approached.
  19. I'm really enjoying your reviews, Forgedias. Please continue.
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